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SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch- A Big Step Towards the Future

SpaceX Crew Dragon is a spaceship by SpaceX for sending astronauts to space. It was built under NASA’s plan to cut costs and send astronauts through private companies. SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch successfully on 30th May 2020. 

We all have heard about Elon Musk and his big dreams. Slowly but successfully, his dreams are coming true! One such event is the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch. We will learn about it in the latter part of this article. First, let’s learn about SpaceX. 

SpaceX is an aerospace company founded by Elon Musk. This company was founded to fulfill Elon Musk’s dream of private space travel and creating civilization on Mars. To some extent, SpaceX is becoming successful. How? 

Well, space travel is really expensive. So, it was almost impossible for SpaceX to continue before partnering with NASA. On the other hand, NASA had a big budget cut after the cold war ended. NASA was also struggling to make a multi-useable spacecraft. So, NASA had to depend on Russia to send astronauts to space. It was both costly and disrespectful for America. 

To solve this problem, SpaceX came in. SpaceX is the first private company to make a reusable spaceship. They partnered with NASA and have successfully sent many cargoes to International Space Station for NASA. 

But the big success was when SpaceX developed Falcon 9 rocket which can successfully send and bring back astronauts from space. NASA agreed to send astronauts through SpaceX and bring American glory back. Now let’s learn about the crew dragon. 

SpaceX Falcon 9– The Crew Dragon 

In May 2014, Elon Musk presented the design of SpaceX Crew Dragon at SpaceX headquarters. It is a seven-seater capsule with the Falcon 9 rocket. 

The design of the Crew Dragon is identical to the Apollo 11 command module. The spaceship is 26.7 ft tall and 13 ft in diameter. This special ship has 16 thrusters to maneuver into space, and it has a special coating to survive the extreme heat. It also has solar panels in the lower part of the capsule. For safety, it has a launch escape system with 8 Superdraco engines. If anything goes wrong during launch, it will automatically release the crew capsule and bring it back to earth.

SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch
Image Source: SpaceX

The inside of this Capsul is pretty modern too. Unlike the old spaceships, it has a full touch screen system for easy control. The spaceship is automated too.

For the comfort of the astronauts, SpaceX designed a fully new Spacesuit. This new spacesuit is both light and safe than it’s predecessors. 

SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch Date 

Let’s find out its launch dates. 

By the time you read this article, SpaceX probably completed its third SpaceX crew Dragon launch.

Yes, you read it right. For its innovative and simple design, SpaceX has made space travel faster than ever. 

The first Human Lunch Mission was held on 27 May 2020. But due to hostile weather, it was shifted to 30th May 2020. 

On 30th May 2020, SpaceX successfully launched two astronauts named Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken to International Space Station on their Crew Dragon demo-2 mission. It was a test flight. By analyzing the data collected from this mission, NASA plans to send more astronauts to ISS on 15th November and 2 December 2020.

Through these successful missions, SpaceX paved the way to the future of space travel. In the near future, space travel may become like our regular air travel.

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