T-Rex Tooth Fragment On iPhone 13! Caviar’s Luxury Idea


Have you heard about Caviar? It’s a Russian luxury company. Caviar always comes with some weird but interesting ideas. They customize phones and build cases and other accessories. But these are not ordinary crafts. They have real rare ideas to make a normal phone precious.

This time Caviar took an iPhone 13 and raised its price by doing some excellent back design. Well, that’s not the main story. The new Caviar Tyrannophone has a real tooth fragment of 80 million years old T-Rex teeth. Although it’s unbelievable, it’s true. Because this is not the first time we are seeing antique pieces on Caviar phones.

It is their main concept of business and they are pretty good at it. Although these phones are not affordable for everyone, people actually love their carefully fabricated crafts. Previously we have seen real meteoroids fragments on Caviar customized phones. All their cases and accessories are unique as well. They use real gold, real diamonds, and other real materials on their phones. That makes the phone So expensive.

Caviar’s new series of iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max is called the Tara series. Obviously, all these phones are 1 terabyte. Two other phones of this series are called the Monsterphone and Terra Diamond phone. The Monsterphone has a hardened titanium panel with great 3D graphics and Teradiamond has 1024 diamonds in the back.

The cost of these phones varies with iPhone models. If you are going for the iPhone 13 pro, you have to spend $8600 to $8700. However, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will cost around $9000 to $9.500. Compared to the previous Caviar phones these phones are less expensive according to their standards.

They have also used different traditional and religious symbolism in their phones. So if you have more than enough money to spend on an incredible custom phone, You can visit the catalog on Caviar’s official website. As the phones are limited editions you have to grab yours soon. Because there are only a few units of a Caviar phone.

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