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What happens when you unblock someone on iPhone?

People who love you and take care of you must call or text you to get in touch. This is very normal. Again, those who do not know you may call or message you to communicate with you as needed or unnecessarily.

But now if it happens that you are busy with some important work or meeting, and at that time someone is constantly calling you, which may disturb you in your important work, isn’t it?

The ideal solution to this problem is to block the number, through which you can easily manage the problem. If you block a number, that number will no longer be able to call or text you. The funny thing is that you can also unblock the number whenever you want and that person will not get any notification that you have just unblocked his/her number.

However, keep in mind that you will be able to receive calls and texts again from that number after unblocking. Fortunately, the  has the option to block and unblock numbers by default. Let’s see how to block a number and unblock it again on the iPhone.

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How to block a number on an iPhone?

Basically, the point is that blocked numbers will remain blocked until you unblock them from your iPhone. Let’s check out the blocking process from your iPhone.

♦ First of all, open your Phone application, and ensure you are on the Recent tab. Now here you will see all the recent call lists.

♦ Then, tap on the “i” button beside the number that you want to block, and scroll down. You will see an option named Block this Caller.

♦ Then, tap on that option

♦ Finally, click Block Contact.

Alternatively, you can block any number on your iPhone. Let’s see how to do it:

♦ First of all, open the Settings application from your iPhone.

♦ Then, scroll down and find the Phone option, and tap on it.

♦ Then, tap on Blocked.

♦ Then, tan on Add new, and type that number you want to block.

Now that you have successfully blocked the number, that’s why you will not receive calls, messages, and FaceTime from that number anymore.

What happens when you unblock someone on iPhone

Suppose you are trying to concentrate on an important task, and a friend of yours is annoying you by knocking repeatedly at that particular time. So in this case you can temporarily block your friend’s phone number.

By doing this, as long as you are concentrating on work, that friend will not be able to bother you with repeated calls and messages. And after you finish your work, just simply unblock that number.

As a result, your work is not interrupted and after unblocking, you are able to receive all the calls, messages, and facetime of that friend again.

How do you check the block list on an iPhone?

Follow all the steps below to see all the numbers in the blocklist:

♦ First of all, open the Settings application from your iPhone.

♦ Then, scroll down and find the Phone option, and tap on it.

♦ Then, tap on Blocked.

Here, you will find all blocked numbers.

How do you unblock a block number on your iPhone?

The prerequisite for unblocking a number is that the number must be blocked in advance. You cannot unblock a number that has not been blocked. If you want to unblock a number, follow all the steps below:

♦ First of all, open the Settings application from your iPhone.

♦ Then, scroll down and find the Phone option, and tap on it.

♦ Then, tap on Blocked. Here, you will find the blocklists.

♦ Now, find the number you want to unblock and simply left swipe it.

♦ An Unblock option will be available now, tap on it.

Where do blocked messages go?

If you block a number then blocked messages will be found on the Blocked Messages folder. Though, you won’t get any notification for it. You have to check it manually by opening that folder.

Final Words

There is no shortage of good people in this world, such as there is no shortage of bad people also. That’s why the blocking and unblocking features are really awesome. Without it, many people would have had to suffer a lot of annoyance.

Promotional messages that regularly annoy you with messages or annoy you unnecessarily by calling from different call centers, you can block the phone numbers of those you do not want the service.

Again, if you think you have blocked a number by mistake, there is no reason to worry. Looking at the process of unblocking above, I hope you will be able to unblock that number. Once you unblock, there will be no problem getting calls from that number

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