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What Is VPN On iPhone? Full Guide To Use VPN On iPhone

Shortly Virtual Private Network is the full form of VPN. The full form slightly summarizes its actual job. As you want to know what is VPN on iPhone, let me answer it simply. Either for iPhone or for other devices the use of VPN is the same.

Using a VPN while browsing the internet keeps your identity hidden and protects you from cyber threats. It makes a pipe tunnel for you to prevent exposure while surfing over the internet. Hopefully, you have understood now. With growing technology, every time new doors of opportunity are opening. 

Where normal people look for comfort, a group of greedy people is always there to trick and cheat you. So using VPN is important. In this article, I am going to briefly explain when you should use a VPN on your iPhone and how.

What Is Vpn On Iphone And When Should You Use One?

Your browsing data and history are very important. It contains your online transaction-related information. Moreover, these data represent your personality. For protecting them you just need a VPN on your device. None but you know better how important your data is. So whenever you feel you should prioritize your cyber security, you should go for VPNs.

You can use VPN while browsing unsafe or unknown websites. It is beneficial to use a VPN on open public Wi-Fi. By the way, never forget to learn how to set up a Wi-Fi router. Let’s get into the topic. These networks are more vulnerable to malware. If you want complete anonymity, you can use VPN all the time. But you should be careful when you are making an online transaction.

In the case of banking or PayPal money transfer, using VPN is risky. If it is detected that you are on a VPN, your transaction can get blocked by authority. But there is a way to avoid unwanted ban or blocking. For this, you have to use a VPN server that is very close to your current location.

This way there is no such risk of banning. However, you can turn off the VPN anytime while making a credible banking transaction. Although VPN decreases the internet speed it will not bother you that much. If your VPN is too slow, you can switch to another server.

For downloading and playing online games, internet speed is very important. So you can purchase one of the best-paid VPNs for using full time. Paid VPNs have various features and high-speed servers for improving your downloading and gaming experience.

How to set up a VPN on an iPhone for free?

If you want to set up a VPN on your iPhone for free, there are two main ways. You can download a free VPN app from the App Store or you can set up the built-in iOS VPN. I never recommend using free VPN apps because they are risky. Although there are a few safe ones you have to choose carefully to get one of them.

The best and safest free VPN app should be the ProtonVPN. Obviously, it is available for every platform. We have described everything about it. To read more about ProtonVPN click here. You will find all ProtonVPN related information there. I can ensure that You will never regret downloading it.

Set up built-in VPN on iPhone:

Now let’s talk about the built-in VPN of an iPhone. To use this, you have to set up a VPN profile. The process is quite easy. The full setup procedure is given below:

>Go to settings then general
>In general, scroll down and click on VPN (If you have any previously downloaded VPN apps, you will see them here.)
>As you are creating your own profile, select add VPN configuration.
>Once you get into the configuration form select your preferred type from IPSec, IKEv2, and L2TP.

Now if you do not have the server information, you can get them from a website. Although there are hundreds of websites with this type of free VPN server information you have to choose a proper one. Because a wrong server choice can be a free invitation for tons of malware and spyware to your iPhone.

You have to search in google for a free L2TP VPN. Then click on the very top result. There you will find all the free VPN servers with configure information. All you have to do now is copy the username, password, server address, and description from the website and paste them into the same configuration form in settings.

At this stage, you are all set. You can simply turn on the VPN and start using it. There is a green switch to activate VPN. You should easily notice it. The mentionable benefit is you would not see irritating ads if you use the built-in VPN on your iPhone.

Is the built-in VPN of the iPhone safe?

As long as you use a secure tunnel, it is safe to use the built-in VPN. But not all servers are safe. The fact is a wrong free server can be deadly. So you have to choose carefully while setting up the server information. No one can exactly say which free server is infected on these websites.

That’s why you should choose a common server that the majority of people use. This way, you can keep yourself in a safe zone. It is recommended to use the built-in VPN only for normal purposes. The best idea would be to use a good paid VPN app for sensitive tasks.


Hopefully, you have got all the answers to your iPhone’s VPN-related questions. Now you know what is VPN on iPhone and how to set it up. In my opinion, the built-in VPN of an iPhone is way far better than the malicious free VPN apps. In reality, most people do not know that their iPhone has a built-in VPN.

That’s the reason the built-in VPN is not widely used. But after reading this article, you can make your own VPN profile with your preferred servers. Using VPN is important. More important is using a safe VPN. So be extremely careful when you go for VPNs.

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