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Private VPN Review – 100% Honest Opinion

Having a high-quality VPN is really really important to protect your information, keep you private, and assure your safety. That’s what we expect from a great VPN app. As you are here, it seems you are looking for an all-in-one VPN service. To help you on this VPN hunting mission, today our all focus will be on the Private VPN review.

Hopefully, you have already understood we are going to review the awesome Private VPN. Have you heard about it? If not then you are going to remember this one. It was founded back in 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden. Although it is not the only Swedish-based VPN you can say it is one of the best. I think we should pause justifying till the end.

Private VPN Review You Must Know Before Purchase

We were really excited to check out the Private VPN. It is shockingly loaded with some of the best security features. As the name is Private VPN, we wanted to see exactly how private the private VPN is. So we put it to the tests. You know our review team is an expert on brutally testing any VPN to the limit.

In the last few years, we have tested and reviewed many VPNs. So this time it was quite easy because of our previous experiences. If you don’t know, let me introduce the categories we look over to present a fair review. They are speed, security & privacy, usability, Customer services & support, streaming & accessibility, and cost.

Number of servers in Private VPN

We know that the number of servers does not matter if the VPN provides good support in each of the above sections. However, Private VPN contains 100+ servers from 63 countries around the world. It is not a large number. But there is no meaning in adding 1000 servers if they do not respond well. We are kind of satisfied with the number of servers.

Our team thinks that’s close to enough cause not all people have the same purposes. Imagine if someone badly needs a server from Belgium. That person doesn’t care about the speed and just needs a connection with one of Belgium’s servers. When there is a shortage of servers he/she may have to leave that task incomplete.

So if your pick depends on the number of servers, this VPN is not for you. But the other principal features will surely amaze you. Now let’s start with the speed tests.

How Speedy is the Private VPN?

In the name of privacy, you can not sacrifice speed, right? In my opinion, maintaining a stable speed is very important. That’s why we took 4 long days to check out the stability. Private VPN went through our different speed tests. The internet speed decreased a bit which normally happens with VPNs but the speed was surprisingly stable.

In many previous VPN tests, we have seen the base speed decrease up to 50%. Here Private VPN will amaze you. We used a high-speed internet connection. This time we measured the downloading and uploading speed for reference. Without VPN the base downloading speed was 91 MBPS with 7MBPS uploading speed.

We didn’t find any submenu that shows the fastest servers. So first we connected a random USA server. Obviously, that was not the fastest server. So we got an awful download speed of 33MBPS. The uploading speed did increase up to 8.63MBPS. The result of the next US server was impressive.

The speed suddenly pumped up at 86.2MBPS with around 5MBPS uploading speed. We spent 1hr downloading several items on this server and the speed was around 78 to 86.2. Then we tried the European servers. The top speed we got was 75MBPS from London, UK. We also faced the lowest speed that was from Frankfurt, Germany. It was 28MBPS.

Then we moved toad Australia. It was the worst experience when our speed dropped to 16.1MBPS in Sydney. Besides that, we recorded the worst ping from that same server which was 356ms. We checked another Australian server for a better result and got 42MBPS. You can say it is the highest score from Australia.

However, that was all about our result of the speed test. It is very difficult to get a perfect result from a speed test. Besides internet speed, the testing kits and other instruments should work properly at a time. By the way, the result can vary for different devices. So we tried our best to deliver the most accurate results.

Now it’s time to share our opinions. Shortly we can say Private VPN is one of the best in terms of speed. You will get low pings from 30ms to 70ms on most of the servers. There are always some slow and heavy servers in every VPN app. You have to keep them aside for a fair result. Although it is not the fastest one, we think Private VPN has the potential to improve.

Security & privacy features of Private VPN

Private VPN uses IPv6 leak protection to ensure your security. This software is loaded with all the useful security features. You will find all top-class features in Private VPN. Moreover, their base is in Sweden. The country falls under 14 Eye Alliance Jurisdiction. It is also known as SSEUR.

Private VPN uses IPv6 leak protection to ensure your security. This software is loaded with all the useful security features. You will find all top-class features in Private VPN. Moreover, their base is in Sweden. The country falls under 14 Eye Alliance Jurisdiction. It is also known as SSEUR.

The countries under that are committed to protecting privacy. They have strict rules against sharing your data and browsing history. As per their rule, no authorities can force them to leak your information. So you can feel totally safe with the Private VPN. They will make sure you are anonymous while surfing over the internet.

You can choose different encryption methods in the Private VPN. AES 256 bit encryption should be the safest one for you. You also can select different protocols as you wish. They offer PPTP, IPsec, IKEv2, L2TP, and OpenVPN with UDP/TCP protocols. If you do not know or care much about protocols, you can follow their installation guide or leave it into default protocol.

By default, the OpenVPN with UDP protocol is selected. The IP leak protection works well. As soon as you connect, Private VPN assigns a new IP. We tested the DNS leak protection as well. There was no DNS leaking issue. The one really useful security feature is the kill switch. It works automatically. That means if your internet connection drops accidentally, you will still be protected.

You never need to worry about accidental tunnel leakage. We connected several websites and then suddenly turned off the internet connection from the physical device. The kill switch managed it normally. But you will find the kill switch in only the Windows version.

Now it’s time to talk about the most important part that ensures a user’s privacy. Yes, it is their logging policy. Private VPN claims that they never collect users’ data, browsing history, and information. They clearly declared that they just keep your PrivateVPN account information. We have seen many VPN apps make fake claims about logging. In the case of Private VPN, We liked their honesty.

How simple is the Private VPN app?

If you read our previous VPN review articles, you may know in this part we are going to talk about the app interface. Private VPN is available for all platforms. You can use it on PC, Android, iOS, Mac. You can also set it up with your router. As it can connect on 10 devices simultaneously, we could easily use it on different devices.

The Android and iOS apps are similar. It was very easy to navigate each feature. The default setup was reliable. The apps were handy and quickly responsive. We didn’t find any issues. There were no crashing or lagging issues. But we missed the automatic kill switch.

The Mac and Windows looked richer. We found no major differences in features. The same smoothness exists on PC apps. You do not need any kind of previous experience to use the Private VPN. There was no such difference in speed while we used it on a router. So it was not that hard to decide that Private VPN is one of the most comfortable apps out in the VPN market.

After purchasing a product, how much the service providers care matters a lot. It shows their responsibility. It is very important to make sure you will get good after-service. So must ensure that before purchasing any product. Now let’s get into the after-sale services of Private VPN.

It provides 24/7 customer care. You can easily communicate with the experts through their website. There is a live chat option for customers. From there, you can start a conversation with an expert in a moment. When we tried to communicate via live chat, we were amazed by their quick response.

We felt they were really professionals and knew their duty well. If there are no core level issues, they are able to solve that as fast as possible. And such a core issue is very rare. In that case, experts are always there to solve any problem remotely. We loved the response time and appreciate their efforts to satisfy customers.

Streaming and accessibility

If VPN is a familiar word to you, you may be aware of the common fake claims of many VPN apps. But there are some that actually do what they promise. Private VPN has a custom set up to unblock the geo-locking system of Netflix. It was very easy to get access to Netflix USA. We think there was a speed boost in the time of streaming videos on Netflix.

That’s probably because of the dedicated settings. You can easily visit other regional restricted content. This VPN is compatible with other streaming platforms like Disney+. Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer. As there is no fastest server indicator, you have to choose the best server for each streaming platform manually.

It is not a complex task. You can take little help from the internet or experts. But I personally think Server’s speed monetizer is a very effective tool. You know torrenting is illegal. But as we are here to inform you of every detail of the Private VPN, you should know that it supports torrenting. Moreover, it keeps your identity secure while you visit and download something from a torrent site.

Another thing that matters for a group of people is to get access to Chinese servers. If you are one of them, The Private VPN would be a great choice for you. You can visit Chinese servers without interruptions. It is one of the main selling points of this VPN.

Private VPN costing

Considering the top-class features and advanced abilities, the pricing of the Private VPN is very affordable. This budget-friendly costing made it people’s favorite VPN software. That’s why Private VPN is rated 4.9 out of 5 by Trustpilot. It is a great achievement that describes how good it is. The full cost details are given below:

1 month

3 month

24 month

8.99 USD (per month)

6.00 USD (per month)

2.50 USD (per month)

Here you can clearly see the best deal is for two years which is only 2.50 USD per month. It is hard to find a fully loaded VPN app at that low price. The 24-month package is exclusive. Previously the same deal was for 12 months. So it is the perfect time to grab this amazing package. If you are still not satisfied, a 30 days money-back guarantee is always there for every deal.

Pros and Cons of Private VPN

As we are at the finishing stage of the Private VPN review, it’s time to make your decision. Here are the upsides and downsides to help you.

● Speed
● No logging and High encryption
● Strong Privacy and security maintenance
● Dedicated settings for Streaming
● Simple app interface
● Instant customer support
● Value for money
● Less amount of servers
● No split tunneling
● Automatic kill switch missing in mobile apps

Private VPN user Experience

The simplicity of Private VPN is catchy. The overall user experience was amazing. We loved the user-friendly app. You do not need previous experience to start using this app. The default settings are perfect for beginners. If you have advanced knowledge, you can make your own comfortable custom settings.

As it is easily saveable, we could easily apply the custom settings in one click. We do not have any complaints about speed and protection. It was really great to experience this bug-free perfect VPN app.

Final words

Now you can decide whether the Private VPN meets your demand or not. After this full Private VPN review, we can say The Private VPN is fully worth it. You know nothing is completely perfect. Everything has some good and bad sides. Although there are some cons, we saw a glance of perfection in this VPN.

All our review experts agreed on this opinion. However, if you take a look at the pricing, $60 for 24 months is a gainful offer. There are three different payment methods available. You can pay with a Credit card or PayPal or Bitcoin. I am personally thinking of keeping this subscription for a long time. It is very necessary to ensure our protection in this open internet world.

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