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Does Android Have a Built-in VPN? Complete Guidance

For security and privacy in the online world, there is no substitute for VPN. If you have a little bit of awareness for cyber security, you must have used a VPN app at least once. So, does Android have a built-in VPN? There are a large number of VPN apps available in the Play Store. You will find many others on specific websites. 

Most of them are paid. Actually, the good ones are paid. There are plenty of good free VPN apps too. Their offerings are mind-blowing. A large group of people has been using these free apps for a long time. The majority of them do not really care about the risks.

If you are the same type then we have a better suggestion for you. You can set up the built-in VPN of your Android smartphone instead of using the risky free VPN apps. So if you ask, does android have a built-in VPN, the answer is- yes, your Android smartphone does have a built-in VPN feature. This article is all about setting up the built-in VPN of Android.

Does Android Have a Built-in VPN?

The surprising fact is many people do not know their phones have a built-in VPN option. It is not rich with extra facilities. But it can get your job done while keeping you anonymous on the internet. As the option comes with your stock OS feature, you can undoubtedly trust it. Moreover, you do not need to download an extra app for the same purpose.

How to set up the built-in VPN on Android without downloading an app?

Setting up this useful feature is easy. We are going to explain the whole process. Before that, we should declare this one is for basic uses only. For additional options and professional use, you have to purchase a good paid VPN. You can check it out from our best VPN for Android.

The activation process is simple. You need to add a new VPN profile from the settings. To activate the built-in VPN open settings and find the VPN option. It should be in the network and internet option. There you will see all the network settings. If you look closely at the bottom you will find advanced. Click to expand it.

There should be the settings named VPN. In case you do not find it from here, you can search from the search box. It is at the top of the settings menu. Just write VPN and it will appear in the search result. Then you have to open it. If you have a VPN app installed on your phone you can see it here.

But we don’t need it. You have to create your new profile. So click on the plus (+) icon or click on add a new profile. When the new profile form comes on the screen, do exactly as we have explained below.

★Type your favorite name in the name section
★Right under that select Type – PPTP.
★Chek on the PPP Encryption (MPPE)
★For server address, user name, and password minimize the settings window.
★Open a browser and go to the address https://vpnbook.com 
★Scroll down and select PPTP on the website. You will see a list of different server addresses with the name of the country.
★Copy an address from the side of the country name
★Now minimize the browser and open the form.
★Paste the server address in the address section.
★You have to repeat this minimizing process two more times to bring the username and password. You will find them under the server list.
★After filling in every information tap on save.

Now your VPN profile is ready. You can use it every time simply by turning on the switch. Wasn’t it easier than you thought? If you face problems with the current server, you can change the server address, username, and password anytime from the VPN book website.

As it is a free server, you may face some performance issues. As Netflix is blocking VPNs, this built-in VPN is unable to unblock Netflix as well. But it will work. You will get access to the blocked sites and your IP will be changed. You will get the best outcome if you choose the server cleverly. A speedy server could increase your browsing speed.

Should you use VPN on Android?

Of course, you should. With a good VPN connection, you can stay relaxed. You do not need to worry about your online transaction. No one is spying over your data. In reality, you actually can’t imagine how exposed you are while browsing unknown websites. 

There is no way to know which content is carrying malware. So it would be better to take action before the damage is done. That’s why you must use a good VPN connection. If you don’t like your built-in VPN, you can purchase a top class VPN app. In case you don’t want to spend money, there is one best free VPN that will never harm you. You can check out that.

Is the Android built-in VPN safe?

The built-in VPN is safe. But there is one serious problem. That is the server you choose. If you choose a server from an unrelated website, it can be harmful than the worst free VPN app. Where free VPNs sell your browsing history to ad parties, a wrong server choice can silently look over all your browsing data and path. However, It can end up so badly.

So every time you set up a new profile, you should be very careful about the server information you got from the internet. There are some other real-time protection features you can never enjoy in the built-in VPN. Hence you can use it for temporary support.

Final words

Hopefully, you got the answer todoes Android have a built-in VPN or not. The built-in Android VPN is not a permanent solution. It would not provide a stable connection. But using free VPN apps is risky. They collect your browsing information. Malware is common in free VPN apps. Not all but most of them carry harmful malware. The disgusting thing about these apps is ads.

Nowadays in-app ads are like torture. The built-in VPN is a good way to avoid them. As I said earlier, to experience the best service you have to purchase a paid VPN app. Privacy and security are very important. Either for professionals or for you it matters. I think as your Android phone has such an advanced feature, why not try it?

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