Why Need VPN For Netflix? Must Read Before You Try

Why Need VPN For Netflix?

Everyone knows Netflix is currently the best streaming platform. Almost 209 million people use Netflix around the world. Surely the number declares the paid memberships. This huge company has reached 190 countries. If you are a Netflix subscriber, you might have thoughts about why need VPN for Netflix.

Yes, there are some benefits to using Netflix with VPN. Today I am going to answer all your questions related to using Netflix with VPN. After reading this article you can easily decide whether you need a VPN for Netflix or not. You should not miss the interesting tips to enhance your streaming experience. So stick with us till the end of this article.

Why Need VPN For Netflix? Main reasons that you should know about

You know the main purpose of using a VPN is to protect our browsing data, history, and privacy. In the case of Netflix, this purpose is slightly different. It is undeniable that VPN keeps your identity hidden while using Netflix. But the main twist is in the servers. With VPN you can choose a variety of server locations from different countries.

So you can select an American server while you are in another country. This way you can watch and stream the dedicated content for the USA on Netflix. Without the Netflix originals, there are several shows which are geo-locked. This means some specific shows are only for some specific regions. You may not see them on the list if you are from another country.

But if you use a VPN you can pretend to be from that country and consume those geo-restricted contents. Hopefully, the explanation was enough to understand. You can say this is the main reason for people needing a VPN with Netflix. Since I have started using Netflix, I have seen many shows get hit. But some were not available in my country. If this happens in your case, you can get one of the best VPN apps and try changing the server.

Now think about some facts, like you are out in a coffee shop or airport. This type of public Wi-Fi is not secured. Then you can cover yourself up with a secure VPN. It’s not only about protection. You know in public networks internet speed is not stable. It fluctuates a lot. That may cause problems while using Netflix.

These problems are common as buffering, low-resolution, etc. Some VPNs have custom settings to run NetFlix hassle-freely. In these times a proper VPN can help you by boosting speed. Sometimes your ISP provider can reduce your internet speed for your connection taking up a lot of bandwidth. It is also called bandwidth throttling. You can easily avoid it by using a VPN. So if you go for a perfect VPN that is optimized for NetFlix, you would not have to face all these issues.

Did Netflix start blocking my VPN?

Yes, recently Netflix started blocking VPNs. Do you want to know why? Then you should check out this dedicated article on Why is Netflix blocking VPN. Let’s get back to the topic. Previously Netflix didn’t care much about VPNs. Since they started blocking, VPN developers were ready to find new tricks to bypass it.

It is now an exclusive feature for marketing that a VPN can unblock Netflix. As Netflix constantly goes strict with VPNs, developers somehow manage to crack the rules down. This cat vs mouse game seems to be ending. I think this regional blocking system will not last very long.

Is it legal for Netflix to block VPN?

Actually using VPNs while watching videos on Netflix is not illegal. But as Netflix is completely against it, they can ban your ID if they want. Although banning subscriptions for using VPN is a rare case, it is not impossible. I mean they have the right to ban. Now in the case of legality, everything seems unclear.

The cause is that using VPN is not illegal. Alongside banning ID for going against rules is not illegal. A group of people is really taking this offensively. Their opinion is also reasonable. After spending money on a good VPN and Netflix membership, it is unexpected to get blocked or banned.

You know Netflix is not the only reason for using VPN. If someone is well concerned about his/her privacy, Netflix can not force him/her to get exposed. So there should be a proper way to control accessibility. There are other apps and sites which are maintaining geo-restrictions without controversies. For a massive platform like Netflix, customer satisfaction is indispensable.

Is there a free VPN for Netflix?

As Netflix is seriously dealing with VPNs, These days I do not think a free VPN can unblock Netflix. It is continuously finding ways to block VPNs. So the best-paid VPN apps are struggling to update the algorithm to bypass Netflix. In this situation, you cannot expect to visit Netflix with a free VPN.

You will find some of the free apps that claim they can bypass Netflix. But in reality, all these are just for attracting people. So you should never trust the free VPN apps. Besides fake advertisements, they can contain harmful malware. I am mentioning some of the best VPN apps for Netflix.

ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, SurfShark, Hotspot Shield, Zenmate VPN are the best ones. In terms of features and speed, these VPNs are way ahead. We all know VPNs decrease internet speed. But all these apps have special configurations to run Netflix without any issues.

Yes, if the VPN is compatible with Netflix, you can use it with your smartphone. Most of the paid VPN apps support multiple devices. In case your smartphone does not support VPN apps or configurations, you can use the VPN on your router. You have to route the internet traffic and configure your router.

Normally most VPN app is available for all platforms and operating systems. So the VPN that is unblocking Netflix on your PC or another device, should also work on your smartphone.

Sometimes Netflix blocks your VPN. In that case you can read our solution.


If you are a person who is satisfied with your Netflix content, there is no need to try VPNs. The problem is for those people who are kind of used to watching the geo-locked shows with VPN. In this world of advanced technology, everything is close to your hand. You know there are many ways to get your favorite content.

Netflix usually contains the best quality tv series, short films, and movies. In the time of the Covid pandemic, these online streaming platforms became the only way to entertain us. It is completely your choice to use a VPN on Netflix or not. I personally think those who can’t wait to watch the famous shows exclusively, must need a VPN for Netflix.



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