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Why Are Mobile Game Ads So Bad? Full Explanation

Have you ever been cheated by fake mobile gaming ads? As you are here, then you might have at least noticed some of them. In-app ads are common these days. A few years back unwanted ads were rare. But today the virtual world is full of ads. The Internet is now the most effective medium of business.

Following this, various marketing strategies have grown up. An app on popular sites like Facebook or Youtube can bring more responses from consumers. Like everything, ads also have light and dark sides. Some of these ads can really help you to get your expected products.

You can consider them the one side of the coin. So what about the other side? That side is so awful that it will push the limits of your tolerance. If you have not experienced it yet, don’t worry, you will. Today we will talk about the disgusting mobile game ads that show a completely different interface than the actual game.

The Awful Mobile Gaming Ads That Can Manipulate You:

Have you ever encountered a cheater who promises to do something and actually does the exact opposite? If you have not, then you are lucky. But maybe this luck will not work in the time of seeing some online ads. Yes, we are pointing at the fake game ads.

Ad-free apps are very rare. Every free app contains ads. You can only find ad-free interfaces in some paid apps. Ads are not always bad. But recently everything has changed. Some manipulators use misleading ads to attract people.

Suppose you are playing your favorite game or watching a video on youtube. Suddenly an ad for a racing game appears. You liked the graphics and all and decided to play it. So you downloaded the game and opened it. After opening, if you see that it’s just a puzzle game, how would you feel?

We know that would be very embarrassing. The same thing is happening presently. That’s why you can call them cheaters. This way they are marketing a fake game with eye-catchy ads.

What are the motives behind fake game ads?

This strategy broke out when a Russian game developer company named Playrix started making ads for their games. These ads do not show a single screenshot of the actual game. They wanted to keep themselves a step ahead of the competitors.

That strategy worked because there is no way to find out their cheating without downloading. Once you download the game they just reached their goal. The majority of people delete the games after using them once. But that does not decrease the number of downloads.

You can not even justify them by checking the reviews. As they can spend that much money on ads, they are also able to buy paid reviews. These kinds of attempts of standing out from the rivals made them blind and left a bad image in the user’s eyes. Naturally, it’s a disappointment for game lovers.

Which games are using fake advertisements?

You must have seen some of the game’s ads while using the internet. Mafia City, Homescape, Farmescape, Matchington Mansion, Gardenscape, Fish Doom, WildScape are normal puzzle games. But in ads, they pretend to be the new craze of the game market. There are few others.

It is quite hard to find out and list each of the games. That’s not easy. So the only way to detect them is to download and play. All the games of Playrix are following the same path. We can not say this trend will end soon. Next time before downloading a game check it out carefully.

Can you prevent misleading ads?

You are not the only person complaining about these game ads. This discussion has been running for a long time. People are so aware that the UK advertising agency determined they are misleading. They charged these apps for breaching CAP Code rules.

So it was announced that if any app does not represent the original gameplay, it should not be shown in the future. That ruling for the record was made in September 2020. But we are seeing very similar adverts today as well. So you can say the ad-makers completely ignored it.

This is not a big secret we have stumbled upon or anything. Mostly the ads you are seeing every day are based on the Website cookies. As you have nothing much to do, you can clear the cookies of your browser. It is unclear how effective that would be.

Why do Facebook, YouTube, and other popular apps allow these ads?

When a large group of people around the world is aware of the ads and many discussions going on in Quora about it, do you think these giant companies do not know about it at all? Of Course, they do. There are solid reasons behind their silence, which is that ads bring a huge profit for them.

They earn a large amount from these misleading ads. Although Google and Facebook have some policies for maintaining the quality of ads, these ads somehow bypass it. That’s why these giant companies do not really care. But recently it has been caught in authority’s eyes. Hopefully, you will see a result soon. Till then check a game properly before downloading.

Final words

Two key facts can make an ad successful. They are quality and strategy. You can prioritize the quality. That will attract organic consumers and surely leave a good impression in their minds. Strategy is also important for making it unique and catchy.

But when you only care about the strategy and forget customer satisfaction, that would be a real disaster for your service. We know you are not here to learn how to make an ad successful. We were just expressing our views. Wiping out these fake mobile game ads isn’t in our hands.

All we can do is wait until authorities take some strict steps against them. Hopefully, it will be soon enough.


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