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Why Do Android Apps Constantly Update? Complete Solutions

Currently, we all use smartphones, and in this smartphone, we are using many types of applications according to our needs.  But did you know that apps have to be updated almost all the time? If you don’t know, I’m saying that the apps you use need to be updated almost all the time.

But sometimes it can be that apps want to make updates again and again.

Wanting to get such constant updates can be annoying to anyone. If your phone’s apps want to be constantly updated like this, then you are probably trying to get rid of it.

Don’t worry, in this article, I will explain why it is constantly updated, its good and bad aspects and how to get rid of this problem. So, stay with me till the end of this article, I promise you will not suffer any more complexities with this problem.

Why Are App Updates Essential For All Phones?

Apps installed on the phone usually need to be updated around the time. This is very important for applications and phones. You will notice that after the apps are updated, the apps change a lot and the performance increases more than before.

Technology is changing very fast, such as the phone’s operating system is constantly changing a lot. Developers are constantly researching and modifying these changes. Then when these are added to an app, it gives a notification for updates if this app is installed on your phone.

If you don’t update, this app will lose its functionality over time. So I hope you understand how important app updates are for the phone.

In the meantime, you know that updates are a must for your phone. You can easily apps, just go to the Play Store and click on the update option, the apps will start taking updates. You can also set this update on a weekly or monthly basis

If you use WiFi and sometimes use the net with your phone data, then you can set up updates for WiFi-only here. As a result, when you use the data of the phone, the app’s update will be closed,  the update will start again when you get WiFi content.

Reasons for Android apps constantly updating:

However, there may be times when your phone’s apps need frequent updates. When many updates are added to the operating system and apps, frequent updates may be needed to restore compatibility between the operating system and the app.

Below I have mentioned and described what developers research and update and add to apps. Once you read these, you will understand the reason why apps need to be updated and why apps can ask for updates again and again.

1. Bug Fixes

After the developer develops an app, they do a lot of testing themselves and release it later. But it is no longer possible for them to test these apps on millions of phones, which is why developers store user information.

According to this information, the identified problems are researched. When the correction is complete then these are uploaded to apps. Next, developers again collect user data to see if there are any bugs, if any, they work again and input updates to the app. In this way, the developers are constantly developing, which is why we have to give updates.

2. Features update

Lots of apps are developed and released every day around the world. At the same time, in order to survive in the market and increase the satisfaction of the users, the developers are constantly researching their apps to add new features.

And after the new feature development is complete, input is given to the apps. Users will get this feature after updating the app.

3. Operating System Updates

The operating system is the core of all phones, on which all the functionality of the phone, including apps, depends. The operating system is updated almost all the time. However, in most cases, there are minor updates, but after a long time, the entire system is updated.

Since apps are completely dependent on the operating system, app companies also have to make big changes to their apps. That’s why operating systems and applications can be constantly updated at this time.

4. Security Patches

Smartphones are now a very important part of all our lives, the big reason being information or data. I don’t want to say anything new about this data or information because everyone knows about it now.

Therefore, companies should always be aware of the security of the phone. This is because hackers are now constantly trying to infiltrate viruses on digital devices in various ways. If viruses enter the phone system, hackers can do a lot of damage to us.

For this reason, developers always research security and regularly update security patches on the phone’s system.

5. Performance improvement

Performance improvement is a common and important issue for all apps. Because in a very natural way you don’t want to use an app that doesn’t have good performance, because at present there is no shortage of options for every app.

Since the operating system is constantly being updated, it is now certain that the performance will be worse if the app companies do not update their apps.

But not only for this reason, but every app company is also constantly researching for the convenience of the users, how to increase the performance of the app more than the current one. After all, users will use applications that are constantly improving and increasing performance.

Final Words

When it comes to technological advancement, the first thing that comes to mind is mobile technology. Because there is no other technological advancement that is so fast and necessary for everyone.

There are still a lot of features coming up. The developers of each mobile company are also competing with each other to come up with a new feature first. That’s why I think updating the operating system and apps is important to keep up with all the updates on your phone and ensure good performance.

Although constantly updating may seem like an annoying thing to you. But after I read the ones described above, I hope you understand that apps for your phone need updating. As a result, you will get updated features, security, better performance, and much more.

Bill Thamas
Bill Thamas is a gaming freak. He is always into different kinds of games. He started his career as a tier 1 PUBG player and won many competitive tournaments. It has been a while since he started writing gaming-related content for Techalrm. His interests in different kinds of games keep him always aware of the updated and upcoming games. As a member of the gamer’s community, he gets the review and bug updates regularly. However, he is a game reviewer himself.

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