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Why My Android Phone Shuts Off At 20%? – what can be the reason?

Why my Android phone shuts off At 20%? It’s a system issue. Now it’s a common and complex problem for all android users. This can be a due number of reasons, but it mainly happens when the phone gets old and due to further system issues.

Nowadays, a  smartphone is no less than a computer in terms of features and functionality. That’s why smartphones. Moreover, since smartphones are in the hands of humans, almost everything that people used to do with computers is now done with smartphones.

The most important thing to keep all the features and applications of the smartphone running is the battery life. So it’s very important to keep the battery performance smooth. Here I will talk about various issues of battery, especially why my Android phone shuts off at 20%?

Android Phone Shuts Off At 20% - What Can Be The Reason?

The Battery Percentage signal wrong

Do you know know how to calculate the battery percentage of smartphones? You may be surprised to know that there is no magic trick to determine if the phone battery is fully charged or how much it is currently charged.

The power of the battery percentage we see is determined by chemical algorithms, which according to many scientists can measure the power of an approximate battery. But when the smartphone gets old, it gives the wrong result of the battery power signal.

Because the estimated results are affected by a number of factors, such as battery age, temperature, systemic faults, and so on. But in most cases, the battery percentage of the smartphone is able to give the correct result.  

Something unusual is losing your battery very quickly

It’s also another common problem for an Android phone shuts off at 20%. Because in some cases the phone’s battery is depleted very quickly due to certain bugs in the operating system or software.

In this case, the battery heats up very quickly and loses its efficiency, which automatically shuts off when the battery’s power signal reaches 20%. Many times it’s caused by a malware virus that enters the phone.

Malware viruses keep the phone active all by leaking into the phone system, which leads to a lot of battery loss. At the same time, the phone’s battery temperature rises rapidly, so the phone is turned off early to protect it from dangerous possibilities.

Battery age

Battery efficiency decrease with the age of the phone. Since the full power of a smartphone comes from a battery, you can naturally assume that there is a battery loss. In general, the battery of a smartphone can give good performance for a maximum of two years, after which the battery loses most of its efficiency. So if the phone is more than two years old, then you can naturally change the battery of your phone.

How to prevent my Android phone shuts off at 20%?

This problem can be avoided by taking care of the battery as well as the smartphone. But if your phone is already having this problem, you can follow several ways to get rid of it. So let’s see what you need to do to get rid of your Android Phone Shuts Off At 20% issues.

Charge your phone immediately

If your smartphone suddenly shuts down like this, first of all, try to charge the phone as soon as possible. Because many times it happens that when the phone is dead, there is a lot of trouble to turn on the phone.

So if you can charge the phone then it will be very good. In that case, many people carry a portable battery so that the phone can be charged at any moment.

However, carrying a portable battery alone will not be a permanent solution to this issue, as portable batteries also require charging and can be a hassle to carry.

Restart your phone

You can restart the phone before the charge drops to about 20%. This way you can protect your phone from dying, as the phone system may have a number of processes that quickly drain the battery, which will shut down.

Update Your Phone

Phone system updates and software updates are able to play a leading role in making many aspects of phone performance more exciting. This can be very helpful as a solution to the problem of automatic shutdown of the phone as the battery charge of the phone drops to 20%.

Sometimes the opposite happens, such as some bugs with the annual update of the phone, which are fixed slowly. So updating the phone is very helpful in solving any problem.

Replace Phone’s Battery

If using the above methods does not solve the problem of unexpectedly turning off the phone, you can change the battery of your phone. Yes, you can think of changing your phone battery very naturally. This is because the battery is the main driving force of a phone and every battery loses its power after a while.

Many people decide to change the phone because they do not understand the problem in the performance of the phone due to battery problems. But my suggestion is that the battery is a part of the phone, so if any other part is damaged then we should change that part as well as the battery.

Final Words

The main reason for the increase in the number of Android phone users is the simple user interface and everything within reach. If you look at operating systems other than Android, you will see that they are not the target of people of all walks of life.

Needless to say, launching an operating system on a device requires a lot of skill. Prolonged use can result in errors in a device and operating system. So there is nothing to afraid of these errors, try to solve them knowing the ways of solution.

Above I have discussed a common problem of Android users Android Phone Shuts Off At 20%. Why this problem occurs and what are the solutions to it, I have explained all these issues. However, this problem can occur in the case of 15%, 30%, 40% instead of 20%.

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