Why My Phone Rings Twice Then Goes To Voicemail Android?

Why My Phone Rings Twice Then Goes To Voicemail Android

Are you facing trouble while calling someone? Do your calls ring once or twice and then go to voicemail directly? If you are facing this kind of problem then you are in the right place. Today you are going to know why this type of problem is happening to you.

There can be a few reasons. If this problem is occurring with one certain number then your phone is all right. You do not need to worry about repairing your phone. Either the person you are calling or his faulty phone can be responsible for this.

In another case, if you are facing the same issue with all your contracts then there might be some kind of network problem or the communication system of your device may be damaged.

Whatever is going on we will find out soon. You just have to stick with us until the end of this article.

Let’s take a look at the most possible cases when your phone rings twice and directly go to voicemail:

● You are Blocked

If you are calling someone and facing the exact problem then probably the user you are calling has blocked your number. Yes, it is embarrassing when your friend or close one blocks you but wait, don’t be sad. There are possibilities to occur accidentally.

Many times you have seen that your little ones go crazy about your phone and they can do this sort of thing while playing with your phone. So the person you are calling may have faced the same problem. It can also happen by a slip of touch as our phone’s screen is highly sensitive.

So do not go mad and try to reach the person with another phone. You can use your landline or any other friend’s phone to make a call. If you can communicate with your friend, make sure he/she is aware of this situation. In case the person actually blocked you and is trying to avoid you then it can be your chance to convince.

Now let’s guess you have already tried with other phones and are still facing the same problem then there can be other possible reasons which I have included below.

● “Airplane Mode” is enabled

So now when you have failed to reach the person with other phones, there is a possibility that he/she has enabled Airplane mode in his/her phone. We know that Airplane mood is a useful feature. It helps to keep the phone on and cut off every kind of network communication.

Many people use it in different cases. The person you are calling may be busy or just got stuck in any meeting or class. These can be some of the reasons and that’s why he/she just enabled the airplane mood. If someone is in an airplane mood and you are trying to call him then you will be directed to send a voicemail.

So do not freak out and take a break. You can call him again after a while. You will be able to communicate with the person as soon as he turns airplane mode off.

● Cellular network maintenance

In very rare cases, you will be affected by your career network maintenance. Any damaged instrument can cause this kind of distortion. There can be some kind of technical or instrumental problem in your area. Natural disasters often cause this type of issue.

If it really happens then you should wait until your network provider fixes it. You can also check any of your other friend’s phone who is using the same career network. If they are also having some kind of trouble then try to contract your career provider. They’ll fix it as soon as possible.

● Enabled “Do not disturb” mode

This one is a useful feature in every smartphone. You can easily ignore unwanted calls by activating the do not disturb mode. So maybe the person you want to reach has activated this mode. This can cause your phone to ring once and navigate you to voicemail.

In this case, you can do nothing but wait for your friend to be available.

● Poor network coverage

There can be some network issues in your area. When the network transmitter of any area gets weak or overloaded then this kind of problem occurs. Poor network coverage can be responsible for notifying you to send voicemail.

Again for confirming it, you have to contract with your neighbors who are using the same network. If you find network coverage in your area is ok then your friend may be struggling with this problem in his area.

● SIM card issue

Your sim card probably moved under some kind of pressure. This can be another possible cause. It is very necessary for a sim card to hold the proper position. If a sim card moves from the sim tray it cannot transmit the signal properly.

So check your sim card and keep it in the right position to enjoy uninterrupted communication. The same problem can occur with the person you are trying to reach.

Some quick fixes

Here are some quick tips to fix your problem. These are not 100% guaranteed solutions but you can try and find out actually what’s going on.

♦ Disable caller ID from your phone settings and call again.

♦ Dial *67 in the front of the number and call again.

♦ Try social media to communicate with the person.

♦ Restart your phone. If it does not work then try a Factory reset.

♦ Check your sim card. If you have dual sim support then try the other slot.

♦ Take your phone to an expert. Your phone may need to be repaired.


Nowadays every smartphone offers total customization. Security features have improved in every smartphone. Making a phone call is the easiest way to communicate with someone. So when your regular phone call messes up, There can be mainly two types of problems.

We have already included every possible issue with your device. But what about that person? He/she may not want to hear from you. Do not be surprised if this actually happened. In this case, you cannot force someone to talk to you. I suggest that you should convince that person, or maybe you can write a letter. This will be fun in this digital era.



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