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Step By Step Guide Windows Update Blocker

Are you tired of those as windows update pop up every hour similarly? Do you want to remove them without any hassle additionally?

Don’t worry; there is a compelling application as well out there that can help us. It can not be done simply by  Windows Update Blocker by clicking again on the control panel.

There is a software known as likewise blocker.

Windows Update Blocker

Windows software update blocker is free software downloaded on your also desktop to control the updates popping up.

That’s portable software, and you can also operate it on any of your computers and when in need.

A software update, in the same way, control software is simple to use, which comes with three options.

  1. Enable updates
  2. Disable updates
  3. Protect Service Setting

Windows Update Blocker How Does It Work?

Firstly, download the software. You will watch a window pop again up with a written run. Click on the button identically run and save the file on the desktop. Now you are like good to go.

Further steps to follow:

    • Open the software, and you will see that the settings also are enabled.
    • The default setting is called windows update enables the software correspondingly.
    • Click on another option, disable updates, and press the apply button uniquely.
    • Now you have and a pop-up window to saying; there are a problem too downloading updates.
    • There is another like manner easy way to check whether the software is unable or coupled with disabling by the color signs on the window’s right.
    • If the sign is green in color, it means the software is also enabled.
    • His red-colored sign shows a window update that disables the software additionally.

What Does Protect The Settings Mean?

You are tired of enabling and disabling the software likewise manually. There is a solution to it.

    • After you click on the disable setting identically.
    • In the next step, you should press the button to protect the settings identically.
    • How will leave you hassle-free of manually doing it?
    • Now you will change the settings yourself; it will not turn to the default setting again.

Block Service 

Windows update blocker comes with an exciting option to block other services of your choice.

    • You need to press the menu button.
    • The list of options will appear in Windows Update Blocker.
    • You can select different options you want to block.
    • This step is not compulsory for everyone.
    • Windows update blocker downloads it and might help you get rid of the pop-ups. If the pop up is showing and saying an update is not working.
    • It means the software is working correctly.


It will work adequately on

    • Windows XP,
    • Windows 10 version
    • Windows version 8
    • Windows 8.1

These systems help windows blocker to work correctly with all the new options working.

The windows update blocker 2020 available in some of the different languages such as

    • English,
    • French,
    • Arabic,
    • Dutch,
    • German,
    • Chinese and many other languages.

Some Precautions

Windows update blockers bring some of the errors with them.

    • Who is better to download troubleshooting to protect your windows from it.
    • Never click on all the options of services together; it might crash your windows.

Windows Update Blocker Review

Windows update blocker is one of the fantastic and free software you can download.

That’s helps you control the computer updates because all the free updates can bring many bugs to your desktop. Those bugs can either blow away your windows.

This is effortless to use the software on your desktop as just downloading it. Open up the application and change the settings from enabling to disable. Further, press the apply button, and voila, you are done.

To make it confirm, you will next press the protect services and save changes.

might notify you about the updates your computer needed, but you have to do it manually.

There will be no  Windows Update download waiting for updates while shutting down the computer.

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