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Top 18 Best Apps For College Students In 2022

Are you a college student? We know you are going through a challenging period of life. You are always into a strict routine. Therefore, you may need to organize your messy stuff and save a bit of time. Here is a smart idea for you. If you are carrying a smartphone then I have a proper solution for simplifying your tasks.

You must have a brunch of applications on your phone. Some specific apps are built for academic uses. Some of those are interesting and useful. So let your phone smartly assist you. Are you ready to try some of these amazing apps?

Now you are going to know about the 18 best apps of 2021 which will enhance your college life experience.

Here are 18 must-try apps for college students:

1. Any Do

When you are up to something, you must make a plan and organize everything properly. Any do is a popular to-do list app. It helps you to stay on track with useful widgets. Now you can quickly create tasks and events. You can avoid distractions with Focus mode.

2. Microsoft Office and Lens

Here is your familiar go-to app for the office. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint all are in one app. You can transform pictures into documents. Feel free to capture quick notes and ideas. This application is packed with a long list of heavy features. It can sign and create PDFs anytime. You can do more actions like sharing and transferring files easily.

3. Camscanner

Do you want to scan any documents from your phone? Then you should download Camscanner. It is so advanced that it can scan Digitize ID cards and passports and is also able to convert PDF to word files. So now you can quickly extract and edit any text. Sharing a document is now secured by a PDF access password.

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4. Adobe Scan

This is another document scanner software that can scan anything to PDF. Saving scans as JPEG is also available. Clean up imperfections and reuse forms. You can find scans or content with an intelligent search option.

5. EverNote

Taking notes is a daily task for College students. This application works on any device and helps you to stay on top of daily tasks. It will be fun to see everything in one place. Now you can add sketches, photos, and recorded audios to your notes. Evernote is a simple and time-saver application.

6. Babylon Translator

This one is your virtual translator. Whenever you are having trouble understanding other languages, Babylon Translator is always there. It can work offline. A simple 3 step working process makes it fun. Just copy, paste, and select language.

7. MyHomework Student Planner

The name defines everything about this app. This one is your planner for any task. You may forget but the MyHomework student planner helps to remind all your upcoming works. The Widgets help to access your assignment quickly. 60+ themes are available for customization.

8. Mathway

Got a math problem? Ask Mathway. Just take a picture of your math. Through step-by-step explanations get detailed answers instantly. There are options to choose from multiple subjects like Calculus, Statistics, Linear Algebra, etc. Solving maths is now as simple as that.

9. Simple Mind

If you want to structure your thoughts then Simple Mind is the exact application for you. Mind mapping is easy now. It helps you to build layouts for your thoughts. Arrange them top to bottom like a tree. Organize your plans in one app. There is a lite and a premium version of this app. Choose the best one for you.

10. TED

3000+ inspiring talks made TED very special for College students. Discover new topics and playlists. Just log in to sync across devices. A huge collection of podcasts are waiting for you. Dual subtitles system is included to learn a new language. You can also download and listen offline.

11. Quizlet

Using fun games and tools to study is amazing. This app helps you to learn with Flashcards, Games, and Study tools. You can create your own Flashcard sets. Easily test your knowledge with various practice exams. Endless topics are waiting for you in Quizlet.

12. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammar mistakes are common in students. If you are one of them then just download Grammarly keyboard. It helps to fix spellings and provide writing suggestions in all your apps. You can find synonyms and reduce wordiness while writing. This app is one of the most useful tools for students.

13. Skype

Everyone knows Skype is a social networking app. But some features in skype are very helpful for students. Screen Sharing is one of those. Now you can communicate through video calls, share your screen and learn alongside.

14. My Student Life

This is a Schedule manager app. Organizing class routines is now easier and more fun. This app uses a slightly simple user interface for better understanding.  My Student life is free. You can use it while offline.

15.  Asana

Do you want to track your team’s project? Asana is a kind of Work manager software. It lets you know what needs to get done today and get updates on the work you follow. You can add tasks, reminders, and ideas quickly. For the best outcome, it includes a board that can visualize your works.

16. Pocket

Now it’s time to find your focus. Pocket is an offline application that is well organized with quality articles for curious minds. A large collection of academic articles made this one of the best apps for college students.

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17. Google Docs and Translate

Whenever we get stuck on something, the first thing we do is Google it. Google Docs comes with all necessary document editing tools.

If you ask me which one is the master translator software then I will recommend Google translate. We know Google is always the best in the business. As you are a learner and always curious about something new, You will always find Google serving the best.

18. Prezi Viewer

Presentation is really important for every college student. Enjoy the same smooth rendering as your computer. You can access and view all your presentations online or offline. Sharing presentations is also easy by Prezi. This one is a small bundle with a lot of uses.

Final Words

As a college student, There is no doubt that your main focus should be studying. Now you are in the most precious time of your life with tons of career options.

Thanks to our advanced technology which is digitalizing the world every moment. Our academic system is also getting familiar with new technologies. That’s why we have so many options to choose from. It’s your time to take advantage.

All of these above apps might not be built for educational purposes but by proper use, you can get the best out of them. So be smart, be productive. Feel free to choose your favorite one from the best apps for college students.

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