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Powerful And 100% Proven Tricks On Android Battery Life

Currently, we are all using smartphones. And why not use it! Is there any way to ask such a question? I don’t think so. Because the focus of smartphones behind our daily lives makes it easier.

Android phones have many settings, applications, large display, location tracker, high networking system, camera and so on-all these are very necessary.

But do you understand the most important thing to keep this running? You must be thinking about battery performance, right? Yes, battery life is the most important part to keep this running.

It’s possible to increase the performance of the battery much more than normal,

if some precautions are followed.

Below are some of the most powerful and 100% proven tricks on android battery life tips that will help increase battery performance:

  • Auto-Brightness On
  • Turn Off GPS
  • Turn Of Google Assistant
  • Turn Off Auto Wifi
  • Background Manage For Applications
  • Limitation Of Background running Apps
  • Disable Screen Pixel
  • Arrange Home Screen
  • Power Saving Mode
  • Hide Notifications
  • Unnecessary Account

If these things are followed, the performance will be much better than before.

Now I am going to describe these so that you can do things easily.

Auto-Brightness on

Auto brightness will greatly increase your battery performance. Because auto-brightness works with the help of a sensor to increase and decrease the brightness according to the light.

So light will appear as needed to the light, As a result, you don’t have to spend the more display time you had.

Turn Off GPS

GPS antenna is a very necessary option. But it loses so much power from the battery. So you have to use it according to your need, you can save a lot of power.

But yes there are many offline maps through which you can do the work you need. And you will get these free

Turn Off Google Assistant

Google Assistant takes our voice and works according to our voice, working like humans. Do you always need Google Assistant? I don’t think so. But it’s always losing your battery power.

If you disable it and use it according to your need then reduce power from the battery. So, disable it now to save your battery power.

Turn off Auto Wifi

Wifi is a wireless connection. Through which the internet is run by connecting mobile to router. You can transfer data if you want by using it.

But it loses lots of battery so it should work on when needed and not just on.

So turning off wifi will save you a lot of battery power.

Background Manage for Applications

Did you know that apps always have access to the data on your mobile? And it also loses a lot of battery power.

So if you give data access to each app according to your needs. Then will stop additional data access and save lots of battery power.

Limitation of Background running Apps

Limitation of background running apps is the main part of the most powerful and 100% proven tricks on android battery life tips.

There are many applications in the Android operating system that are running in the background, not all apps need to run inside but are running. At the same time, a lot of power is being lost.

So it can be managed as per the need, then the speed of the mobile and the battery will be saved a lot. So adjust the background access according to your needs.

Disable Screen Pixel

Pixel control can be done manually through gradient management. If someone feels bad about any color, they can stop it. It also saves battery power.

Home Screen Arrangement

The home screen arrangement is an important issue for all. Because we use a lot of extra apps and live themes on the home screen. Which consumes more battery than this work but you don’t realize.

So just keep the necessary apps and turn off the live wallpaper. Another thing to say is that black wallpaper will save a lot of battery for your mobile.

Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode is the most important part of our need when you go somewhere far away or there comes a moment when the power is very much needed from other things. Keep the power-saving mode on and you will get back up.

Hide Notifications

If you need a good backup of your battery, turn off all notifications. Because we use many types of apps that constantly give notifications, it wastes lots of power. After turning it off, you will see that the battery is becoming much more efficient.

Unnecessary Accounts

We use many types of accounts, most of them are unnecessary on the phone but we don’t understand what will happen next.

These accounts also lose battery power. Because they always have backups of data and are always active.

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Currently, there are many Android users and it’s increasing day by day and lots of applications are also used. There are many reasons that the battery must always be active. If the battery is more active, then power will be lost quickly, this is normal.

So battery life is a common frustrating thing for Android users. We don’t know many reasons why our battery always loses power. But it’s possible to get rid of this problem by paying attention to a few things. And the solutions are given above if you read well you can fix everything yourself.

So follow the most powerful and 100% proven tricks on android battery life tips. I hope you can fully satisfy your battery performance.

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