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4 Missing Features that iPhone 13 didn’t add!

We know you were excited about the last September 14 Apple event. Apple launched their upgraded iPhone 13 lineup and a new generation of Apple watches. As it just finished, we know all the new added features of the latest iPhone. If you think that was the best Apple could do, then this blog is for you.

Yes, we have reasonable points to prove you wrong. Though for a group of people it was a huge improvement, we think that’s not enough. Today’s technology has reached so far. We have seen massive hardware setups with mind-blowing offerings from other smartphone manufacturers.

That’s why experts have doubts about this recent upgrade. No one is saying it is bad but we expect more from Apple. So today’s discussion is about the features that iPhone 13 didn’t add. Let’s briefly get into the topic.

4 important features that you will not find in iPhone 13:

Indeed, Apple always brings bleeding-edge techs. Every past iPhone was beyond their age. They were surprisingly advanced. That is the main reason people are crazy about every Apple launch. The same thing happened this year when they announced the September 14 event.

The iPhone 13 lineup actually comes with some decent changes that were necessary to keep them in the headline. It got a slightly better camera optimization and a powerful processor inside. The display department also got high-end specs and you can not forget about the improved battery capacity.

Although that seems a lot, the reality is harsh. We did not mean to hurt the Apple lover inside you. But you will also agree with us after sensing the facts. Let’s talk about it one by one.

1. More Powerful Battery

The battery and charging section of an iPhone has always been questioned by users. If you are an iPhone user, you should also agree with us. Take a look at the last few iPhone models. All of them contain batteries that are less than 4000mAh.

However, they perform well for better optimization. But in the competitive market, every flagship smartphone comes with a larger battery that reaches up to 6000mAh. With iPhone 13 Apple tried to improve a bit but there is a huge gap. The battery should be more powerful than the new iPhone offers.

2. Fast -Charging

Let’s talk about its charging technology. Nowadays you will not find any flagship less than 30-watt fast charging technology. This number is too small in a real market. The mid-range smartphones got 65watt fast charging support. But Xiaomi took it further with their latest flagship.

It can charge on 120 watts and takes less than 30 minutes to charge the phone fully. So how does Apple’s 20-watt fast charging support look in comparison? Tiny, right? They didn’t even care to increase this number in their latest iPhone 13 lineup which is quite disappointing for Apple fans. It could be a reasonable awareness.

Faster charging can damage battery cells and that happens slowly. It also increases the battery temperature which can be solved by cooling technology. Above all the advantages are superior. That’s why other manufacturers offer it. So sticking on the 20-watt fast charging seems old-fashioned for a top-class smartphone.

3. Camera Hardware

This new iPhone 13 lineup holds the regular 12 Megapixel camera hardware. The trend started from the iPhone 6s plus. Undoubtedly they can capture amazing pictures. iPhone cameras are one of the best you will find in the market. While the Megapixels rate is the same, iPhone 13 got major improvement in the camera section.

The optimization is noticeable, but there are some limitations of this 12 Megapixel hardware setup. You will rarely find a smartphone with less than a 20-megapixel camera these days. Their main competitor Samsung just added 108 MP hardware in their flagship phones.

Every smartphone manufacturer started focusing on high-end camera hardware a few years back. It is really disappointing when a 1000$ iPhone can not take 8K videos. A midrange smartphone can do it. You need at least 33 MP hardware to record in actual 8K.

If Apple can make it possible with 12 MP, that would be only software-dependent. That is not the proper way. So Apple should think about it for their next upgrade.

4. Notch

An iPhone X or later can be identified by its abnormal notch. Without iPhones, you will not find any device releasing presently with a rectangular notch. Since the bezels and notches look annoying, every smartphone brand tried to wipe them out.

Some of them came with pretty good ideas and replaced the notches with punch holes or v/u-shaped dot notches. However recently smartphones are getting under-display cameras. This is the latest tech which is so advanced that makes the camera invisible and keeps it hidden under the display.

Xiaomi, Samsung, and some other companies already launched their phones with this technology. Here the iPhones are still struggling to deal with this big notch. We know the Apple notches contain some important features like FaceID. That is the reason they can not completely cut it off.

However, in iPhone 13 they made the notch 20% smaller. Which is still large but we are glad to see they are working on it. So we can hope for a notch-less iPhone probably in the next

We have seen how Apple’s futuristic devices changed the world. Over the years it built a different fan base who are kind of addicted to Apple devices. If you are used to the Apple ecosystem, you can not get rid of it, and why not? Their products, services, and offerings are undefeatable.

That is the reason we expect more from Apple. If you want to switch to the new iPhone 13, you go for it. But in my opinion, switching from the very last model would not be too effective. Even though the changes are little, every deal Apple offers are remarkable.

Bill Thamas
Bill Thamas is a gaming freak. He is always into different kinds of games. He started his career as a tier 1 PUBG player and won many competitive tournaments. It has been a while since he started writing gaming-related content for Techalrm. His interests in different kinds of games keep him always aware of the updated and upcoming games. As a member of the gamer’s community, he gets the review and bug updates regularly. However, he is a game reviewer himself.

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