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5 Best Internet Browser of 2022 Free Download & Use

In this world of tech, there are thousands of browsers. In some way, most of them are good. So, the questions should not be what is the best browser. Rather it should be which one is right for you. 

Browsers are one of the most-used components of modern life. Because modern life is all about exploration, and this exploration is possible through these browsers. Every day we use our devices to search for whatever we want to explore. Most of the time, we use our regular or pre-installed internet browsers. But ever though, are they right for you or not? 

Well,  If we have the proper knowledge of the browser, how it’s functioning, what features it has, what security it provides, etc., then it will be easier for us to choose our favorite browser.

A browser is basically a software application for accessing information on the internet. Most of us think browsers and search engines are the same. But a browser and a search engine are not the same. A search engine just provides links to other websites while a browser connects to the web server and displays the web pages to the users.

In terms of technology, web browsers are evolving, improving, and expanding their capabilities. Web browsers contain hyperlinks to other resources. Moreover, each link contains a URL, and when we click on the link, the browser starts to work. It navigates the sources. 

Browsers also save all the information about your activity on the internet, sites you’ve visited earlier, and help you experience the internet world easier, faster, and in a convenient way. Now, let’s find out why we need to find the best browser for us? 

Almost all the browsers do the same work but still, the question remains, why should we need to think about what browser is best?

Most of our days, we spend on our browser, either working, studying, or playing games. It is the most used application on our devices, so it is necessary to understand which browser will serve the best according to our needs.

Speed, privacy, and security are the main two factors we should consider while choosing our browser.

That is why The best  Internet browser comes with the best performance in terms of speed, safety, design, customization, and many other factors. Now let’s expose some of the best internet browsers in 2021,

Which browsers are the best ones?

To answer, first, let’s name a few popular browsers.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox Mozilla
  3. Microsoft Edge
  4. Opera
  5. Vivaldi
  6. Others (Apple Safari, Brave, Tor, etc.)

Now, let’s find out 5 of these most popular browser features. Because it will help you to choose which one shoots you the best. 

1. Google Chrome:

According to the number of users, the most famous browser is Chrome. It has s minimalist design, strong integration. Everyone loves it because it can be easily used in every device we have in our house. Most android users use this as their default browser.

Now let’s find out the reasons behind its popularity.

– Elegant design.

– Robust feature.

– Full google account integration.

– Speedy performance.

– Expandability.

– Incredible stability.

– Intuitive to use.

– Incomparable developer tools.

– Augmentative Extension system.

– Supports add a blocking system.

As Google runs Chrome, and everything is interconnected through a google account, this browser makes all of your transition seamless. In a word, it works like a breeze browsing between multiple devices.

Moreover, you can add any extensions to it and customize your browsing experiences. Its landmark on security is splendid as Google is placing massive emphasis on HTTPS to keep It safer and more secure from hackers.

 Nothing is flawless. Our crowned chrome browser has some flaws too. Let’s take a look at the downsides:

– It has enormous hunger for RAM, results in chunking on slower and older devices.

– It demands cogent resources.

– Ambiguous privacy, as it’s google.

While using numerous tabs on your device, your device will slow down as chrome takes too much RAM. Another big concern is privacy. Because Google keeps records of everything you are doing, and google has allegations of selling its user’s personal data to marketers. 

2. Firefox Browser: a substitute for Google Chrome

After chrome, the first browser name that comes up is firefox Mozilla. This once was the first choice of many users. But it lagged behind the past few years because of Google’s aggressive approach. But now Mozilla is keeping up with the updated world and meeting its demand.

Let’s move to the amazing features it has or its strengths:

– Less hunger for resources.

– Marvelously flexible.

– Strong security system.

– Great support for extensions.

– Open-source software.

– Anti-tracker support.

– Improved readability.

– Mobilized breach alerts.

Ain’t they amazing? Firefox has become so popular in recent days because of its fastest browsing capability. You can run dozens of tabs without slowing down a bit. Among many security features, this browser gives password-less login, two-factor authentication, and adds blocking features.

 However, it is open-sourced software, and Mozilla is a non-profit company, which means anyone can work on it. So, it has very few resources to fight google. But it has a big contributor community. They are working hard to make Firefox’s experience better for users. 

But, what are the downfalls of it?

– Few extensions compared to chrome.

– Very poor update history. 

Firebox can become anyone’s favorite, but with all the poor update history and less expansive criteria, it may take much time to beat chrome and be on the top. But it’s updating problem does not pose any threat to users. So, if you are not a heavyweight user, this might be your best choice. 

3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft developed this browser for Windows 10. At first, it turned out to be a failure. After that, Microsoft updated Edge with an open-source Chromium web browser engine. Then the real magic happened. 

It is the fastest browser for windows 10, with great similarity to chrome. It does not consume too much of your computer. With updated features, let’s sneak through some of its pros:

– Very fast, actually fastest on the market.

– Privacy tools clear as crystals

– Saves sites as apps.

– Support all chrome extensions.

– Ad Blocker on

– Supports Android, IOS, macOS, Linux

With lots of customized features and the fastest browsing capability, Edge has a brighter future more than any other browser in the market.

Now for the downsides, its design is not as good as other popular browsers, and it can be intrusive to many users. If these can be overcome, then it is going to be the best browser of all.

If aesthetics do not matter to you, this might be the browser you are looking for. 

4. Opera mini: the turbo browser 

It is an astonishing fact that the Opera browser has incredible features in comparison to its popularity. It is very famous for its turbo feature when we search on it, it compresses data so that the pages can load more swiftly.
It’s built on the same base as chrome. That is Google’s open-source Chromium engine. As a result, they act and work in a very similar way.
With some very interesting features like flow ( which helps you come back to the thing you spotted) and speedy browsing, this browser is best for mobile users, especially for monthly data caps.

Pros of Opera:

– Opera turbo allows faster loads in the slowest connection and limits data usage.

– Built-in proxy.

– Very fine interface.

– Free built-in VPN.

– Incredible security features.

– Reduces online tracking.

– Shields browsing.

– Beautiful, sleek design.

With so many likable features, it has some downsides too;

– Very few extensions in comparison to other browsers.

– One great feature is missing, which is device-to-device synchronization.

Outside of a few cons, Opera can be your best friend during your web browsing. It will help you to have a smooth and happy experience.

5. Vivaldi Browser Review

Vivaldi is truly supreme. This is a super self-customized browser. After installation, the browser will give you every chance to select its features the way you want and optimize as you want.

You can use this as an extension to chrome, then customize it as your choice and enjoy its fast service.

Several tabs can be stacked on top of another, and all the chrome extensions can be easily used in this browser. Two different users of Vivaldi have two different customized setups.

However, this interesting, unique browser has some disadvantages.

– Speed, not noticeably fast.

– Numerous customized features make navigation very hard.

– Need to overcome some learning curve.

Vivaldi can be very fun to use, but not everyone is capable of understanding its customization services and making it right to the point.

Now, let’s look at some statistics on the usage of the browsers. It will help you to understand and choose the best ones for you.


Stat counter October 2021









Samsung Internet












Figure: usage share of all browsers. Figure Source: Wikipedia

Finally, we can say all the browsers are designed for our benefit. But it is our work to choose the right one according to the services we most crave for. Remember to choose the most secure browser, always. Because it will help you to protect your online security. 

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