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Android 12.1, All-New Features Everything You Need To Know

If you have enough interest in Android updates, you may know that the Android 12 beta was released earlier this year. If you are not a developer or tester, you may not have got this update. Android 12 is not officially released. Are you wondering how we have come with Android 12.1?

Android 12.1 can be released soon after Android 12. It is being rumored that Android 12 will release in October 2021. But the 12.1 is special. Most probably Google will release it with their latest Pixel lineup. They did it with their old Pixel phones. So it can be possible that the 12.1 version can be pre-installed on their own phones.

It’s time to enlighten you about the amazing features of Android 12.1. Tons of surprises are waiting for you. So you should not miss it.

All confirmed features of Android 12.1 that will change your Android experience

Perhaps Android 12 is one of the biggest updates. It changes the overall UI design. You are going to get it soon. All top smartphone brands are almost ready to launch their self-built UI based on Android 12. For example, we can say about the Oxygen OS 12, One UI 4, Colour OS 12, and MiUi 13. You are going to see them soon by the end of this year.

Android 12.1 follows the characteristics of Android 12. But it will carry some further improvements. Let’s talk about them.

❖  Optimization for foldable phones

Older Android operating systems did great with foldable phones. The OS worked fine. But without Android 12 no other version was built caring about foldable phones. Trustable mediums reported that Android 12.1 will mostly focus on folding devices. Google has done some major optimization for these phones.

A rumor has been on the air for a long time about Google’s own foldable phones. As recently a craze of foldable devices is going on, it is very sure that Google can announce it soon. If they do not make it too late, You will see Android 12.1 on that device. Other foldable Android phones will get this update soon after it releases.

The apps that do not support every screen size will open in a letterbox on foldable phones. In Settings, You will see a dual-screen manager option. Moreover, there will be an API available for developers that is able to change the API level of Android.

Material You design

The next-gen Material You design will continue in Android 12.1. We saw this feature in Android Oreo almost 4 years ago. Google discontinued it with their very next update. But this time they included it in Android 12. It is confirmed that you are going to see it on Android 12.1.

It will change the overall look of your phone. Material You is designed for different devices. You can set it up for your foldable phones. Various colors are available and you can set the one you like. This unique feature is not only limited to the UI but you can experience it in other apps also.

You will see a new and personal touch in every corner of your phone. Perhaps Material You can be an exclusive feature of new Pixel devices. But surely Android 12.1 will carry it. So the implementation of this feature on other devices will continue after a while.

New looks of the notification bar

Over the years the same style of the Android notification bar bored us. Google listened to us. They reshaped and redesigned it with new icons and animations. You will see a completely new design. We have wanted this for a long time. In Android 12.1 the icons will be large enough to avoid ghost touch. You will be able to access more options from there.

Privacy and Security updates

Android 12.1 contains powerful privacy features that will give you full control of the device. Privacy Dashboard is going to be a new option in the Settings menu. It will manage the allowed permissions of every app. This most important additional option will show you the camera and microphone usage of each app within the last 24 hours.

It will also indicate with a green icon if an app uses the microphone or camera in the background. This concept came from iOS which is very effective and useful. It will keep you safe from suspicious activities.

Scrolling Screenshot option

Scrolling Screenshot helps to take long screenshots. Android has supported this feature for a long time. You had to use third-party apps for this. But now Android 12.1 is natively implemented with the Scrolling Screenshot option.

Other little updates of Android 12.1

Android 12.1 will change the view of your phone. You will even struggle to notice some major improvements like blinking dots while the proximity sensor is in use. Fingerprint detecting animation is changed for the under-display sensor. An arrow-shaped indicator is designed to indicate a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Google is putting an audio Spatializer that will work like Dolby Atmos in Android 12.1. It will give you outstanding stereo sound. The one you must notice is dynamic colors in boot animation. It will let you observe the updating percentage.

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Final words

Honestly, no matter how much you study the new features of android 12.1, you can never find out the actual changes without using it. As the release date of Android 12.1 is not officially announced, our feature information can vary from the real OS. That would not be a big deal cause most of the above-included features are almost confirmed.

If Google makes changes in their plan, we will try to inform you soon after. Till then we are waiting for the Beta version of Android 12.1. You will never know what Google is planning. They can launch Android 13 instead of 12.1 by just renaming it. That will not be a surprise. All we can do is just wait for it.

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