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Best PDF Reader Apps For Android Devices In 2021

Are you looking for the best PDF reader application for your android smartphone? If yes then let us assist you to get the best one.

Actually, there are two main types of uses of PDF files. You can use it for business-related cases or you are just a reader and love to read eBooks’.

There are lots of PDF reader and manager apps out there. For business or professional purposes you need to get the premium ones. In another case, if you are just a reader then you should go for a compact PDF reader.

We have picked some of the best PDF reader apps considering different types of uses. So you must choose the one which will fulfill all your requirements.

Some of the best PDF reader apps are included below:

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator)

This is the world’s most trusted PDF viewer. More than 635 million people installed it. You can store your files online, read PDF files anywhere. This application contains a free PDF reader and a rich file manager. Every kind of PDF tool is included in this software.

You can read PDFs easily, view and print them. There is a Liquid mode which you will find very useful. You can use this mode for quick navigation. Searching any word in your file is available. You can easily add notes, comments, and sticky notes.

Another good feature is the image adding system. So after finishing your works you just need to share them, right? Don’t worry, you can easily share them with this app. This application is free but there are some advanced tools you can purchase if you want.

2. PDF Viewer Pro

This one allows you to easily open any PDF file from any source. It has 12 beautifully crafted themes that are ready to use. You can choose your favorite one and start playing with your PDF files. PDF viewer pro will maximize your productivity with its beautiful interface and all necessary tools.

This application allows you to view, edit and create documents. While reviewing a document you can Annotate JPEGs and PNGs and share the editable images with anyone. 500k+ downloads made this app trustworthy. This app is free but you need to subscribe to unlock all its features.

3. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

With Xodo you can read, edit, sign, annotate and share any PDF files. The reading mode on Xodo will blow your mind. Another useful option is Dark mode. So now your eyes are protected. The navigation system is very smooth and comfortable.

You can use your phone camera to scan any page and convert it into PDF. Do you want to draw something on your document? This app allows drawing over PDFs. It is free to download but you can purchase advanced tools in the app. This is why over 10 million people downloaded Xodo.

4. Foxit PDF Editor

If you want to scan documents on the go and generate HD PDF files then Foxit is the one for you. This app provides a good reading experience and rich annotations. Freely edit any PDF files. You can also manage PDF documents quickly.

Filling and signing forms are easy tasks when you have a Foxit PDF Editor. This app is able to create a customized toolset. More than 5 million downloads and totally free to use.

5. Soda PDF Merge

You can simply choose the files you want to merge, download them to your device and open through this app. This app supports all formats. Any files can be converted to PDF. Also, you can take different files and set them as a single document.

Here you can rearrange the order of files. Useful features like scanning, editing, sharing are available in this app. Totally free app with 50K+ downloads.

6. Mu PDF Mini

Larger is not always better and Mu PDF proves that. People love this app so much because of its compact size. This application focuses on reading only. You can not edit documents in it but there is another version that is heavier and supports editing tools.

A large group of people love this kind of lite app for just reading purposes. So where the full version stands on only 10k+ downloads, this little one is downloaded over 100k times.

7. WPS Office

If you are looking for all-in-one support in any app then this one’s for you. WPS Office is compatible with Microsoft Office for PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Form, and Note. This application works as a professional word processor.

Let this app handle all your documents. Through this app, you can process documents in multiple formats. Scanning, viewing, and editing are included. You can create a memo on your device. Powerful cloud storage secures all your data.

A long list of tools made this app so special that over 100 million people downloaded this app.

8. All PDF

You will love to see the user interface of this app. Everything is well organized. You can list PDFs with covers. 13+ PDF tools will help to get your every task done. Discover all PDFs on one page. Another useful option is night mode which is most preferable in dark environments.

This is a fully loaded and well-organized app with all the necessary tools for PDF files. All PDFs are trusted by more than 1 million people.

9. Office Suite

Remember Office Suite? You might have seen it on your very first android device. Now developers have upgraded this software with advanced PDF management tools like PDF doc reader, PDF file editor, PDF documents filler, enhanced security, and permissions management.

Office Suite also comes with a premium version. 100 million-plus downloads made it one of the best PDF reader apps for android.

Final Verdict

The world is changing every day. So we are getting familiar with these changes and always ready to accept new technology.

Everyone is carrying a smartphone now. We have seen that mobile phone apps are handy and reliable. That’s why people love to use mobile apps. Paper documents and books are always important for us. For this reason, a PDF reader app is very important.

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Hopefully, now you can pick the proper PDF reader app for your android smartphone. Though all of them are PDF reader apps, they offer unique features for targeted users. Personally, for just reading I would prefer the lite versions. It’s your time to choose the best one.

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