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Android Games Will Be Available On Windows In 2022: Awesome!

Finally, Android games will be available on Windows 10 and 11. Yeah, Google is going to bring good news for game lovers. Even though it has been heard for a long time. Finally, Google has announced that an app like Google Play will be released for Windows 10 and 11.

This app will help the user to play android games on PC. We must say, the interesting thing is that not only will the Android game be played on the PC, but also users will be able to switch the current condition of the game from PC to Phone or from phone to PC.

This service will have to access Google’s own App Store instead of wifi or cloud connection. As a result, users will be able to install games directly on Windows devices.

However, it’s going to be a native application controlled by Google. Which for the first time will make an environment to use Android games directly in Windows 10.

Although currently Android apps and games on Windows 11 can be installed through the Amazon Playstore. But in that case, users are getting the benefit of 50 apps, these may not be synced with other devices.

But unofficially, users have been playing Android games on Windows 10 for a long time. In that case, different types of emulators had to be used.

android games

However, I hope the statement that “Android games will be available on Windows service” is going to be a great benefit for all Android and Windows users. Google has confirmed that the service will be released in 2022.

Still, it is not clear how many applications or games will be allowed to be installed in the initial stage. But supporting all games and apps in the first place can be very challenging.

Today, almost everyone has more than one device, so this service from Google will be able to create a more comfortable environment for users to use more than one device. However, we need more time to get a complete idea about this service.

Bill Thamas
Bill Thamas is a gaming freak. He is always into different kinds of games. He started his career as a tier 1 PUBG player and won many competitive tournaments. It has been a while since he started writing gaming-related content for Techalrm. His interests in different kinds of games keep him always aware of the updated and upcoming games. As a member of the gamer’s community, he gets the review and bug updates regularly. However, he is a game reviewer himself.

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