New Smart Toothbrushes Are Coming From Oral-B

new oral b samrt toothbrush

A set of new smart toothbrushes are coming from Oral-B. Technically, Smart Toothbrushes are not something new. The first electric toothbrush was invented way before you can imagine. That was in the 1960s. But there are some differences between electric toothbrushes and smart toothbrushes.

Just like older feature phones and smartphones. Honestly, at first, smart toothbrushes seemed an unnecessary product. Over time it is getting people’s interest. The new model is known as iO 10. It comes with a couple of super cool features.

The key feature is real-time oral health coaching. That’s built into the bottom base of the toothbrush. It helps to monitor your total oral health. There are some essential sensors built-in. It can measure pressure, brushing time, and data. These data will directly be sent to your iPhone wirelessly.

So you don’t need to carry your phone while brushing. The Oral-B mobile app is so good at processing those data and provides a full report. The toothbrush itself can indicate various situations. When you brush hard, you will see a red light. It also signals with a green light when you are brushing perfectly.

The specialty of this toothbrush is personalization. You can select from seven different moods according to your needs. They are named as sensitive, super sensitive, daily clean, intense, gum care, whiten, and tongue clean.

Overall it’s an amazing product. The price is not revealed yet. But seeing its ancestors we can conceive the price should be around $200 to $300. Pre-registration is available. That means as soon as it releases, you’ll get a quick notification.

You should also know about iO10’s younger brothers. They are named iO4 and iO5. Both of them work on the same technology but have fewer features than the big one. 

However, iO4 and iO5 are going to be affordable. Presumably, they could cost around $100. So, not just one, three new smart toothbrushes are coming from Oral-B. Get ready to grab your favorite one to experience how brushing can be fun.



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