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The Best Free Video Chat Apps Of 2021

Video chat apps have become the best solution for the face-to-face association during this pandemic. These are currently the best free video chat apps 

  1. Zoom
  2. Google Meet
  3. Skype
  4. Google Duo
  5. Microsoft Teams

In this article, I will discuss all these free video chat apps in detail.

COVID-19 has hit us hard. All of our lives have been affected by it. Due to social distancing measures, policymakers set boundaries for the workplace, family gatherings, meetings, and education. Yet, these essential meetings must go on. So, the best solution is to use a video chat app. 

Video apps are great for meetings and virtual gatherings. It has made communication easy and efficient all over the world. Moreover, the world is going through an economic crisis too. So, looking for a free video chat app is a smart diction. But which one to use?  

Well, Don’t worry. I have researched and picked five of them based on unique features, best service, easy usability. So, stay tuned to know which one fits your preferences. 

5 best Video Chat App  

Google Meet

Google meet was not available for once; it was only for educators who paid for it to use. This app provides very secure video conferencing in a very simple way.

If you have a google account, then this app is a must-try for you to enjoy simple video chatting with your friends, family, and colleagues.


  •   Directly usable from Gmail.
  •   A separate app.
  •   Strong security service.
  •   Allowance of 100 participants with 60 minutes duration.
  •   Has noise cancellation features.


  •   Needs more seamless integration regarding screen sharing.


Skype is an ancient app in the video chatting app era. It’s been there since 2013 and still holds against all the newcomers in terms of 1:1 communication or small group calls. 

Skype is very popular for its intensive design, easy-to-use interface, and strong, secure encryption. It allows up to 50 participants to provide screen sharing, texting, audio calls, and no time limits.

You can use this app directly from an internet browser without signing up and invite people who also do not have an account.


  •   Very comfortable to use.
  •   Unique design with smooth interface.
  •   Can actually blur the background if you use the app.
  •   Supports instant messaging, audio calls, screen sharing, etc.
  •   Record calls for up to 30 days.
  •   Fifty participants allowance at a time with no time limit.
  •   Available on almost every platform.


  •   Strong internet connection needed for skype.

Zoom Free

Zoom meeting app is probably the most popular video-chatting app for its easy usability and simple interface. This is a cloud-based video conferencing and widely used app that allows up to 1000 participants and 49 videos at a time. 

The free version has major drawbacks, such as a 40 minutes session for 100 participants for one meeting. Zoom was mostly popular for business users, but it became more popular among non-business users during corona time.


  •   Very easy-to-use interface.
  •   Allows 100 participants for a 40 minutes session.
  •   Allows unlimited meetings.
  •   One can arrange meetings directly from the app.
  •   Supports Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Web.
  •   Unlimited plans for 1:1 meetings.
  •   Great features like screen sharing and recording the session.


  •   The only drawback about zoom is its security issues like encryption and other lackings.

If you are not doing any top-secret meetings, then by using a simple security password, you can easily enjoy a free zoom app for unlimited meeting plans.

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Google duo

Google has another great video chat app named google duo. It allows 12 participants at a time, all having the duo app. It is built for mobile users to enjoy the simplest video-chatting experiences.


  •   Strong security with end-to-end encryption.
  •   Call recording feature.
  •   Allows 12 participants and no time limits.
  •   You can reach the people on your contact list using google duo easily.
  •   An interesting feature like knock-knock allows you to seller’s ee a live video before receiving the call.
  •   Supports iOS and Androids.


Every participant in the group call must have to be a Duo user.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams was built first for business users, but now they made a free personal version for non-business users. This app has no better competitor when it comes to PowerPoint presentations or collaborating Word or Excel documents.

It allows up to 250 people for audio calling, video sharing, instant messaging. You just have to open a Microsoft account to enjoy the organized app.


  •   End-to-end encryption.
  •   Allows 250 people in a meeting.
  •   Supports Powerpoint presentation, word file, excel documents.
  •   You can text chat, including pictures or audio files.
  •   Easy screen sharing, file sharing, call recordings.


  • If you do not want to use microsoft365 or have an issue running it, this app is not for you.

Best video chatting app for Android:

Best Free Video Chat Apps

If you want to use some particular apps or Android users, then there is a list of some best Android video chat apps.

Whatsapp: This app is great for international calls. If you have a good internet connection, you can call anyone from any part of the world.

Facebook Messenger: Facebook messenger is very trendy among android users. It’s very easy if you have a Facebook account, you can also use this if you don’t have an account. Good quality video calls and simple features make this very popular.

Viber: Another popular app that supports android, iOS, Apple, Blackberry, Windows. This app is in the google play store and has come up with many upgraded features.

Facetime: it is the best video chatting app for Apple users. It supports iPad,iPhone, and mac. Very easy to use and allows up to 32 people in one call.

Hangouts: very easy and smooth video chatting apps for android users with a google account. It supports text, GIFs, emojis, etc.

Other apps described above can also be used on your android. Among many video chat apps, these are the best free ones that you must try and rank the best one based on your experience.

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