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The 5 best free VPN for Android in 2022

These are the 5 best free VPN for Android 

  1. Hotspot Shield Free VPN
  2. TunnelBear
  3. ProtonVPN Free
  4. Hide.me
  5. Windscribe

In this article, you will find all of these VPNs that are safe, and how to use them, what are their limitations, etc.

With Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can keep your information and online activities private and secure. VPN makes sure that no eyes are watching over your online activities.

Is using a free VPN safe? Well, not all the time, as there are many providers who will sell your personal data and browsing history to the highest bidder. 

No one wants to give their personal data and information to Big Companies. While using VPN for secure data transfer and browsing such as online payment, bank transfer, etc, it may cause you more trouble if not using it in the proper way.

People opt for free VPN services but it will be very wise and safe to spend a little amount per month on a secure server network.

However, after long research along with some limitations, I choose the best 5 free VPN providers for you that are trustworthy and of acceptable quality.

Fastest free VPN for Android:

best free VPN for Android

Hotspot Shield Free VPN

There are some features that make it the best VPN for android. Hotspot Shield allows 500MB per day or 15 GB per month without your card details. It may seem very restrictive but compared to other competitors.

Concerning safety, Hotspot provides ‘military-grade-encryption’ and ‘no log policy’ which leads to secure bank transfers and protected emails. 

Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of Hotspot Shield.


    • 500 MB per day or around 15 GB per month data allowance.
    • Automatic server selection.
    • No-logging policy.
    • Very easy-to-use.
    • Premium security.
    • High speed.
    • 256-bit encryption.


    • Supports ad.
    • Limited data.
    • Fiddly settings.

If you are fine with some ads popping up on your phone, then Hotspot is the best free VPN option for your android.


It is another good free VPN option for you. Not only it has a clear, but fun interface along with a unique style but also it allows you to choose from multiple servers.

It is best for beginners as it is very simple and easy-to-use. Although it has a very limited 500 MB data usage allowance per month. This means you can only use this when you really need to secure some data.

Recently they updated their privacy policy which collects very little data on users. They have 256-bit encryption and a ‘no-logging’ policy and can be used in both android and desktop.

Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of TunnelBear;


    • Very friendly to use on android.
    • Supports torrenting and P2P.
    • GhostBear feature.
    • 256-bit encryption.
    • Both mobile and desktop (Windows, Mac, iOS) support.
    • More than 20 servers are available.
    • Beginners best friend.


    • Very limited data.
    • Limited support for free users.
    • Not many options to choose from.

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ProtonVPN Free

This is another VPN app that provides zero data restrictions. Among many competitors with limited data, proton VPN really wins first place on many consumers’ choice list.

This is very uncommon for a VPN service to allow free consumers with unlimited data, so it is a big plus. Another good thing is it supports all of your devices.

Let’s check on some pros and cons of Proton VPN Free:


    • Unlimited data throughout the month.
    • Strong privacy sector.
    • Flexible features.
    • Some free consumers may get Netflix but not all the time.


    • Limited service for free customers.
    • Speed can be a problem as it can be quite low sometimes.
    • Does not support torrent download.
    • Access to servers in only three different locations.
    • You can’t run this on multiple devices at a time.
    • No P2P supports.

The paid version of Proton VPN Free is far better than the free version, but if you don’t mind some of its limitations then the free version is fine for you.


A VPN provider perfect in both free and paid versions with 2GB of data per month. This is absolutely fine for essential uses. Hide gives you access to 5 servers and does not keep any of your information.

Very safe and secure use, made this provider very popular. Their customer service is very concise as it generates 24/7 customer service to free users also.

Let’s go through the pros and cons of Hide.me


    • Very strong privacy service.
    • Customer-friendly.
    • 2GB data per month which is more than other providers.
    • No adverts at all.
    • Good speed.
    • Zero log VPN.
    • Allows P2P and torrenting.
    • 256-bit encryption
    • Youtube, Kodi, Spotify are unblocked.


    • Blocks Netflix.
    • Limited in only one device.

Besides some of the drawbacks, this VPN provider can beat others in many sectors, and this is highly recommended.


You can call it an all-in-all app for your android. Windscribe is the cleanest recorder app with the highest level of security measures. 

Basically, it supports all major operating systems. It provides 10 servers and a built-in ad blocker and firewall.


    • Strongly encrypted app.
    • 10GB data per month.
    • 10 servers and stores zero data about users.
    • Very friendly to use.
    • Outstanding privacy policy.
    • Ad Blocker.


    • No Netflix.
    • It can be tricky to set up.

If you are very concerned with your privacy and security then this free VPN provider is highly recommended for you.

Well, now you know some of the best free VPN for android, what services they are providing you and which one you should choose. 

best free VPN for Android

If you are looking for a VPN app based on overall performance and safety then these are some provider you must try:

  1. Hotspot Shield
  2. Windscribe
  3. Speedify

You have to be very careful using free VPN as many providers are here to steal and sell your data, even your bandwidth to other consumers. It is not easy to pick the best free VPN, but you should try some trustworthy apps as listed in this article.

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