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Can You Download a Skype Profile Picture?

Do you want to download a profile picture from Skype? You may have tried it and failed every time. Now you don’t need to worry because we are here to help. Skype is one of the most famous social networking applications. This video calling app has been around for a long time and it is very popular among a large group of people.

If you are a Skype user, you probably have noticed that Skype does not allow downloading anyone’s profile photo. You cannot even download your own profile picture. Yes, we know that’s annoying. Why will something prevent you from downloading your own photo?

Well, it is for your own privacy. Let’s take it further and find out the ways to download an avatar image from Skype.

More about downloading Skype profile picture

A few years ago, Skype was the best video calling software. With the evolution of smart technology, Skype faced huge competition. After that, it came with all new corporate-friendly features. Now let’s take it to the point. You cannot download someone’s profile photo from Skype. You just can view it.

In fact, every profile picture on Skype is locked. It is completely an automatic process. In the case of your profile picture, you will find only three options. They are Upload profile picture, View profile picture, and Remove profile picture. So, there is no option to download.

Getting disappointed? Wait, we are not finished yet. We have some tricky ideas to save any profile picture from Skype.

How to download profile pictures from Skype?

Now we are going to show you the method of getting any profile picture from Skype. It is not a process of direct downloading. But the result will be almost the same. Some people will tell you to visit the website version of Skype and you can download the image like other HTML-based sites.

This type of instruction is fake. You can open Skype from any device with any application, you are going to get the same result. Now check out our technique. It’s easy. You just have to use the print screen or screenshot feature of your device. You will not get the ultra-high-resolution image but it will surely work.

You can follow the instructions given below to get the best quality photo:

For computer:

– Open Skype on your computer

– Select and open the conversation list of the person

– Click on his avatar to open the person’s profile

– Once the profile pops up, click on the photo of the person to expand

– Maximize the window to full screen for better resolution

– Now hold the Windows button on your keyboard and press the PrtSc key alongside.

Have you seen a little blink on your screen? If yes, then you are done. Now you have to open your file explorer. You will see the screenshot folder. Inside this folder, you will find the capture of the screen with your desired photo. If you want you can crop and shape it.

There is another way to take a screenshot on your computer. You can use that technique too. Again, you have to open the picture of that person on Skype following the previously described instructions. Then search for the Snipping Tool on your Windows search box which you will find in the taskbar. Now follow the instructions given below.

– Open the Snipping Tool

– Select mode and set it to rectangular snip

– Now click on New

– Left-click and drag your pointer to cut out the desired part of the photo in a square shape.

– Save the photo

That’s all. You will find the photo in the picture folder. This time you don’t even need to crop it. That’s how you can save any profile photo from Skype.

For smartphone:

You can use any Android or iOS device to take a screenshot easily. You have to open the preferred profile picture on Skype. You can use the same method just like the PC. For an Android device, you have to hold the power button and volume down button at a time to take a screenshot of the photo.

In case you are an iOS user, you can easily press the power button and volume up button together for a screenshot. If you are using an older model of iPhone, holding together the power and home button will work. You will find the screenshots in your photo’s application.

Before taking the screenshot, you should make sure the photo covers more area on the screen. It will help to capture a better image.

Why can’t you download a profile picture from Skype?

The main reason is privacy. Locking the profile picture is considered a great feature. It may seem unnecessary for you. But people who care about their privacy never want to keep their profile photo unprotected. Anyone can download and start using it for unknown purposes.

That’s why leading social networking sites like Facebook also added this profile picture locking feature recently. They got a great response from users. So, a company like Microsoft must be researched a lot and there are obvious reasons to add this kind of feature.

Before downloading anyone’s photo, you must take permission from them. Otherwise, it violates their privacy. You should keep in mind that someone’s privacy is more important than downloading a picture because you are also a normal user.

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These days you will find tons of social communicating apps. You can get them in any operating system. Each of them is convincing us by their headlining privacy and security features. When it comes to social networking apps, people prefer their privacy over anything. Microsoft knows it well.

That is the reason they included this kind of unique security feature in Skype. The internet world is full of scammers. If someone has bad intentions, you have no idea what they can do with your single photo. It is actually unclear that how much this feature helps to protect you. But we know how little initiatives changed the world.

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