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Does Windows 10 Delete Pirated Software?

Does windows 10 delete pirated software automatically? If you have the same question, then we are here to help you. The majority of PC users prefer the Windows operating system. We know Windows is safe enough but Windows 10 is a step ahead in terms of user security.

Unlike the previous versions, it comes with a new End User License Agreement that is also known as EULA. According to this, Microsoft can choose and delete any pirated software from your device. But it’s just the headline. If you want to dig into it, you have to stick with us. Today we are going to explain how the new Microsoft Windows 10 works against pirated files.

More about How Windows 10 Treats the Pirated Software

We have already mentioned that Windows 10 has a policy to remotely delete cracked software. But the question is how effective it is. Now we are going to discuss everything about it in detail.

How Does Windows 10 Delete Cracked or Pirated Software?

If you want to install cracked software or games on your genuine Windows 10 PC, you need to know how your operating system will handle it. As soon as you try to install the cracked software, your antivirus or Windows Defender will alarm you. By the way, pirated software is also called cracked software.

Your antivirus will instantly notify you about malicious files and prevent you from installing the software. This will never happen with genuine software. In case you previously have any cracked software, your Windows defender will always detect it as malware and frequently ask you to delete it.

If you are not seeing this type of action, then you must have turned off Windows defender. We recommend you should never deactivate Windows defender when you do not have other antivirus installed. It is very effective to detect harmful files. Now let’s come to the point.

Windows can not delete any file automatically. When the defender is on, it can detect pirated and ask for your permission to delete it. In another case, the built-in defender rejects the installation request of any kind of pirated software.

That’s why whenever you attempt to install any cracked software, you need to turn off your Windows Defender or antivirus. Obviously, it is a silly decision because you are breaking the primary stage security with your own hand. Your device will be more vulnerable to viruses and other virtual threats.

If you are still not convinced and getting ready to install cracked software, then you should check the massive risk factors we have included here.

Why does Windows Eschew Pirated Software?

Windows 10 is the most updated version of Windows since 2015. People love Windows over any other Operating System for PCs. We know Linux and all other operating systems are good but Windows is more preferable for its user-friendly UI. More popularity brought more threats for Windows.

That is the reason almost any software’s crack file is available for windows. You will find some sites that contain a large number of cracked games and apps. If you legally try to purchase, some of them are really very expensive.

Have you ever thought about how and why they are providing these expensive apps totally free? If not then it’s time to realize. Now let’s talk about their working procedure. They must add some way to gain their profit. So, they make some changes in the code of the software to use it without a key.

Most of the time they load some adware to earn by showing ads. But that is just one side of the coin. You can never trust them. Sometimes they add some malware that starts running with the software. You will never know how this kind of malware acts in the background.

In the worst case, your device can be affected by ransomware. You must have heard about ransomware, right? Once you face a ransomware attack, the hacker will encrypt all your data. They will keep the decryption key and claim a large amount of money for it.

Many times they do not give the key even after payment. So if you do not want to lose your important data, you must not download pirated software. That is the reason Windows wants to keep you safe and does not allow pirated software.

Should you Use Pirated Software?

Well, let’s agree on the probability that every pirated software is not infected. As far as we know there is no way for a general user to detect whether a cracked software is infected or not. The hackers always find out new ways to hide the harmful file from your antivirus.

There are reasons we use antivirus. Your one small slip can cause irreplaceable loss. We have some other reasons. In case you are a game lover and you have installed a cracked game, your gaming progress and data can get wiped at any time which is very important for a gamer.

You can not update your cracked game because you have no support from the game developer. Your gaming ID can get banned if you are playing any online multiplayer game. So you should not use any pirated software.

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Keeping your device safe should be your concern. As the device is yours, you are the man in charge. The fact is some people tend to choose the easiest path. But sometimes the easiest path is not the safest one.

You should keep in mind that every free software is not pirated but almost every harmful pirated software is free. In case you are unable to purchase genuine software, you can go for a paid activation keyword from any trusted site. It would not be considered piracy and will also save some of your money.

So, in my opinion, you should not try to use any pirated software on your PC. Finally, I have a bonus tip for you: never deactivate your antivirus for downloading any application.

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