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Can You Use A Laptop As A Monitor?

Using your laptop to extend the display of your desktop is an excellent idea. You can use your laptop as a second or even a third monitor. Unfortunately, the way to do that is not very easy.

The process may seem like an easy one where all you have to do is connect your CPU to a laptop with a VGA, HDMI, or a DVI cable. However, the process is relatively a complicated one. Suppose you want to set up your laptop as a secondary display screen for your desktop computer. In that case, you will need to have a basic understanding of your Operating System, screen settings optimization, and your connection options.

However, you do not need to be alarmed. That is because we will be delivering you with the answer and the guide to the question ‘Can you use a laptop as a monitor.’

Projecting PC

Enable Your Laptop

To start, you will need to enable work on the laptop that you want to use as a secondary display. To do that, you will have to access the Settings menu on the computer. You can access the Settings menu from the Start menu.

Open the System option from the flyout menu. From the list of options available, select the ‘Projecting to This PC’ option. The system will let you decide what settings work best for you. The following options will be your available choices.

      • Availability of the Screen
      • Prompt to Ask for Permission
      • PIN for Sharing
      • Discoverability When Plugged In

Note down the PC’s name. The title will be available at the bottom of the Settings window. You will need to know the laptop’s name later when choosing which device you want to use.

Can You Use A Laptop As A Monitor

Connect Your Primary Computer

After you have set up your laptop for projection, you will now have to work on your primary desktop or laptop computer. Get to the Desktop window on your primary device. Now press the Ctrl button and hold it. While holding the Ctrl key, press the P button.

The system will show you the available ways to project your screen Select how you want the setup laptop screen to display. You will also see the option “Choose.” If you select it, your laptop will work as a dedicated second monitor and provide you with additional screen space to work.

The system will show you a list of available devices to connect with. Locate the laptop that you set up earlier. Select the secondary screen and approve the actions. Now you should be able to start using the laptop as a secondary monitor right away.

Do note that this process is only available to users who use Windows 10 as their operating system. Make sure that you remember to disconnect the device when you have finished your work.

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Using Third-party Applications

You can turn your laptop into a secondary screen for your primary machine by using a third-party application. One such application is Space Desk. With this third-party application, you can turn your laptop into a secondary monitor for your primary desktop or laptop device.

To use this program, you will need to download Space Desk. Open your primary machine and go to their website to download the file. You will see a download option. Click on it.

They will direct you to another page. On this page, you will see two download options. As you are now using the primary device, click on the ‘Space Desk Driver Software for Windows Primary PC (server)” option.

Once you click on it, the directory page will ask you what system you are downloading the file to. Choose the option that is best suited to your system. For example, if you are using a 64-bit Windows, click on the option that mentions a 64-bit system.

Now that you have chosen your system requirements select the download destination and click on Save the File option. When the file has finished downloading, install the application on your primary device, and restart it.

Switch to your laptop that you want to use as the secondary screen. Go to the download link again. This time, you will be choosing the ‘Space Desk Viewer Software for Secondary Machine (Client)’ option. Follow the same instructions as the primary device and install it.

Open the software on your secondary laptop. Go to the File menu and choose the Connect option. The system will scan for available devices. Select your primary device and hit connect.

Now the laptop should start working as the secondary monitor. Go to the View menu and hit the full-screen button.

Using your laptop as a secondary screen helps you increase your productivity while saving you some money. We hope that our guide has answered a detailed answer to your question ‘Can you use a laptop as a monitor.’

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