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Windows 10 Reset Stuck

Windows 10 has been around for quite a while now, and its popularity is quite evident. Over 200 million people have installed this Microsoft-powered operating system. However, Windows 10 is not a perfect system and comes with a handful of bugs.

Thankfully, Microsoft has been working hard to provide its user with the optimal user experience. So, they are trying to fix the bugs as they come along. And one of those reported bugs is the factory reset bug.

The factory reset is an excellent way to solve many problems that occur on your PC. But, sometimes, the PC gets stuck during the process. Here in this article, we will see how to fix the Windows 10 reset stuck problem.

Startup Repair

We will be using a Windows Bootable USB stick or a Windows disc to solve the Windows 10 reset stuck. Windows 10 offers a function known as startup repair. To perform that process, you will need a bootable device.

Now that you have a bootable device in your hand, you can move on to the solving phase.

      • Restart your PC and choose to boot via the bootable USB device or the Windows disc. Usually, a message should pop out to ask you to choose to boot from the DVD or the USB device. However, if you do not see this option, you will have to customize the boot order from the BIOS menu.
      • Now that you have chosen your desirable boot device, you will see three options available. One of them will ask you to troubleshoot your computer. Click on that and then select the Advanced option.
      • Once you have entered the Advanced menu, you will see many options available to you. Click on the Troubleshoot button and then the startup repair option. Afterward, Windows will guide you through the repair process. You will simply have to follow the provided instructions.

Waiting It Out

Another suggested method is to simply wait it out. According to many users, the factory reset can take a long time. So, it may seem like the process is stuck when it is not. It may be taking some time to get to the next step due to the selected options and some other variables.

The best way to tell if your process is stuck or not is to check the hard drive LED indicator. If you see that the LED indicator is blinking, the chances are that the process is ongoing. So, you may have to wait for it to finish the process.

The process has no definitive time frame. Since the process sometimes takes up to a few hours, it is better to be patient and leave your computer turned on. That way, you do not have to keep staring at a static screen hoping for it to change.

Disconnecting From the Internet

Some reports stated that the internet connection interfered with the factory reset process. This situation can arise when Windows is downloading specific updates after the resetting process. It can cause the resetting process to get stuck in place. But, there is nothing to worry about as you can effortlessly solve this problem with a small trick. You just need to disconnect your PC from the internet.

You can quickly turn off your internet connection. If you are connected to the internet via an ethernet cable, simply disconnect it from your computer. And in the case that you are getting your connection through a Wi-fi connection, you will have to turn off the wireless router. Once you have disconnected your computer from the internet, your Windows will become unstuck. And you will see that the factory reset process will continue.

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Customizing Your BIOS

Some BIOS settings may be causing your factory reset process to get stuck. On some occasions, some BIOS features may interfere with your system, causing some problems like your resetting process to get stuck. But you have nothing to worry about as the problem is fixable. You can fix this problem by customizing your BIOS settings.

      • Disabling the secure boot option
      • Enabling the legacy boot option
      • Enabling USB boot if you need it
      • Enabling CSM if it is available
      • Set your USB device or boot disc as the first boot device

If you ever face the Windows 10 reset stuck problem, any one of the processes mentioned above should solve your problem. And if all else fails, you can try reinstalling your operating system. Do note that you will need to acquire the Windows install files to reinstall your Windows.

However, it would be best to follow the other procedures before reinstalling your operating system. You should keep this process as your last resort. You can also use some tools like the PC Repair Tool.

It offers a wide array of functions. It can prevent you from losing your files, fix common errors, and many more. We hope that our concise discussion has been able to help you solve this particular issue.

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