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Do Battery Saver Apps Work? The reality of Battery Savers

Is your phone running out of juice quickly? It is a common problem for almost every smartphone user. With this constantly changing world, our smartphones are also getting powerful. We always care about a powerful processor, more gigs of RAM & ROM, and the best quality camera. What about a powerful battery?

We know nowadays a bunch of people is really concerned about batteries. A heavy-duty battery is one of the most important parts of a good smartphone. Although having a bigger battery some people do not get the expected backup. That is the reason we look for external options.

If you are searching for an alternative to save battery, the first thing that will come to your mind is a battery saver app. Before downloading a battery saver app you should know whether they really work or not. So, if your question is: do battery saver apps work- we are here to help you out.

Can a battery saver app really help to improve battery performance?

You would be surprised but all the marketing’s and claims of the battery saver apps are not that true. Well, some of these apps have some functionality to manage a decent outcome from your battery. But in maximum cases, the result is not so noticeable.

Here is a little secret for you- the optimization of a battery saver app can be done by you as well. We are not talking about building your own battery saver. But you can customize your smartphone just like the battery saver app provides. Running an external app for monitoring your battery usage can cause unnecessary power consumption.

Shortly what we are trying to say is you do not need a battery saver app. Although it somehow manages to save a small amount of power, it is also a battery-consuming app. So from our point of view, these apps are useless. A few years ago people trusted a lot on these battery savers.

Now we know the logic behind them. That’s why it would be a smart idea to customize your phone by yourself to get a better battery backup. Yes, It is possible. So you do not need to worry because we are going to show you the process. Before that, check out both sides of the battery saver apps.

The advantages and disadvantages of the battery saver apps:

Honestly speaking, we do not find any reasonable advantage of this kind of app. But you can monitor the battery usage and remotely control some of the common activities of your phone. Besides that, you will find an amazing UI that makes you feel like you have done every good thing with your battery. So make sure to not get hypnotized by it.

Now let’s talk about the facts. First of all, they are all third-party apps and ask for advanced permissions. For monitoring your usage data, this app needs to run in the background. That also costs power. In many cases, these apps keep killing system apps that restart over and over again to carry on your regular activity. You may know how power-consuming this process is.

How to save battery without a battery saver app?

There are a few simple ways to decrease the battery consumption of your phone. That will surely save more power than a battery-saver app. But first, let us inform you that if your battery is too old, then you should replace it. Every battery cell has a certain round of life cycle.

Mostly a good battery lasts for 2 to 3 years depending on your usage. Now let’s get into the topic. Here are the small changes that can improve your battery performance.

  • Delete unused apps
  • Reduce display brightness
  • Limit background process
  • Limit screen-on time
  • Turn off wireless services

Delete unused apps

No matter how much filtering you have done before, there are always some unused apps on your phone. This type of apps may have permission to run unnecessary processes in the background. That causes unwanted battery usage. So you have to delete them carefully. But remember that You should not mess with any system apps.

Reduce display brightness

Believe it or not, your Smartphone screen uses the most amount of power. In every app and activity, you need to wake the screen first. If you keep the brightness level low, it would save a noticeable amount of power. So you should hold it as low as possible. Keeping the brightness under 50% is ideal.

Limit background process

For good battery backup, you have to monitor the background usages of your apps. There are a few apps that do not even ask for any permission to run silently. Your favorite apps like Facebook, Messenger, and some others are also on this list. Don’t freak out, we are not telling you to uninstall them.

All you have to do is control their background process. Whenever you install a new app, you must think before granting any permission. You can also do this in settings>system settings> developer options>limit background processes. Here, you have to select your preferred background limit. That’s all.

Limit screen-on time

Setting a minimal Screen on time helps to get better performance from the battery. You know it, right? But the thing you may not know is your wallpaper and background theme can consume more power than you think. Choosing a black theme and wallpaper can solve this. If you do not believe it, then try once.

Turn off wireless services

It is very important to turn off Mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location Services after use. If you keep them active all the time, they will never stop searching for networks. That obviously causes battery draining. These small changes can help to fix your big issues.

Final words

In the end, we want to make it clear that if your OS is wasting battery for lack of optimization, no battery saver app can fix it. There is a built-in battery saver in your phone as well. Undoubtedly it saves battery. But we recommend that you use it only in times of emergency.

Activating this reduces your phone’s performance. These days you do not need an external app for monitoring battery usage. You can check it out from your stock battery option. Every smartphone has this feature. If you find any unusual activities with any app, just select the app and take action against it.

Today’s smartphones are more customizable than you imagine. So hopefully after applying the above-included customization, you will get the best out of your battery.

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