Does Terrible Climate Truly Affect Your Internet?

Does Terrible Climate Truly Affect Your Internet

Have you ever noticed that your internet speed has slowed down a bit due to bad weather? Of course, at some point, you must face it. There are many reasons why internet speed can be slow. However in this article today we will focus only on bad weather. So, Does Terrible Climate Truly Affect Your Internet?

Mainly, internet speeds go down a lot when storms, hurricanes, rains, and even natural disasters like thunderstorms continue. Be that as it may, have you at any point asked why this occurs? 

Well, in this article I will explain the reasons why there is a connection between bad weather and slow internet. If there is a connection, what are the reasons?

What causes the internet to slow down in bad weather?

Basically, there are 4 reasons why the internet slows down in bad weather. The reasons are discussed below:

Due to rain:

When you use mobile data or WiFi for communication or internet browsing, it sends your data through the air in the form of waves. This means that the less obstruction a wave has as it passes through the air, the faster it will be able to reach its destination.

But if the amount of water or dust in the air is high, it takes a long time for the waves to reach their destination. So the internet speed is relatively low.

Due to the high amount of water in the air during the rainy season, one has to face many more obstacles to reach the destination from a wave source. So you also have to face this slow internet.

Due to more people surf the internet at the same time:

The reason why the internet speed decreases in bad weather is that more people surf the internet during the rainy season. As of now, a great many people are addicted to the internet world. It gets a little difficult for everyone to get out because of the rain.

So everyone finds a means of entertainment on the internet for timepass. And when multiple people start browsing the net at the same time, the server takes time to respond to everyone. As a result, internet speed decreases.

Due to the sky is cloudy

If you are a satellite user then you must know that if the sky is cloudy then satellite communication becomes very slow. When you send a signal from your endpoint as a source, it will reach the destination via satellite. 

But if the sky is cloudy, there is a lot of difficulty in getting your signal to the satellite. As a result, there can be no proper communication. Wait until the cloud is removed for proper communication.

Due to Optical Fiber damage in bad weather:

If the Internet is damaged due to a natural disaster, communication will be disrupted. Because the whole internet world is connected in one cable. The Internet wire plays a major role in creating communication between the two endpoints.

It is possible to send data from source to destination instantly through a wire. So it is very important to repair any wire damage.

What kind of problem will you face if you surf the internet in bad weather?

Ping and frame rates play a big role in online games. This is especially important for those who play competitive games. With high ping and high frame rate issues, a player, no matter how skilled, will not be able to perform very well. So if the weather suddenly goes bad while playing the game, then it is normal for the game to be disrupted.

Suppose you are in an important meeting, then suddenly the weather turns bad. So your signal will be very poor for inclement weather. As a result, you may not be able to hear clearly in the meeting and can even lead to a call drop.

How is it possible to communicate on the Internet?

The great scientist Michael Faraday, who has made special contributions to electromagnetism and electrochemistry. Among all his discoveries, electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism, and electrolysis are discoveries that add new dimensions.

After Michael Faraday, James Maxwell extended this level. The electric field is affected by the magnetic field and the magnetic field is affected by the electric field. Maxwell connects the magnetic field and the electric field. Modern technology is therefore based on Maxwell’s equations.

Electromagnetic waves are the origin of Internet communication. These waves can be transported in two ways.

→ Optical Fiber

→ Cellular Tower (Via satellite link)

The cable used for Internet communication through Optical Fiber is very long. The entire Internet world has been connected to the bottom of the ocean through optical fiber replacement. And the communication that we do through mobile phones such as calls, messages, or internet browsing is possible by the cellular tower.

Final Words

According to the laws of nature, sometimes the weather will be normal and sometimes it will be bad, we have no control here. Technology is improving day by day, but it is not yet advanced enough to stop natural disasters.

The improvement of the internet did not happen overnight. With the advent of the Internet, you can now talk to someone thousands of miles away from home.

Maybe in the future, it will be even better when there will be no disruption in communication even in bad weather. But until then everyone will have to wait because with today’s technology the internet will be a little slow in bad weather and you will have to suffer through it.

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