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Is Netflix Party Safe? Know All The Safety Concerns

Covid-19 is still here and so social activities have been banned. As a result, most of the time people have to stay indoors. And because most jobs are done remotely, most employees also have to work from home.

There is no way to go out and spend time like before. The restaurants are also closed, so you can’t go out to eat with family or friends if you want. Cinema halls are also closed, so you even can’t go to the theatre to watch movies with family or friends.

Fortunately, there are lots of things available on the Internet for our entertainment that help us to pass the time. As an example, you can play games online or just hang out with friends on Zoom, watch movies or tv shows on Netflix, and also can host a Netflix Party.

Netflix Party is basically an extension that allows us to watch TV shows and movies on our Netflix account with friends and family members. This extension is only for Google Chrome. Did you know that Netflix has nothing to do with the Netflix party? So the question is what is the Netflix party and is it really safe?

So you have to read to the end of the article to know the answers to these questions. The rest of the details are discussed below:

Is Netflix Party part of Netflix?

Netflix party is not an official product of Netflix. It is not even a part of Netflix. It is just an extension that provides us with a special facility to watch a show together. The Netflix Party can only be used through Google Chrome. It is not that reliable because it is a third-party plugin for Netflix which is not even a part of it.

Is Netflix Party Safe?

Most of the time the extensions contain malicious and suspicious code, which can lead to system hacking with data theft and various types of damage. For this reason, before adding an extension, you should check whether it is a verified extension or not.

Since Netflix Party is not a verified product of Netflix, so it can not be considered secure. Even if you choose to use the Netflix Party extension, you have to use it at your own risk, Netflix will not be liable for any loss of your data.

 If you create a Netflix party to watch a show with friends and family, you will a get link to share the party. This link permits others to join Netflix Party and watch shows or films on Netflix together. To ensure better safety, never share the link of the Netflix party with the unknown.

Since everyone can participate in the Netflix party through the link, if this link falls into the hands of a hacker, it can cause a lot of damage. So ensure your Netflix party link is only in your circle of friends.

How to use Netflix party?

  • First, confirm that you are using Google Chrome. Because Netflix Party does not support other browsers.
  • Now, simply tap on the Add to Chrome button. It will download the extension and add it to your browser. You will be able to see NP show up in the top right of your browser, click on that, and click Netflix Party.
  • Then, go to Netflix, find your favorite show, and click NP again. If you are a control freak person then click on the tick mark “Only I have control” and then click on “Start the party”.
  • Then, copy the URL and if you want to see chat then click on the tick mark “show chat”.
  • Finally, share the URL with your friends and family, with whom you want to watch the show.

Complaints throughout online about Netflix Party:

Some people recently begin to face technical issues with being unable to sync appropriately while using Netflix Party. Moreover, some people are having issues during downloading. And as you attempted to find the solution, you may come across many complaints everywhere online about Netflix Party.

There is no free streaming extension or service offered by Netflix and they only offered paid memberships. Netflix is not even affiliated with Netflix Party. That is why if you having any problem syncing movies or show with others it is because of Netflix Party, Netflix is not a part of that.

Netflix Party is getting so many synchronization complaints when this is exactly what the extension is supposed to do. This question has two answers:

  1. Maybe Netflix Party is not ready for the overload of so many people streaming at the same time.
  1. Netflix Party getting exactly what they need from users and then leaving those users sinkless or maybe unsinkable.

Netflix Party policy and agreement that you should know

There is nothing on their website that leads a user tech support. If you check the policy agreement of Netflix Party you will be shocked to hear that, by downloading Netflix Party you allow them to live in your browser and potentially watching everything you do. 

I am not saying that Netflix Party is a hacker or menace to the chrome extension world but there was never a proper disclaimer on their website or in their policy agreement or even on the chrome extension downloaded description stating that there is no affiliation with Netflix.


If you are like most people, you probably rely on Netflix or other streaming services to spend your leisure time. However, it would be good to do the same with some of your close friends and loved ones.

A very important factor to keep in mind is that it is free. So we can assume their intent is to creatively masquerade behind a well-known trademark like Netflix to trick users and to download on their extension and slipping them into a user agreement that enabled the extension to do what they wanted with everyone’s information.

So, it is essential to review the user agreement before every time you add an extension to your browser.

Bill Thamas
Bill Thamas is a gaming freak. He is always into different kinds of games. He started his career as a tier 1 PUBG player and won many competitive tournaments. It has been a while since he started writing gaming-related content for Techalrm. His interests in different kinds of games keep him always aware of the updated and upcoming games. As a member of the gamer’s community, he gets the review and bug updates regularly. However, he is a game reviewer himself.

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