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What Does Hibernating An App Mean?

Hibernation means that there are many apps in our phone system that are not much needed but are always active, keeping them idle. It’s an effective way to shut down the problematic app and prevent them from running until they are launched.

The hibernation process helps a lot in the battery life of the phone. Hibernation mode works almost like sleep mode, but there are some paradigms such as power can’t be turned off sleep mode.

In this article, I will explain hibernate apps and their processors in detail, so you can easily understand what it means to hibernate apps on your mobile device or why. After giving a detailed description of this subject, I will also give a brief description of some suggested apps as a bonus.

What Is Hibernating?

Hibernation of the smartphone means that the app is completely shut down so that it does not communicate with its server or receive alerts and notifications. This helps in the power management of the phone, which is able to protect the system from additional power loss. 

In hibernation, the current model of the system is stored on the hard drive and the system shuts down. However, users will be able to re-launch closed apps as needed and retrieve the most recently used settings from the drive.

What Does It Mean To Hibernate Apps?

Hibernating apps are more useful to save battery and prevent excessive use of smartphones. Hibernating apps keep the phone’s apps asleep, which means shutting down the app’s functionality and preserving their last state when closed.

It can be said that turning off the background process converts the current state of the phone to battery-saving mode.

However, it is not a power-saving mode, but this mode saves a lot of battery life of the phone and also protects the phone from the extra resources that are lost. I am sure all smart users will benefit a lot from this system.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Above we learned what a hibernating app is and how it works. Hope you understand why you may need or use the hibernating app.

Now let’s take a look at some common Google searches questions and answers about hibernating. Which will give you a clearer idea about the hibernating app.

Is it good to hibernate apps on Android?

Hibernating the android app is definitely good and I think everyone needs to do it  Because most social media apps are connected to the background of the phone and are active at all times. As a result, they always lose the phone’s battery and always consume a lot of RAM.

Now you can easily understand how much better it would be for you to be able to control these. Yeah,  Hibernating apps will solve this complex problem of your phone. It also helps with internet data.

What happens if you hibernate apps?

When you use the App Hibernation app on your phone, it completely switches your phone’s apps from running in the phone’s background, thus protecting your device’s data, CPU, battery, and memory from further extra loss.

Which is the best hibernating app?

Fortunately, there are plenty of apps for hibernating apps that can extend the battery life of your device. These apps hibernate all work once you close up your screen so there’s nothing that will use power.

However, below are the names and summaries of 3 such apps. You can use any one of these, but if you want to know the features of all apps and select one, read the description of each carefully.

  • Hibernation Manager
  • Hibernator – Hibernate apps & Save battery
  • Battery Doctor

Hibernation Manager

Android devices are manufactured in such a way that they are always active, even when you don’t use them!. However, if you use the Hibernation Manager app, your device will no longer be active when it is turned off. The device will return to normal when you start using the phone.

The Hibernation app lets you set the hibernation process to your liking. You can decide which apps and processes will be disabled if your device is out of use. And when your screen is on, you can disable some apps that you are not using frequently. Below are also the features that you can hibernate on.

  • CPU hibernation
  • Settings hibernation
  • Applications hibernation
  • Battery Widget


Hibernator is another app that gives you an easy way to stop all running apps. It will save a lot of energy on your phone’s battery and increase performance. When you turn off your phone’s screen, this app will automatically turn off all apps on your phone, and when you turn on the screen then all apps will be activated. Below are the benefits that this app will give to your phone automatically.

  • Speed ​​up your phone
  • Saves the battery
  • Reduce additional memory costs
  • helping a lot to keep your phone cool

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is a highly efficient application that helps save battery power and informs the user about the actual battery life. This app is able to increase the speed of the phone by optimizing the battery of the phone.

The biggest advantage of this app is that it does all the work of optimization with one click.

Like the above two apps, it will also give you the benefits of off-screen and on-screen, as a result, using these apps will increase the battery and ram performance of your phone.

However, you can also find out how long it will take to perform a specific task. For example, you can check how long it will last if you play games or watch YouTube videos without stopping.

Final Thoughts

The biggest impact of technological advancement has been on smartphones. As the days go by, the features of smartphones are increasing a lot, as a result of which the performance is much worse if the smart6 phone is not used now. This can be a nuisance for every smartphone user.

Nowadays we use lots of applications on our smartphones, moreover, there are many applications in the phone system. Most of these apps are always running in the background, which will result in active loss of phone battery, RAM, and many other features all the time.

By now you must know how to solve these and increase the performance of the battery and the phone. If you don’t know, read the above article carefully, I have described everything about it there, and also mentioned 3 apps. You can use any one of these three apps to get rid of this problem on your phone.

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