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Google Pixel 6 – Upsides And Downsides You Should Know!

Do you know what’s coming next from Google? If you don’t, then let us introduce you to the all-new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro. The phones are not released yet. They were just announced. So you can not get it now, and the release date is not declared as well.

But don’t worry at all. As we have the list of its actual specs, the phone will be available soon. We know you are very curious about it. Therefore we are here with all updated information related to Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro.

Through this blog, we are going to enlighten you about the upsides and downsides of the upcoming Google Pixel 6 lineup. For better understanding, we will also discuss the specs and compare them with all the high-end competitors out in the market.

Detailed information about the pros and cons of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 pro:

Google-made phones are all about optimization and the Pixel 6 is no different. We have seen that Google can take mid-range hardware and build a premium phone by only software optimization. But with Pixel 6 the tradition has been changed.

Now they are working with powerful hardware. For the first time, Google presented their self-built chipset which is called Google Tensor. It is based on the latest 5mm fabrication technology. First, let’s take a look at the key specs of these two phones.

Full specifications of Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro:

We know the pro version means extra. Without the size, display, camera, and battery, all other specs are similar in these phones. So let’s talk about them first.



Pixel 6

Pixel 6 pro


160.4 x 75.1 x 8.2 mm (6.31 x 2.96 x 0.32 in)

163.9 x 75.8 x 8.9 mm (6.45 x 2.98 x 0.35 in)

Built material

Glass, Aluminum

Glass, Aluminum


IP68 dust & water-resistant, (up to 1.5m for 30 mins)

IP68 dust & water-resistant, (up to 1.5m for 30 mins)

Here you can see the overall structure of the Pixel 6 pro is larger.



Pixel 6

Pixel 6 pro


90hz, AMOLED, HDR10+

120hz, AMOLED, HDR10+

Size & Resolution

6.4in, 1080 x 2340

6.71in, 1440 x 3120

The pro phone got the best refresh rate with a higher resolution display.



 Pixel 6

Pixel 6 Pro




50MP(wide), 12MP(ultrawide), 48MP(telephoto), 4X optical zoom


12MP, Auto HDR

12MP, Auto HDR

The Pixel 6 pro has an extra telephoto camera that can zoom up to 4X.



Pixel 6

Pixel 6 pro


Li-Po 4614mAh

Supports fast charging, Wireless charging,

Reverse charging

Li-Po 5000mAh

Supports fast charging, Wireless charging,

Reverse charging

The above specs were to show you the differences between both of the phones. Now let’s check out the inner structure of these devices and then explain the pros and cons.


Octa-Core, Google Tensor 5mm


ARM Mali G-78, (854MHz)






Android 12

Upsides of Google Pixel 6 lineup:

Do you know why people love Pixel phones? Because they are so optimized and come with a clean operating system. But the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro got looks. The design is pretty aggressive with improved camera housing looks and way better than the older ones.

Let me explain a fact. You know Android is a product of Google. When we purchase an Android smartphone from a renowned manufacturer they mainly build the hardware parts.

Take Samsung as an example. As Android is an open-source platform, They get the stock Android from Google and then customize it on their own. That’s what we get as ONE UI. During this whole process, the OS gets heavy which causes various problems like battery draining, unwanted apps appearing, etc.

The same thing happens with all those android smartphones except stock ones. In this case, Pixels are a step ahead. You will never see any unwanted apps, ads, and battery-draining issues in them. Even though it has a primary 50MP camera, the Pixel 6 will capture better quality pictures than other smartphone’s higher resolution cameras.

You will be surprised by seeing the photos it can take in low light. Only by proper hardware and software combination, these phones will take your photography experience to the next level. Believe it or not, the battery backup would be better than you imagine. The reason is the same, optimization.

This time Google used their own chipset instead of Qualcomm Snapdragon. You will clearly see a huge improvement in terms of speed and stability. Undoubtedly these phones are packed with all the bleeding edge technology. The display size and resolution are way better than the previous ones.

However, you can not compare a Google phone with others. The same specs of Pixel can provide you a better experience than any other smartphone.

Downsides of Google Pixel 6 lineup:

As the phones are not released yet, we can not talk much about the downsides without testing. But by studying the Specs, we found some little lackings which possibly can bother you. First of all the chipset is totally new and untested. So the user experience can vary from the rumors.

Seeing the core structure we can say the CPU is slightly less powerful than the latest Snapdragon 888. In our opinion, the Adreno GPU would be more effective than Mali. None of these phones contains a face ID scanner. Although they worked a lot on the camera bump, it will struggle while balancing on a plain surface.

The worst cons of a Pixel phone should be its pricing and servicing. You will not find an authorized service center if your phone gets damaged somehow. Besides that, every time Google launches a smartphone, people tag it as overpriced, and it’s true.

Google should work on the pricing of its products. That is the only way to attract more customers and build a Google environment.

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For some people, Google phones are known as overrated. The past few Pixel phone’s offering prices were so high that made a negative impression in our mind. Although the phones were reputed to be premium, their CPU unit was not the best in the class. But this time, everything has changed.

Now Google has combined its best software with top-class hardware. This can be a game-changing step for Google. Who knows it can be the beginning of a Pixel era. The new concept is futuristic and Pixel phones are unique. I can’t wait to grab one and see what these phones really can do.

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