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How To Play Pokemon X And Y On Android? (Absolutely Free)

Are you a Pokemon franchise lover? As you are here then it is obvious. You may have run through many difficulties to get one of these games on your Android smartphone. But now all your troubles are over. Today we will show the easiest technique on how to play Pokemon X and Y on Android.

The way we are going to show you does not cost any bucks. That means the whole process is free and very easy indeed. You can not get these types of games in a usual way. None of them are available in the Play Store. You will not even find them in third-party app stores like APKpure.

That is the reason till now you have failed to download them. Now all you have to do is skip trying from here and there and let us help you to get this job done.

The best way to download and play Pokemon X and Y on Android-

This whole process is for Android users. So if you try it on your Android smartphone, it will surely work. In the case of iPhone users, we cannot assure you. But as soon as you find a proper emulator, you can play this game on your iOS too. Actually, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are two different games but almost alike.

So you do not need to confuse which one to download. Using the same way you can download any of them. Without wasting time, let’s get into it.

Essential tools:

For making it simple we will use the Android smartphone during this whole procedure. Therefore you do not need a PC. Don’t get surprised, it is possible. You can download and play Pokemon X and Y on the Android platform without a PC. You just have to download two essential apps from the Play Store.

The first one is ZArchiver and another one is Citra Emulator. ZArchiver will help you to unzip the game file. We will use Citra Emulator to run this game. If this is the first time you are seeing an emulator for an Android smartphone, then you should know that only this emulator compiler can run this type of game file.

Download the game file:

After you have installed the above-mentioned apps, Follow the steps given below to download the game file.

Step-1: Open a browser on your phone.

Step-2: Type and open this URL “ http://romspure.cc

Step-3: When the homepage opens select ROM from the top right corner. Now scroll down to find the Nintendo 3DS and click on it.

Step-4: You already have been directed to another new page that contains all the 3DS games. Scroll down and search for your desired game. You will find both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y here. Click on the game you want to download.

Step-5: You will see all the encrypted and decrypted formats under download. Select and choose the one that matches your region. Wait until the downloading process finishes.

Now you have successfully downloaded the 3DS file of this game. But you are not ready to play it. You have to complete some other tasks to make the file run.

Unzip and play the game:

In this stage, you have to use the ZArchiver app. This kind of file always comes in Zip format. So open the ZArchiver app and find the downloaded file. Now extract it to your favorite folder. Once the extraction is completed, you can delete the main downloaded Zip file. It will help to free out some space.

Make sure to not delete the extracted file. Now you are ready to launch the game. But wait, Android phones can not run the 3DS files. That’s why we have the Citra emulator. It is designed to run this type of file. All you have to do is open the emulator and find out the extracted file from the exact location. Finally, from here you can play the game in a hassle-free way.

What are the differences between Pokemon X and Y?

Honestly, there are no major differences between Pokemon X and Y. The gaming interface and strategy are the same. But mainly there are a few different Pokemons found in each game. Something called Mega evolution and these Pokemons that are mega-evolved look different in each of them.

The Mega Charizard of two of the games is also different. There is another comparison of Mewtwo in X and Y. But the different Pokemon available is not a big deal because you can trade Pokemon online.

Will Pokemon X and Y slow down your smartphone?

For playing each of these games you need a minimum of 64bit Octa-core structure CPU on your Android device. If your phone’s specs are lower than this, you can not play the game. In reality, you need a flagship-level phone to run this game normally.

In case you have a mid-segment device, surely your Android phone will slow down. You have to remember that the game itself runs on another emulator app. Both of them are enough to keep your heavy-duty processor under fair pressure. So there is no logic in downloading the game if you do not have a proper device.

Final words

These games are highly addictive. So you have to decide carefully. If you are thinking of downloading one of these games, you have to make sure your device is capable of running it. As the games are heavy, a low-end device would struggle a lot.

There are rumors about the safety of these games. We understand that downloading something from an unknown source doesn’t seem safe. But the URL we included is safer than other unknown sites. As these types of games are directly not available for Android, there is no authorized way to get them.

In my opinion, you can go for it. The reason is, there is no major report of security issues among the people who are playing these games on Android for a long time.

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