How To Manually Root An Android Device?

root android manually

Do you want to root your device manually? If the answer is yes, then you are welcome here. Today we are going to show you How To Manually Root An Android Device. There are a few methods of rooting an android device. You can use your PC or you can simply use your phone to root the same device.

We are not going to make it complex. So we will use a comfortable method to root your phone. In this method, you do not need to use any PC. We do care about your safety. That’s why we will do it most safely. This is going to be no data loss method. So all your apps and data are going to be safe.

By far easiest, quickest, and at the same time, the most advanced way to root is Magisk APK. If you are wondering why I am preferring this one, Then you should know that it is just one file and one process that can root almost any android phone.

How To Manually Root An Android Device? The easiest ways

Rooting allows you to do all sorts of cool stuff like installing forbidden apps, custom ROMs, and Mods. Even it allows you to update your android before other devices. You can unleash the full power of your CPU. You can overclock it and get more speed out of your device.

Check the root status of your device:

If your device is rooted by Kingroot or Supersu, you have to unroot your device first. For checking whether your device is rooted or not you have to download a root checker application. These kinds of apps are available on the play store.

We recommend downloading any two of these and making sure that your phone is unrooted. We are going to root your device in the most advanced way. Before we get started the requirement for this to work is you will need a custom recovery pre-installed on your phone.

Some devices come with a locked bootloader. It prevents any attempt of rooting. That’s why it is necessary to install a custom recovery. It unlocks your phone and allows you to root your device safely. For keeping all your data safe, You always have a restore option if something goes wrong.

Installing the Custom Recovery for rooting your android device:

Unfortunately, the method to install it is device-specific. Every device has a different custom recovery. That’s why no one method can install a custom recovery for all devices. But you don’t need to worry about it. We are going to make everything easy for you.

You have to search Google for the specific custom recovery by the model name of your device. For example, If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8, you have to search by Samsung Galaxy S8 Custom Recovery. In many results, you have to choose the very first one from

You will get the tool along with a detailed guide to unlock your phone and install the custom recovery. You have to make sure that the model number on that guide you are following matches your device’s model number. After installing this, you are ready to go.

5 simple steps to root your device manually:

Once you have completed the previous installation and the recovery is running on your device, let’s start the rooting process. Follow the steps exactly as given below to root your phone.

Step-1: Open any browser on your phone and enter Download the Magisk app from the address.

Step-2: Install the Magisk app. You may have to allow installation from an unknown source to get this app installed. You do not need to worry because his application is safe and tested by a large group of people.

In case your device does not show any pop-up and rejects the installation, then you have to turn on allow installation from an unknown source in settings. After that, you can install the app without any issues.

Step-3: Once you have installed this app, you have to open it and select the install button beside Magisk. Make sure the recovery mood is selected there. Minimize the app and open the file manager. Search the downloaded file’s location.

Most of the time you will find it in the download folder. Select the file. Change the tail tag from .apk to .zip.

Step-4: Switch off your phone. Now you have to turn it on in recovery mode. If you don’t know how to turn it on in recovery mode, Then hold the power button and volume up button together. It will take your phone into custom recovery mode.

Step-5: Inside recovery mode, select files. In files, you will see the download folder. Open it. Select the .zip file you have renamed earlier. Now just swipe to install the file. After the installation finishes, select the reboot system option.

Finally, you have successfully done it. After reboot, all you have to do is open the Magisk app and select the install button beside the App option. Make sure to allow the permissions needed. It is required to update your Magisk. Your phone is now rooted. For ensuring you can check by any root checker app.

Advantages and disadvantages of rooting:

There are a lot of benefits of rooting an android device. That is the reason why people are curious about rooting their phones. All the advantages of rooting are included below.


1.Run unallowed apps.
2.Use cheats and hacks for games.
3.Install custom ROMs and MODs.
4.Clear up memory.
5.Overclock CPU.
6.Uninstall any pre-installed OS app.
8.Increases RAM efficiency.
8.Increases accessibility and customization of the device.

Now it’s time to take a look at the other side of the coin. You should know about the disadvantages before you root your phone. Your phone is an important part of your daily life. In case you do not want to feel regretful, check out the disadvantages given below.


1.Voids your warranty.
2.Makes the phone unprotected.
3.Expose the phone to malware and hacking.
4.Unable to run some high secured apps.
5.Possibility of data losses.

Now you know all about rooting any android phone. You have to follow the exact procedure of rooting as we described you. It is the best and the safest way. Otherwise, If something goes wrong while rooting, Your phone can go dead. So you have to be careful.

Final words

It’s 2022, everything you need for customizing your device is at your hand. It’s a simple task to root your device. So you have so many options. All you have to do is choose the perfect one. Rooting unlocks the operating system. It gives you more access to customize your phone. Now you know how to manually root an Android device.

As you have decided to root your phone, you might know the advantages. But you have to be very careful and consider the disadvantages included above. If your phone works perfectly and is under warranty, Then I recommend you do not root your phone. It may reduce the life expectancy of your phone.



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