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Can I Use A T-Mobile iPhone On MetroPcs?

Wondering if you can use a T-Mobile iPhone on MetroPCS without needing to unlock the phone? In short, The answer is yes. You can use a T-Mobile iPhone on MetroPCS by maintaining some conditions.

We know that T-Mobile phones are cheaper than the official ones. But these phones come with some restrictions. Obviously, they are locked with the T-Mobile network service. That’s why you do not have the option to switch your SIM card.

In this case, MetroPCS has some advantages. It is owned by T-Mobile. So both of them use the same network. Technically you can say Metro uses Tmobile’s network. So it’s not that hard for them to get permission on a T-Mobile’s phone.

Today we will discuss all your questions related to using a Tmobile iPhone with MetroPCS carrier service.

Can you use a T-Mobile iPhone on MetroPCS?

Yes, you can use a T-mobile iPhone on the MetroPCS network. You do not need to unlock the phone at all. You already know that both of them use the same network. So a T-Mobile iPhone allows a Metro SIM card. You can see the difference by inserting an AT&T SIM card in it.

More about using MetroPCS SIM card service on a T-Mobile iPhone:

T-Mobile occupied MetroPCS in 2013. After a long time in 2018, they changed the name. Since then MetroPCS has been known as Metro. It was eventually a good business idea. Two large companies merged to defeat top competitors in their field. But we want to know actually how much accessibility they share.

How will my phone react if I insert a Metro SIM in a T-Mobile iPhone?

As soon as you insert any different SIM card, the T-Mobile phone will search for networks and restart with a message that the SIM is not valid. Now insert the Metro SIM card in the same phone. This time you will see that the phone is not misbehaving. Take a look at the network bar. It says no service.

How to use MetroPCS in T-Mobile iPhones?

MetroPCS needs to link the device with your account. They use the IMEI number to identify your device. Although they are occupied now, they have a different core structure. The easiest way to switch is making a phone call to MetroPCS customer service.

Your Metro SIM must have been linked with a device. Call the customer service with that device and tell them you want to switch your SIM to a T-Mobile device. After that, they will ask for the device’s IMEI. You have to give them the correct IMEI number and some other information if they ask. Finally, they will link your SIM with that T-Mobile iPhone.

Once your call disconnects, Switch the SIM card to that T-Mobile phone. Now your phone will run on MetroPCS without any issues. It was easy, Right?

What are the conditions to use MetroPCS on the T-Mobile iPhone?

Before you try it, You should know whether you are eligible to switch your phone or not. You have to finish all contracts with T-Mobile. You can not use The Metro SIM until you complete all kinds of payments. The most important thing is that your phone should be clear.

That means you have to make sure that the phone is not stolen. Your IMEI number needs to be correct. If you have any kind of running packages with due payments, they will allow you to switch. In short, you have to make yourself free from your previous cellular network provider. Once you meet the above conditions T-Mobile will let you unlock your phone.

Do you need to pay T-Mobile for using MetroPCS on their phone?

After your contract expires with T-Mobile, You can use your Metro SIM without paying any extra amount. You just have to pay for the new SIM card. As MetroPCS is a prepaid service, it prefers the pay-as-you-go format. So the second thing you have to pay for is your package plans.

Does MetroPCS coverage the same as T-Mobile?

You already know that they have the same backbone. You will get almost the same network coverage in most of the areas. But the headline point is, Your network service provider will always try to prioritize you.

As T-Mobile is the leader, they always care about their customer first. That’s why in some cases T-Mobile users experience slightly better speed which is negligible. Be sure that you will not notice it in regular use. People have different purposes. So they can decide their advantages and disadvantages according to their needs.

What are the differences between T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile?

Both are Cellular network service providers. Both are controlled by the same owner which is Deutsche Telekom. But each of them has different purposes. They are focused on different groups of consumers. Metro provides decent prepaid service with lower-cost package plans than T-Mobile.

Metro has a large group of package options which is very efficient for low-cost phones. Their business model focuses on the SIM section most. On the other side, T-Mobile offers high-end phones with monthly installments. You will get all flagship phones at a reasonable price.

T-Mobile also offers the best international plans. They provide excellent customer service. If you are a heavy user, Then T-Mobile would be a better option for you. Well, you should choose the one that suits you most.

Final words

MetroPCS provides great prepaid service. T-Mobile’s fast-performing cellular network helped Metro to improve its quality. They offer varieties of plans and packages. Although it is reported that there are some network issues in the rural areas, we can hope that it will be fixed with upgrowing technology.

In my opinion, you can go for an officially unlocked iPhone if you want to use different SIM cards. But, If you are living in an area where the network coverage of T-Mobile or MetroPCS is stable, then it would be a clever decision to choose a T-Mobile iPhone. It is cheaper but fully functional.

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