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Beware! Your Find My Can Be Disabled Easily

If you are an iPhone user, you have to be more careful from now on. Smartphones are so vulnerable to theft. Do you have a lost or stolen iPhone? You may know there are only a few ways that can help you to bring it back. The strongest security of a stolen iPhone is Find My. But now your Find My can be disabled easily.

Thieves have new formulas to break into your phone by disabling your Find My security lock. Recently they are doing it with your Apple ID and password. Believe it or not, you are helping them to get this information indirectly.

This new strategy came to light a few days ago. A person named Vedant became the victim of this scam and shared his story to raise awareness for all iPhone users. So we are going to talk about what actually happened with him and how he got scammed.

Vedant’s iPhone 12 was lost. He tried to find it in all possible ways. At last, he tried with Find My to locate the phone. However, after all his efforts, he found that his phone is offline and the exact location is untraceable.

So he activated the Lost mode. When your iPhone is in lost mode, no one can access your information in it. After a few days, he lost hope to get his phone back.

How thiefs get Apple ID password to bypass Find MY?

It was another usual day. Vedant got a sudden SMS on the phone number he used in Apple ID. The SMS said the current location of his lost phone is found.

There was a link for viewing the current location of the phone. The link included words like “iCloud” and “Find MY”. That makes it so trustworthy that any tech genius can be tricked by it.

Then he received another SMS saying that “Your lost iPhone 12 Blue has been found and temporarily switched ON. View location https://icloud.findmy.com-map.pm/ktr

Obviously seeing that SMS he thought it was from Apple. If you closely see the link, it is arranged with some powerful words that seem very authentic.

Once he tapped the link, it took him to a page that asked him to log in with Apple ID and password. Instantly after he entered the details, he got a mail containing that his Apple Id was signed in from a Windows device.

As soon as he saw the mail, he changed the password and removed the Windows Desktop. But the damage was done.

The scammer got access to his Apple ID and removed the iPhone from the Apple ID. This way he lost the phone forever. So if you have a lost or stolen iPhone your Find My can be disabled easily. I think the hacker got his number by putting his lost SIM into another phone.

The number that sent the SMS was surely spoofed. It looks like the numbers that Microsoft sends to authenticate mails. Vedant might be directed to a phishing site and get exposed easily.

Now you need to be extremely careful of the links you click from unknown sources. Hopefully, Vedant’s story will help other iPhone users to protect themselves from this type of scammer.

Tom Bedfard
Tom Bedfard has been showing her expertise in the smartphone area for a decade. In one sentence, she loves smartphones and other smart gadgets. However, Tom is the leader of Techalrm’s review team. Not a single new device can escape her eyes. Well, our every review unit phone or gadget goes to her hands first. Our audiences love her works. Her honest and detailed review contents make her one of the best smartphone reviewers.

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