Why Are My Messages Sending Green To Another iPhone?

iMessage problem

Wondering why are your messages sending green to another iPhone? Don’t worry. We will let you know. It is neither a big issue nor any software bug. So your device is totally ok.

If you text your friend’s iPhone regularly, you might have noticed that your texts appear in blue. So when you are seeing that your recent texts are going green, you need a reasonable answer. The answer is iMessage. You have heard the name, right?

It seems your iMessage is not working properly. That’s why you are seeing green-colored texts instead of blue. You can fix it easily. You just need to stay with us because we are going to find out all the possible reasons and solutions for you.

Why Are My Messages Sending Green To Another iPhone?

You know that iMessage is a built-in messaging app that you will find on every Apple device. It is developed by Apple. iMessage allows you to send and receive texts, media, or files. The restriction is you can only communicate among iOS devices. You can identify an ordinary SMS and an iMessage by their color.

The color of a successfully delivered iMessage is always blue. On the other hand, normal cellular SMS texts remain in green color. But when you are sending a text to an iPhone through iMessage, and it stays in green color, that means there is something wrong with your iMessage.

Wait, don’t judge so quickly. The problem can occur from the other end. Let’s check out all the possible causes. Alongside we will also discuss the fixes.

Turned off iMessage:

If the iMessage is turned off on your device, your text will be delivered as an ordinary SMS. You will face the same issue if this happens from the recipient’s end. That might be the reason why your texts are turning green instead of blue. You have already been informed that the green color indicates normal SMS.

You can easily fix it. Just open settings, then messages. Inside the messages option, you will see iMessage. You just have to turn it On by swiping the toggle beside it. Once you have done this, text your friend to check whether it works or not.

If it does not work, you have to call your friend and tell him/her to check and turn on iMessage from his/her iPhone. Your friend can follow the same instructions given above.

Poor Wi-Fi signal or mobile data network:

You know iMessage works on the internet. It does not charge from your account or SMS plan. iMessage uses your Wi-Fi or mobile data to deliver your message. So if you have any internet issues, your iMessage will not work properly.

When this software fails to deliver your message through the internet, It chooses the SMS option. The priority is to deliver your text, not the medium. So your poor Wi-Fi signal or interrupted mobile network coverage could be responsible for your texts turning green.

The recipient changed his device:

If your messages are going green for one certain number, then there are high chances that the person you are texting has switched his/her phone. iMessage only works to communicate with other iOS devices. Every time you text any Android user with your iPhone, you will see the color of the messages is green.

You may have questions like “Why were my past conversations blue and now it is turning green with the same number?” It is because the person once used an iPhone. But recently he/she just shifted to another operating system. In this case, you need to ensure that your recipient is an iOS user.

iMessage temporarily unavailable:

Currently, we use various messaging apps according to our requirements. Each of them needs permission to run on your iPhone. When a bunch of messaging apps is active on your phone, it can easily mess with your iMessage activity. That might get your iMessage down temporarily.

Don’t panic, It is not that big of an issue. You can simply reboot your phone to get rid of this. Rebooting refreshes your phone by closing every front and background activity. It closes all apps, shuts your phone down, and restarts for you.

Once rebooting is completed, check out if the issue is still there or gone. There is another fact. Little bugs are common in electronic devices. A quick reboot also helps to overcome these types of bugs.

Apple ID sign-in issues:

Well, you have tried all the above methods and still not getting where the problem is? It’s time to try our final solution. This time you need to sign out from your Apple ID and sign back in. Follow the instructions given below.

✈ Open settings>messages>send and receive.
✈ Select and open your Apple ID from the top of the page.
✈ Sign out from your Apple ID.
✈ After signing out, sign in again.
✈ Turn on Facetime and iMessage.
✈ Delete all threads.
✈ Now restart the phone.
✈ Make sure the number is correct before starting a new conversation.

You have successfully done it. Now your iMessage should work perfectly and whenever you send any texts through iMessage to any iPhone, The color will remain blue. In some cases, people think they are being blocked, But technically, there is no connection of green color texts with blocking.

Final words

Nowadays, a large group of people prefers texting over phone calls. It is a decent way to communicate and does not create any type of disturbance. That is the reason we see a large number of messaging apps these days.

iMessage is the best texting feature of an iPhone. It is so smart that it can detect non iOS devices automatically. Now you know why your messages sending green to another iPhone. Fixing the above-mentioned pieces of stuff will quickly resolve your problems.

If none of these worked, then the probability is your friend just switched to a non iOS device. In that case, My recommendation would be to use another internet-based messaging app to communicate with that person.



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