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Different Ways – How To Repair Windows 10 Without CD?

Are you worried about windows being crashed day by day? What to do when you see your PC stop working?

Installing windows or repairing it on your computer is a hassle. First, insert a CD and then restore your windows.

How To Repair Windows 10 Without CD

You need to write an assignment, but the windows are not working correctly. At times you are in a hurry and don’t have many bits to look up the PC.

Many people use the CD to reinstall the windows. But when you are out of a disk, then what to do?

You can repair your windows ten without a CD by following some simple ways. If you want to learn different ways to troubleshoot Windows 10, then keep on reading it below.

How To Fix Startup Repair Windows Without CD?

Your PC might give you an error when turning on the computer due to corrupt Boot Configuration Data. It will blink a simple blue screen and may get off after some time. You can fix these problems with the startup windows 10. You can set it by using these steps.

  • Start the computer first.
  • Then after blinking the blue screen, forcefully shut down the PC by pressing the power button.
  • After restarting it, press the F11 button to start the troubleshooting.
  • Click on troubleshoot ~ press advance setup ~ startup repair.
  • It will take some moment, and Windows 10 will begin repairing.

Isn’t it simple?

But sometimes, the repair system does not work. Hold on! You can still fix it without losing a single data through Recoverit Windows Recovery. It can create a drive-in USB to repair.

How To Repair Windows 10 With USB

There are two ways to repair windows 10 from USB:

    1. How to reset windows 10 without losing data and apps?
    2. USB Drive repair.

How To Reset Windows 10 Without Losing Data And Apps?

If the problem is not solved with a simple repair startup, you need to install Recoverit Data Recovery. It helps to boot the PC through USB Drive.

    • It helps you from repairing all the data you ever saved.
    • It will recover all your data from the recycle bin, files, media, and even the camcorder. USB Drive Repair For Windows 10

Install the Recoverit Data recovery onto your PC. Then start the software and follow the steps to build the bootable drive-in USB.

    • Firstly, create the bootable USB Drive: press on system crash data recover to startup the software.
    • Secondly, press the button USB mode to build the bootable drive, then press the create bootable USB Drive.
    • Thirdly, press on the button format now.
    • Please wait a while before removing out the USB because it may take some time.
    • After completing the bootable drive, further guidance is given to you by Windows 10.

There are additional steps to how to repair Windows 10 without a CD and, you should follow them to boot from USB Drive.

    • Reset your computer and then connect the USB.
    • Press the key F12.
    • A window will open and then select the boot in the BIOS section.
    • Set the options to USB Drive and click F10 for the changes saved.
    • Click on the Esc button to exit from the BIOS, and you are OK to reboot from a USB drive.

Scanning For Errors

How can you find some corrupted files or errors on your computer? It is not that tricky, you assume. Below are the most straightforward steps to scan and find out mistakes.

    • Open up the search box in the startup button and type CMD.
    • Then right-click on the run as administrator.
    • Write down scan now and press the enter key.
    • After a while, you will get the results of the scan with the problems highlighted.

Refresh System

The most precise means to get rid of the issues occurring in windows 10.

    • Download the refresh tool
    • Click on settings, then update and security.
    • Launch the device, and you can get rid of all the viruses on your PC.

System Restore Command Prompt Windows 10

If you are repairing your PC by using the refresh tool, you can either reset your computer.

    • Click on the settings of the computer.
    • Press the update and security and now click on recovery.
    • You will see written reset the PC, click under on getting started.
    • This reset system will help you remove all the minor errors.

You can not only use the windows installation disc to fix all the minor problems you face. You can either use the USB method, and there are several tools to help you out. The most amazed and straightforward method is Recoverit data recovery. The software is your forever companion whenever your windows crash.

It is clearly explained above how to reinstall windows 10 without CD or USB?

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