What is Software Reporter Tool High Disk?

What is Software Reporter Tool

Software reporter tool is a part of google chrome web browser. If your system has a google chrome browser running you might see the Software reporter tool high disk. Because it uses too much CPU or memory. In this article, I’ll talk all about software reporter tool. So, stay tuned. 

Google chrome is one of the most useful browsers available. But we all know how ram consuming google chrome can be. Of course, it has its own reasons. What are they? 

Google chrome offers the best and safest web browsing experience. To do it perfectly, it uses many tools. One such tool is the Software reporter tool that consumes too much RAM or CPU. Now, Let’s discuss why it consumes too much RAM or CPU. But first, let’s know

What is the Software Reporter Tool

Software reporter tool is a part of the google chrome computer cleanup project. It ensures your device is free from any harmful or malicious apps. It works as an antivirus tool for your browser.

What is Software Reporter Tool

But if you open your task manager and go to details, you might find out software reporter tool disk usage is high. Why is that? 

Well, it works as web protection for your PC. It needs to be constantly running to protect your system from malicious apps. So, it might be working in two or three tabs. As a result, it consumes too much disk. 

Another, frequently asked question is 

Is it safe to use Security Task Manager?

Yes, the chrome software reporter tool is completely safe to use. As it is a google product. So, there is no need to worry about the software reporter tool. Moreover, No antivirus software finds is suspicious. 

But there might be a privacy concern. We all know Google has a bad reputation for selling customer data to marketing companies. So, there is a slight chance that google might sell your data. As this tool has complete access to your drives. 

Now let’s find out some of the pros and cons of Software reporter too. 


  • Protects your device from harmful software. 
  • Removes harmful programs from your device. 
  • Works as an extra layer of security. 
  • Remover unwanted browser extensions from third parties. 


  • It might slow down your system. 
  • Don’t work well sometimes. 
  • Provides false positives. 
  • It scans your drives without your permission. 
  • It might pose privacy threats sometimes. 

Well, this is all you should know about the Software reporter tool high disk. But one question remains. Should you use it? 


Wheater you should use the software reporter tool or not is completely up to you. I have shown you all about this software too. Now, it’s your decision to make. 

But I would suggest you to not use it if you have a comparatively low configuration system and privacy concerned person. Again, I would suggest you use it if you don’t use a premium antivirus and have a high configuration system. Happy Browsing!



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