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Is It Safe To Delete Windows Recovery Partition of Windows 10?

Yes, it’s safe to Delete the Windows 10 Recovery Partition. However, there are some major facts to consider before you delete your recovery partition. So, stay with us to perform this task safely.

Low Disk space is really an annoying issue nowadays. Because every software is getting more powerful and taking up much space. Every file is getting bigger too. Yes, you can always use a portable hard disk. But that can not be the solution. Then what is? 

Well, there are many hidden windows files that are of no use to us. You can always delete them. As C drive is the most important drive of your system and your system works faster if the C drive is kept clean. Moreover, most of the systems nowadays use an SSD as a C drive. So, it’s better if you keep it clean. But, how? 

One method is deleting the Recovery partition. But what is the recovery partition? 

Windows recovery partition is a Windows system file or disk image that is kept in your drive by the manufacturer of your system. If your system faces any errors or your system performance drops drastically, you can use this to factory reset your device. This special partition was introduced with Windows 8 and continued to Windows 10. 

Why Delete Recovery Partition? 

It’s a good thing, right? 

The answer is both yes and no. Let me break it for you.  

This recovery partition might show promises to resolve your system error or boost performance. But if you reboot your system to reset, you will lose all your app data. That is a thing no one wants. 

However, there are some good sides too. As most Windows users face performance issues. So, it’s best to reset your windows system once a while to increase performance. Moreover, most of the modern apps are online. So, logging into them might help get back some data.

But you will never get all your application data back. On the plus side, if you delete it, you will get free space on your C drive too. There is even more.

Because this recovery partition is of no use to those who have migrated from Windows 7/8  to Windows 10. If you have migrated and reset your system, You will get back to the previous version of your windows. So, you better get rid of this unnecessary file if you have migrated.

Now, I’ll tell you the easiest way to delete it. 

Windows 10 Recovery Partition Delete 

To follow this method you need a tool called partition wizard. Download the free version from partition wizard and follow my instructions. 

Windows Recovery Partition

  • Install and run Partition Wizard.
  • Find the Recovery Partition and right-click on it to see the menu. 

Windows Recovery Partition

  • Select delete and click on the yellow part, select apply. 
  • Boom! you are done Now select where you can add the extra space. 

These are the facts you should consider before deleting the windows 10 recovery partition. Just try to be careful while doing the job.

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