How To Turn Off Google Safe Search On iPhone?

google safe search

Do you want to turn off Google safe search on your iPhone? We are here to help you out. Turning off the safe search is an easy task. You can switch it anytime.

Safe search is a useful service provided by Google. It helps to make your search results more relevant. When the safe search mood is activated, you will get explicit results only. It filters inappropriate adult content which makes your searches kid-friendly.

We know that all Google products are highly customizable. In case you are using an iPhone, it’s not hard to find the safe search option. Either you use Google, Chrome, or Safari,

You can turn off safe search mode from all of them on your iPhone. Just stick with us, and we will show you How To Turn Off Google Safe Search On iPhone perfectly.

How To Turn Off Google Safe Search On iPhone?

Turn off Google safe search from Chrome:

We know that Chrome is a Google product. So it comes with the Google search engine. If you use it to browse websites then you can turn off safe searches from Chrome. Follow the instructions exactly as given below.

● Open Chrome and look at the upper right corner. You will see a button with three dots. Tap the button.
● You will see a pop-up with all the useful features of Chrome. Select settings, Now you will be directed to a new window with all necessary settings.
● Tap on the privacy and security option. Inside this option, you will see safe browsing.
● Open safe browsing. There are three options for choosing your browsing priority which are Enhanced protection, Standard protection, and No protection.
● Check on the dot of the No protection option.

You have successfully turned off the safe search. It is absolutely not recommended. Now you are not protected from dangerous websites, downloads, and extensions. But your other Google services are still protected.

Turn off Google safe search from Safari:

Safari is one of the most famous browsers. It is developed by Apple. Safari is the built-in iOS browser. Most Apple users prefer Safari and use it for everyday tasks. Here is a piece of good news for you, you can turn off safe search mode in Safari. For this, first, you need to ensure that you are using the Google search engine in Safari.

● Open Settings, Scroll down and look for Safari.
● Open Safari and you will find the first option under general is the search engine.

Here you can see the selected search engine for your Safari. If another search engine is selected then you can change it to Google. Now follow the instructions to turn off Google safe search from Safari.

● Open Safari,
● Type in the search bar.
● You will be directed to a page that includes search settings. Here you will have an option named SafeSearch Filters.
● Select Show more relevant results to turn off Google safe search feature.
● Click the Save button from the bottom and select Done from the upper right corner.

Yes, You have done it. Now you can browse without any protection which is of course not the best idea.

Turn off Google safe search from Google app:

This one is a dedicated searching app from Google. In this app, They just cut out all other features and kept the search engine only. Well, it’s really a weird idea. But technically it worked in their case. You can say Google knows everyone’s demand.

If you have this app on your iPhone, you can turn off safe search from there also. This time, the process is almost similar to the previous one. Check out the following instructions.

● Open the Google app.
● Look at the upper left corner. You will see a settings icon.
● Click on the settings icon. It will take you to a customization page.
● Look closely under the privacy features. There is an option named search setting.
● Open the search settings and you will see a familiar page. It is the same page you opened with Safari.
● Here you will see the SafeSearch Filters. Now fill the circle named Show most relevant results.
● After that select Save and don’t forget to tap on the Done button.

Every time you get into the SafeSearch Filters, you will see two options. When you select the first one which is Show more relevant results means you are turning off safe searching. On the other hand, If you select Filter explicit results, It turns on your safe searching mode. So do not get confused.

Finally, you can get all kinds of search results from Google. But in some regions, the safe search is enforced by their government. That’s why some network providers set it fixed according to the law. In that case, you can not change it. Hopefully, you have got all your answers related to Google safe search.

More about turning off the Google safe search mode on your iPhone:

Well, Google safe search mood is a very effective feature when you have kids or parents around you. As you have decided to turn this off, We have three actual ways to do it on your iPhone.

You already have Safari pre-installed on your device. Let’s consider you also have Google and Google Chrome apps because each of them contains the Google search engine. So you have to turn off the safe search mode from every one of them.

Final words

As you know, Google took our searching experience to the next level. They always care about consumers’ demands. That is why they just started with a search engine and currently, they are one of the top multinational technology companies.

In my opinion, As long as it is your personal phone, you can turn off the safe search mode. But if your kids or parents have access to this phone, turning off this feature would not be a good decision.

The safe search mode is not 100% accurate, But you know, something is better than nothing. Google focuses a lot on research and development (R&D). Better R&D means better results. So the efficiency of the safe search will improve with time.



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