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Why Is Android Studio So Slow? Know Why!

If an android developer is asked, which is the most important thing to you? Of course, Android Studio will be the answer for all Android developers. Because all Android developers have to spend a lot of time with this IDE. But why Is Android Studio So Slow?

It’s a common issue for every user. No worries, here I will give you the complete solution.

It’s Google’s official compiler for developing native Android applications, and over a long period, it has evolved into a very powerful IDE with many functions and features. But there are still some issues with this IDE, especially since all the developers have complained about Android Studio Speed.

This article will explain all the issues related to Android Studio speed, which is Why Is Android Studio So Slow, and how to increase speed. If you want to increase the performance of your Android studio, stay tuned to the end of this article.

Below are some common questions and answers related to the problems of Android Studio. Through these questions and answers, you can understand the reasons why Android Studio is slowing down.

Why Is Android Studio So Slow?

Android Studio is usually a bit slow. The main reason for this is that it mimics the ARM APU and GPU in contrast to the iOS simulator, which runs x86 code instead of the actual hardware-driven ARM code. Then Android studio runs an Android virtual device or AVD.

How to increase Android Studio performance or speed?

A slow Android studio is very painful for a developer. When it comes to app development, a lot of time has to be spent on a lot of logical issues, so if the IDE works slow or hangs, there can be nothing more annoying than this at the moment.

Above I have talked about some common issues of Android Studio, it mentions what kind of featured computer it takes to use Android Studio. But since Android is heavy, these problems can also occur on high configuration computers.

So now I will mention and explain below how you can get rid of this troublesome problem if you set up Android Studio.

Disable Useless Plugins

Everyone is installing a lot of cool plugins in Android Studio, most of which are not always needed. To enable the plugin that you always need and disable everything else.

Unnecessary files or projects

Most of the time we create a lot of projects but we don’t complete them, we work on other projects. These projects are also very heavy, that’s why such unusable projects impede memory and performance. So delete the unnecessary projects from the studio, then add them again if necessary.

Try using one project at a time

The projects that are created in Android studio are very heavy.  If more than one project is open at the same time, the computer is likely to hang. So if your computer doesn’t have high high-quality features, then try to work by creating one project at a time.

Memory settings

Memory settings should be set up to suit your needs. Because there are a lot of unnecessary things going on in memory that prevent PC and Android Studio from performing best. So turn off the extra things that are running in your memory, this will speed up the Android Studio.

Clearing Cache

There is a lot of junk in the  Android studio cache, clearing this cache is good for speeding up.

Update  Android Studio

If we look at the previous Android Studio, they were much heavier than now. As the days by Android Studio are getting faster and smoother. The number of Android developers is increasing day by day.

Google is always trying to make Android Studio light, fast and smooth, and constantly going with updates. So if you update regularly, you will get the updates provided by Google.


We all know about SSD, if you don’t have it on your PC then add SSD. Because this not only makes Android Studio work faster on your computer. An SSD is much more dynamic than a hard disk.

How much RAM does one need for Android Studio?

You need a minimum of 4GB of RAM to use Android Studio, 8GB recommended. Because when using Android Studio, only 4GB RAM will be used alone. However, you can use it with less than 4GB RAM but in that case, it will be very annoying. And you will have a problem getting a minimum performance.

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Which of Windows and Linux is best for Android Studio?

The best operating system for the android studio is Linux because windows itself is much heavier and OSX usually comes with second-class hardware. Linux is also the number one choice of the leading android app development company.

Is Android Studio good for beginners?

Android Studio is a very heavy and feature-rich software. That’s why it can be very difficult to learn to understand this software in the first case. But at the moment Android studio is the only and only official IDE for Android. So I would always recommend you to use Android Studio. If you learn to use it well, you will not need any other IDE help for app development.

Final Words

The number of Android system users is the highest in the world. Lots of Android apps are being created and released in the Play Store every day. So if you are an Android developer or are thinking of starting Android development, I would say start, of course, it will be a good decision for you.

This is a widely used IDE  because it has all the features and plugins of Android development. That’s why using this IDE doesn’t require the help of any other IDE or other plugins.

Above I have explained why Android Studio can be slow or what to do if it becomes slow. So if your Android Studio is slow, and you want to know why it is slow and fix it, read the article above. I hope you find your desired solution.

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