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HP Laptop Screen Replacement

Having your laptop screen broken is a devastating feeling. Even more so if you use it for work or school purposes and have some pending tasks, your first reaction may be to start looking for a cheap and quick replacement.

Fortunately, you may be able to avoid spending a fortune depending on the situation. Unless the damage is beyond repair, there are a few ways that can help you minimize your spending. In some cases, you may not even need to hire any professional help. Instead, you can fix it yourself.

In case of a broken or cracked screen, you will need to assess the damage. Depending on the damage, you will have to decide on repairing or replacing parts of your laptop.

HP Laptop Screen Replacement

Before you decide on your course of action, you have to ensure that the real problem lies with the screen. After you have confirmed that the screen is the one with the issue, there are three ways that you can look for your HP laptop screen replacement.

HP Laptop Screen Replacement

Hiring Professional Help

If you are not confident to do the replacement yourself, you should look for a computer repair shop. Contrary to popular belief, they do not tend to be outrageously expensive. While it will be costlier than replacing the screen yourself, many repair shops offer quality services at an affordable price.

However, you will have to make sure that the technician is worth his/her salt. It is better to hire a professional that has experience working with HP laptops. As the screen you will need has to be compatible with your model, the ones with experience will get you the most suitable one.

Do It Yourself

While repairing your laptop screen yourself may seem like an intimidating job, it is not a complicated job if you have the time and the tools. You may not even need to hire professional help if there is no extensive damage to the body of your HP laptop. Make sure to order a replacement screen that is compatible with your model.

To help you with the process, we will concisely describe the step-by-step procedure to you.

      • Remove the Power Source: Unplug the laptop from any power source before opening it up. You may also want to take out its battery.
      • Remove Stickers and Screws: Use a safety pin or needle to remove the stickers. After doing so, you will be able to see the screws on the bezel. Remove those screws with a screwdriver.
      • Remove the Bezel: Use a flat object like a putty knife to pry the bezel from the metal case. Do not be alarmed if you hear a plastic-snapping sound. That is the sound of the plastic tabs letting go of the metal frame. Keep the bezel in a safe place as you will need to reinstall it.
      • Remove the LCD: You will find the LCD screen secured onto the metal frame. Carefully take it out from the left and right sides. If there are screws fastening the screen to the metal frame, remove them.
      • Disconnect the Cable Connectors: You can find the connector cable in the center or the bottom of the screen. The manufacturers may have used adhesive to connect the cable to the screen. Gently remove the line and keep the tape someplace safe.
      • Insert the New Screen: Place the new screen face down within the frame. Make sure to align it perfectly and secure it using tape.
      • Turn It On: Once you have inserted the new screen, power up your HP laptop. That way, you can make sure that the installation process has gone smoothly.
      • Reinstall the Bezel: Once you have made sure that there are no issues with the installation process, your laptop is ready for use. Reinsert the screws and cover it back up with tape. Take the previously-removed bezel and reattach it to the frame. Line it up correctly to make sure the bezel fits perfectly.
        Then reinsert the screws and tapes. You should not be able to see any cracks on the screen.

Buying a New Laptop

You will want to replace your current HP laptop in two cases. If the damage is beyond repair, you will have to get yourself a new laptop. Or if the repair cost is way too expensive and it will be better to replace the old laptop with a new one.

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Just because your laptop screen has broken does not mean it is the end of the world. We hope that our article about the HP laptop screen replacement has shown you your available course of action. So, if you follow our concise guide, your laptop screen replacement mission will go swimmingly.

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