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How To Turn On Asus Laptop Without The Power Button

If you had to pick any key that is the most important in your laptop, which one would you choose? Many would select the power button. Their reason for choosing the power button as the most crucial key on a computer is simple. You cannot turn your laptop on without the power button.

However, that is not the case at all. There are many different ways you can turn your laptop on without the power button. The Asus laptops developers have seen it fit to ensure that their users do not suffer just because they are missing one key.

Your power button can lose its functionality due to many reasons. But that does not mean you cannot use your laptop until you get the button fixed. Here we are going to discuss how to turn on Asus laptops without the power button.

Shorting Your PC

Before we jump right into it, do note that you are short-circuiting the laptop to turn it on in this process. So, if you are thinking of opening up your laptop every time, it may lead to some hardware issues in the long run. So, if you plan on using your current laptop for a long time, there are other safer options out there.

To start, open the chassis of your Asus laptop. Make sure to hold on to all the nuts and bolts. Now that you have opened up the chassis, you will have to locate the port where the power button’s ribbon is plugged in. Once you have found the port, carefully disconnect the power button.

Get a small conductor. You will see that there are some pins in the power button port. Locate the first and third pins and use the small conductor to short-circuit them. Your laptop should power up once you do that.

If your laptop has not turned on, you can try shorting all the pins simultaneously. Do not worry. Shorting them will not harm your laptop in any way. If you have correctly shorted the circuit, your laptop will power up in a short while.

Once you have turned your Asus laptop on, you should change some settings in your BIOS menu. That way, you will not have to short-circuit your laptop every time you want to turn it on. And you will be able to minimize any effect on your hardware.

Go to the BIOS menu and locate the ‘Power On While Open Lid’ option. That way, every time you open the lid, your computer will identify that action as the command for turning on.

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How To Turn On Asus Laptop Without The Power Button

Setting Up A New Power Button

Your Asus laptop has an option to use the keyboard to turn your laptop on. However, the developers have seen fit to keep this option disabled to enhance the user’s experience. Now that your power button is not functioning, you can enable this option by accessing the BIOS menu.

      • Enter your BIOS menu during startup. Or, if you already have your PC turned on, go to the settings menu in the start options.
      • You will see an ‘Update & Security’ option in the settings menu. Click on it.
      • You will see many options in there. Select the option ‘Recovery’ from there.
      • Once you have entered the Recovery menu, you will find yourself in a tab. You will see two options. Select the ‘Restart Now’ from the ‘Advanced Setup.’
      • Get to the ‘Power Management’ tab and press the Enter button.
      • You will see an option named ‘Power On by Keyboard’ or something similar in the Power Management tab. Check the box next to it. You can also use the ‘+’ or ‘-’ button to enable the option.
      • The system will ask you to set a preferred key as the power button. Select a button that you rarely use.
      • Save the settings and exit the menu.
      • Now turn off your laptop and try turning it on with your set key.

Using A Different Power Source

Here is another option to turn your laptop on without using the power button. It is a good way for those users who do not want to short-circuit their laptops to turn them on.

The motherboard is connected to the power button through a cable. Find it and disconnect it. Make sure to leave the cable unplugged. Now, take the battery out of your Asus laptop and plug the laptop directly into the socket. You will notice that your laptop is powering up.

You can now reinstall the battery into the laptop. You can either keep the laptop plugged in or disconnect it. It is totally up to you.

Now that you have reached the end of the article, you know how to turn on your Asus laptop without the power button. However, make sure to get your power button fixed, as it is an essential part of your laptop.

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