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Incredible Features of Baseus MagSafe Battery Pack & Power Bank

Are you looking for one of the best power banks? If yes, then we can help to pick one. Recently we have seen people are struggling a lot to choose a good quality power bank. You know the phone accessory market is full of clones and fake products. So picking the right product is important.

If you need an advanced power bank that can charge your phone wirelessly, you can go for the Baseus MagSafe battery pack and power bank. When you search for a power bank, you will find various options. But the specific one we are talking about is itself a beast.

Wondering why we are saying that? You will know after checking out the specs. Now let’s make it short and see the capabilities of this new device.

All the features of Baseus MagSafe battery pack & power bank:

If you have never heard about Baseus, then let us introduce you to this smartphone accessories manufacturer. It builds headphones, earphones, chargers, and power bank kinds of stuff. The brand is known for value-for-money products. Every time it comes with the new and necessary tech products that anyone can afford.

The Baseus Magsafe is a 10000mAh power bank. It is not just an ordinary power bank. This powerful device supports MagSafe and is built for charging compatible smartphones wirelessly. You will also get one USB C and one USB A port for hassle-free wired charging that can reach up to 20 watts of fast charging. Let’s start sequentially with the packaging.

Packaging and Looks

The box is simple. Inside the box, you will get a USB type C to A cable for charging and some user manuals alongside the power bank. If you want, you can read them for a better understanding. The power bank feels great in hand. It is well balanced and handy. Overall nothing special to say about the packaging.

The look of this power bank is quite smart. One surface is flat. You can call that the back part. Another surface is bulky with enough space for the camera bump where the phone attaches to the magnet. There is a small LCD screen for observing the battery percentage. That turns off automatically for power saving.

Key features

This device is a full package. It can charge three devices at a time. You can plug in other devices while it keeps charging in wireless mode. For wired charging, it supports 20 watts fast charging that can vary for different phones. But you will get at least 18 watts for Qualcomm Quickcharge supported devices.

Therefore your phone’s battery can reach 0% to 50% within 35 minutes. So now you do not need a fast charging adapter. The wireless charging works normally. There is no fast charging support for wireless. In wireless mode, your phone will probably charge in 5 to 7 watts.

That is decent enough. The power bank itself takes 3 hours to get recharged fully. That’s why we call it a fast and powerful beast.


There is no doubt that this power bank is one of the safest. Baseus included a smart protection chip in it that prevents overcharging, overheating, short-circuit, rebooting, and other problems. Moreover, an indicator light is there for keeping you tension-free while wireless charging.

Now let’s talk about the grip. We know it is very important. A wireless charger should hold your device properly. Otherwise, it can fall off and that would be a nightmare to you. For preventing this problem there are 18 built-in magnets. They are so powerful that you never have to worry about slipping.

Another problem we should talk about is scratching. No one wants a power bank that may leave a scratch in time of attaching it to the wireless charging surface. Baseus took care of it. They kept the surface so soft that it would never hurt your phone. That’s why you can make yourself comfortable with the Baseus MagSafe battery pack and power bank.

Compatible devices

Although you can charge any smartphone with this power bank, it was mainly built on focusing the iPhone 12 lineup. The wireless charging base completely matches with them. As the iPhone 13 has just been released and there is no such difference in dimensions, it will support them too.

A few Android devices can be used for wireless charging. The Samsung Galaxy S series flagship phones which support wireless charging can be charged by it. You can charge other phones with a USB cable as well. So you do not need to worry about a dead battery wherever you go.

You can charge the iPhone 12 battery 2.4 times and iPhone 12 mini 3 times with its 10000 watts capacity. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra which carries a larger battery can be charged 1.6 times. We know that doesn’t seem enough. But you can consider this for its incredible and advanced features.

Final words

Do you know what should be your main concern before purchasing a power bank? That is the safety of your device. You can not risk your valuable phone just for a portable charging facility. Once people thought using a power bank is not healthy for the battery, and that is not just a rumor.

However, if you have a proper and authorized accessory, that will never harm your device. Baseus is a renowned brand. It produces good quality accessories for a long time. So you can surely trust the Baseus products. Moreover, you need to be extremely aware of fake products. Their built quality always varies from the actual one which feels premium.

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