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Do you know about Samsung’s upcoming budget tablet leaks?

iPad is the most successful till now in the world of Tabs, cause iPad has created a different demand and marketplace for it. Also, it has been ruling this genre for a long time. But Samsung, the iPad’s biggest competitor, is not far behind. 

Samsung is always trying to focus on making the best tabs. According to sources, Samsung is going to create the best budget-friendly tab. The Galaxy Tab A8 will be the next budget-friendly tab. Thanks to @OnLeaks and @91Mobiles for this render leak. 

This budget-friendly Galaxy Tab A8 is expected to be released in 2021. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is this tab really budget-friendly? Stay tuned to the end of the article for more details on the budget-friendly Galaxy Tab A8.

Design pattern and features of Galaxy Tab A8: 

The design of the Galaxy Tab A8 looks a lot like the A7. The Galaxy Tab A7 is being modified slightly to make the Galaxy Tab A8, so there are a lot of similarities in the design. Like the previous model, there is still a large bezel around the display, the position of the camera is in the front of the bezel on the right side and a Samsung logo on the back.

According to sources, it will be made of an aluminum body and is expected to be 8.7 mm thick.

  • Display

For your kind of information, Samsung is always the best for display. So like the previous A7, the A8 also has a 10.4-inch full HD display.

  • Camera

This time there is a special change in the camera. Previously the camera in A7 was square-shaped but the camera shape in A8 is round. The tab also has an 8MP rear camera.

  • Speakers

The Galaxy Tab A8 tab has dual speakers. One speaker is at the top of the tab and another speaker is at the bottom of the tab. It is expected that the sound quality will be quite good.

  • Charging Port

The USB-C type of port will be used on the Galaxy Tab A8 as a charging port. As we know, USB-C is used for fast charging. So it can be assumed that this Tab will also come up with a fast-charging feature.

  • Headphone jack

Because of the Bluetooth headphone facility, lots of devices removed the feature of the headphone jack but the Galaxy Tab A8 will come up with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

  • Fingerprint Sensor

Nowadays Phones/Tab will not have a fingerprint sensor, how is that possible? This Tab also has a fingerprint sensor. On the right side of the Tab, there is a volume up and down button along with a fingerprint sensor button.

  • Processor

The full specification of the Galaxy Tab A8 has not been revealed yet. So it is difficult to say which processor will be used in this tab. However, we can assume that the Snapdragon’s processor will be used because the A7 uses the Snapdragon 662. 

As mentioned earlier, this tab will have similarities with the A7, so it is more likely to use Snapdragon’s processor. 

  • Price

Since it is going to be a budget tab, this device configuration is never going to be equal to the iPad’s. Because it would not be wrong to say the iPad is a little expensive. Not everyone can afford it. So with everyone thinking that they can afford it, Samsung is thinking of launching the new Galaxy Tab A8.

Although there is still no clear idea about the price, the budget tab means that it is much more affordable than the iPad and A7. The actual price of the tab will be known after the official update.

Release date

The only news that has been leaked is that Samsung has taken the initiative to create a new budget tab. The release date of the tab is not sure until the next leak or official update. However, it is expected that the tab will be released later this year.

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This is basically the first leak by @OnLeaks and @91Mobiles. All the information about the device is an assumption so it may or may not be considered partially true. Do not worry, all the details will be known if Samsung officially provides updates about the device.

Every time Samsung releases a new product, it tries to ensure the quality of the product. However, it is expected that Samsung will come up with something better this time around to expand their marketplace.

How budget-friendly it will be according to the quality of the product can be verified only after the release of the Galaxy Tab A8, so wait until then.

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