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Best 20 Photo Editing Apps Used Worldwide On Android

Photo editing software is able to control or improve digital image quality. This category of software starts with a preliminary application. This Software’s is able to work in industrial-related

That professional use for advanced or superior work. Such Photographers must be able to use Android Apps for their professional work. 

Typically, a photograph editing software uses images crazy a camera. Those are then uploaded or imported into a software program. As touchscreen technology and wireless file sharing become more powerful. Many photographers like to use tablets or smartphones. They use it as an alternative to traditional themed desktops or laptops to use their photo editing software programs.

There are many free apps for photo editing where most are free and able to do all Kinds of work. You can work according to your needs by selecting the right app.

The names of the current best apps are given below:

1. Snapseed
2. Adobe Lightroom
3. Adobe Photoshop Express
4. PicsArt
6. Photo Editor Pro
7. Canva
8. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor
9. AirBrush
10. YouCam Perfect
11. MotionLeap by Lightricks
12. Fotor Photo Editor
13. InShot Photo Editor Pro
14. TouchRetouch
15. Photo Lab Picture Editor
16. LightX Photo Editor & Effects
17. Photo Effects Pro
18. PhotoDirector 
19. Foodie Camera for Life Free 
20. LiveCollage  Free

1. Snapseed

Complete and Advanced photograph altering on a cell phone. It’s made by Google.

It provides an easy to use user-friendly UI. So it can be easily learned and worked professionally. Many tools will come in front of you when you pick the image you want to edit. You can work professionally by using these tools.

Tools are curves, white balance, expand, Contrast, brush, and so on. Using these tools, it’s possible to perform many complex tasks, like recovering, removing noise, changing the head, changing dress, and so on.

2. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe is a software known for Mac and Windows that works with photography, graphics video editing, and so on. Lightroom is also an app like adobe. It’s free and more powerful for photo editing and camera applications that help capture and add effect. Lightroom has an easy UI(user interface) that’s why users can easily understand and learn.

Just pick the photo or take camera shots and use tools and check the changes. Professional photographers will benefit a lot from using this app as all the effects and tools here are able to work on a professional level. Everything in this app professional levels.  Such as enhancements, stunning, extra objects, adjusted perspective, effects are all 

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Like Lightroom, Photoshop is a part of Adobe’s apps and the most popular, if not the photo editor apps for Windows and Mac. If you’re wondering what the difference is between Lightroom and Photoshop Express, Lightroom is the use of mentioned color grading such as contrast and saturation.

Although Photoshop works by adds or removes extra elements from images, such as adding extra layers, stickers, text, and so on. You can first use Lightroom to tweak the colors in an image and then add extra objects if you want to import them into Photoshop.

Like Lightroom, the primary version is free but you need to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud to unlock other features.

4. PicsArt

PicsArt is also a professional android application for photo editing. Over 150 million users around the world use it. Its User Interface is very user-friendly so don’t worry about understanding and learning. So it can be easily learned and worked professionally.

It makes professional-level designs. Such as removing noise, photo grid, background removal, eraser, changing dress, changing hair, body, head, and so on. This app has the ability to selfies with many filters. Of course, Photographer can use the PicsArt app to work according to his needs.

PicsArt has lots of effects that look very polite.  Much more professional work can be done. Such as creating colleges, swap backgrounds, add stickers, signature font, remove objects.


VSCO is like an online app only for photographs. It’s like Pinterest because it also presents pictures to clients.VSCO provides creative images with 200+ filters. Even after taking pictures or adding filters, much more work can be done using the tools. It also does a lot of work like the lightroom app.

It’s also possible to make an impression,splendor, difference, shadow, and so many other works. For many purposes, it works as a photographer manager. Like other apps, it is very easy to learn and work professionally. Just take a photo with or without effects then use tools like contrast and saturation.

Texture film effects and so on according to your choice. If you join VESCO membership then you will access many effects over 200+, use many frames with color, border, HSL, and Split tone tools.

6. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is a photograph manager application for Android. It is made by Inshot which is famous for its video altering application. In case you are searching for a photograph proofreader that is a Swiss Army blade.  It has pretty much every element that you need to alter a photograph. At that point, this application is for you, despite the fact that it is a nonexclusive marking and name. 

It can do everything from essential alterings like channels and editing to adding neon impacts and various overlays. 

It even has an improving component that eliminates stains from photographs. It can likewise be utilized to make montages.

7. Canva

If you’re a graphic designer or you use templates to create cover photos for social media or something like that, you’ve heard of the canvas. It is a popular website that can be used to edit photos and is also available for Android.

Canva provides a lot of templates for multiple use-cases. Such as posts, stories,  thumbnails, flyers, invitations, and so on. It is very handy to create an attractive image using the existing templates.

If you want to be more creative, you can choose to create your own image entirely from scratch. If you would like to style or edit photos for specific templates and purposes, look no further.

8. Pixlr – Free Photo Editor / $1.99

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor is a great app, many professional photographers also call this app a powerful photo editing app. The main reason for this strong cover is that there are many options to work with creativity in this app.

You do not need to log in to use this app, you can just download and start working. After editing the photo, there is an option to share it through various social media. The Pixlr application provides over 2 million free services. Pixlr has all kinds of tools for working professionally.

However, the benefits that you can get using these apps are given below.

  • Easily collage design as well as customized ratio, background and grid style can be done perfectly. 
  • There are ways to use double exposure, which helps for perfect level and consistent clarity.
  • There are lots of effects, backgrounds, and stickers.

9. AirBrush

AirBrush is a very effective photo editing app. If we judge an app by its Playstore rating, then this app is one of the best. Because the Airbrush app has a 4.6 rating and has been downloaded more than 50 million times.

Yes, these things easily reveal how good this app is.The Airbrush photo editing application has gained equal popularity. Both in personal and professional terms.  This app uses the best filter technology that is really amazing.

There are many things in common with photo editing apps, but some features make one app different from others. So Airbrush photo editing apps have some of the features that make this app popular with users.

Below I am mentioning the best features of AirBrush.

  • Many types of premium filters.
  • Perfect stain and acne remover.
  • The perfect and easy way to whiten teeth and use eye lenses.
  • Perfectly filtered skin.
  • Amazing real-time editing.

10. YouCam Perfect 

YouCam Perfect is a well-known and widely used photo editing application around the world. Nowadays, almost all photo editing apps have a way to take good selfies. But YouCam Perfect apps are the best way to take perfect selfies from the beginning.

That’s why YouCam Perfect has a lot of reputation as the perfect selfie app. But now there is no limit to this perfect selfie, “YouCam Perfect” is now able to work perfectly on many more aspects of photo editing.

Below I am giving you the benefits of YouCam Perfect in the form of points.

  • Perfect face filtering in real-time.
  • There are many frames for creating amazing collage photos.
  • In the case of animation, the effect added in the photo is giving perfect output.
  • There are ways to use layers to facilitate multiple tasks.
  • There are all kinds of tools and filters for professional editing.

11. MotionLeap by Lightricks

Now I’m going to talk about a photo editing app that Google has selected as the best photo editing in 2019. Yes, this app was the best in 2019 based on its features and performance.

This is a pro app for regular use. You can easily animate your photos. There are many types of 3D live filters that can be used to bring magical changes to an image.

It takes a lot of time and skill to do this with Photoshop, but it can be done with just a few clicks using the MotionLeap by Lightricks app.

  • Take a look at the main features of this app below.
  • Add motion to the animation picture.
  • Lots of Cinematic background.
  • Add motion to specific parts using animation effects on images.
  • Photo effects can be easily created
  • All the masterpiece tools of photo editing.

12. Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor is another high-rating photo editing application from Playstore. This app has a rating of 4.5 and has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

When it comes to the Photo Editor app, the first thing to talk about is its advanced features. Because of the color balance, Dahaze, HSL, Curve, Denoise used in this app, these features have much better performance than all other apps.

If you know what can be done with one click in this app, you can better understand why this app is on the list of the best. Adjust the light, tone, photo clearer, enhance, color balance, add filters, and much more you can use in your photo with one click.

13. InShot Photo Editor Pro

The InShot Photo Editor Pro application has become very popular among those who do video shoots with a smartphone. But did you know that this app is also on the list of the best photo editing apps in terms of photo editing?

The Inshot Photo Editor Pro app has over 1000 filters, background patterns, frames, fun stickers. That automatically help bring a premium look to the image.  The main reason why this app is so popular is that it is able to do perfect editing automatically.

Another thing is that among the apps in our list, the highest rating in the Google Play Store is occupied by the Inshot Photo Editor Pro app, which is 4.8.

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14. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch has been included in our list of best photo editing apps. Because there are some different things in the app. The problem with editing photos with a smartphone is that the screen is small. So you have to face some problems to perform the task of removing that object.

This is where the Touch Reach photo editing app works differently. Much attention has been paid to the removal of objects in the app. It can be said that it works a lot like magic. So, let’s take a look at what benefits this app is able to give you. 

  • Able to remove any kind of wire, perfectly.
  • A perfect way to remove any kind of acne scars on the skin.
  • Perfectly able to move any object in the photo.
  • There are many professional work options with one click.
  • It has all the tools you need to work professionally

15. Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Lab Picture Editor & Art is such an excellent photo editing app that no one will understand if you don’t use it. This app has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. I don’t know if any other photo editing has been downloaded so much.

Anyone using this app can bring in professional people in photo editing because the user interface is much simpler. So you don’t have to go to any professional editor for photo editing. Since this app is internet-based, users always get all the updates.

Let’s see what benefits the Photo Lab Picture Editor app gives users.

  • More than 900 Realistic photo effects.
  • Lots of cinematic frames.
  • Face photo montages.
  • Lots Of Realistic Filters.
  • Almost everything are often through with just a couple of clicks.

16. LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects

One thing about LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects apps is that it is a free app all in all. One of the features of this app is that it can be used to select specific objects perfectly.

As a result, you can easily change the color, curve, level, brightness, exposure, saturation, shadow, and many more things in a perfect way.

In addition, many types of premium look filters such as Drama, B&W, Vintage, Retro, Grunge are also provided for free.

For those who want to edit at a professional level with mobile apps, this app also has professional-type tools.

The LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects app also got a 4.5 rating in the Playstore, which makes it easy to guess that it is one of the best photo editing apps.

17. Photo Effects Pro

Photo effects are the most important part of professional photo editing. The Photo Effects Pro app is widely used around the world for its effects. That’s why it’s are so popular with professional editors.

All the effects are present in this app to give a cinematic look to any photo. The biggest thing is that these apps provide all the effects for free. See below for the benefits that the Photo Effects Pro app provides. The app has a rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store and has been downloaded more than 50 million times

  • More than 300 premium backgrounds
  • 30 dips and 40 special effects
  • More than 50 superclass frames
  • More than 100 stickers
  • Perfect background removal

18. PhotoDirector Animate Photo & Background Editor

PhotoDirector Editor is another best app for the photo editing world. Most of the apps we use for photo editing work automatically. But this app is a different thing in that it can do the job of photo editing manually like a professional. This is why the app pays more attention to manual photo editing than many filters.

The PhotoDirector Photo Editor app also received a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store and 5 million downloads. Then I hope you understand why I put this app on the list of the best photo editing apps.

Using the app, anyone can add animation to any image with a few clicks. The animation tools provided in this app are truly incredible. Because there are many types of animation tools, all of which are for professional use.

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19. Foodie Camera for Life Free 

Foodie Camera for Life is a free photo editing app. This app is especially good for taking food pictures. We take pictures of food almost all the time, in most cases, these are not as good as the mind.

However, Foodie has been developed with an emphasis on food photography. There are many filters in this app that you can use to take pictures of food and these pictures will definitely be to your liking.

Even after taking pictures, you can do more professional editing, starting with filter chains.

20. LiveCollage  Free

There are many types of free apps for creating collage pictures. But LiveCollage is the best of them all. This app has over 1000 layouts for creating collage photos. There is also the advantage of editing college photos. Because all the tools for photo editing are in this app. Using which you can make your collage picture more beautiful and attractive.


If you want to be more creative, you can choose to create your own image entirely from scratch. If you would like to style or edit photos for specific templates and purposes, look no further.

Nowadays editing has become the most important part of personal and business.

A few days ago these were very complex tasks that no one could do without an expert.

But now with the arrival of the mobile revolution, everyone easily learns.

So you don’t need to create them manually like Photoshop or Illustrator, which is why you will do work without expertise. We have given the descriptions of the present best photo editing apps. Hopefully, you read the descriptions and choose consistent with your needs.

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