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Ublock Origin Vs Adblock Plus – Everything You Need To Know

There is a lot of confusion among users about Ublock Origin Vs Adblock Plus. However, in this article, I will discuss them in detail, so stay tuned.

Do You know how much it costs for companies to advertise worldwide each year? More than 500 billion is spent on advertising each year. Advertising is the main income source for most big companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, and so on.

Nowadays everyone is involved with net browsing, so everyone knows about ads. Ads are seen in all sectors of net browning, which sometimes becomes very annoying.

Sometimes there are situations where the original file tie cannot be selected or is unrecognized due to the net.

I promise you will get rid of these worries soon. Because below I have described all features and compared two blockers of uBlock Origin and Adblock plus. By reading these you will know for sure which one you should use.

Ublock Origin Vs Adblock Plus

Many people use blockers to get rid of these annoying issues. There are many types of block apps and extensions, the best two of them are uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus. Which one will you use or are you worried about which one might be better for you to use? let’s start.

Why Do Ads Blockers Originate?

When we are browsing the net, there is a lot of inconsistency when opening a link to go from one webpage to another webpage. Such as whenever we open a link from a webpage or an unknown website, we are attacked with lots of ads. They will pop up directly on the webpage or open a new tab.

These ads are not only annoying but also very harmful sometimes. Because they carry viruses like phishing, malware, and so on, which can do a lot of damage to your system.

Developers are creating blockers to get rid of these problems. By using this blocker you will get rid of this annoying problem.

Whether To Use The Ad Blockers Or Not?

The use of ads blockers is slowly increasing, which is making many people aware. But still, there is some confusion among many about using it. So let’s try to understand whether the blocker is necessary for you or not.

Nowadays, advertisers have become aggressive, and it’s growing day by day. They don’t think anyone is being blessed with their ads. So they find places online where there are more people. Most people like to use blockers to get rid of these ads.

uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus Comparison

uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus are the best two blockers from others. But people are very confused about uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus. Are you in this confusion? If there is confusion then read below I describe different aspects of these two blockers.

History Of uBlock Origin

uBlock’s previous name was μBlock, but the name was later changed to “uBlock” for various reasons. uBlock Raymon Hill created Community- Maintenance to use blocklists, add values when publishing features, and publish values to enhance the value of code. Chrome and Opera were released in June 2014 as the first extension.

History Of AdBlock Plus

The original version of Adblocker first appeared in 2002, developed by a Danish University student, whose name is Henrik Sorensen. Then in 2015, a beta version was released based on firebox for mobile.

Popularity And Availability

In terms of popularity and availability, these two are at the top. uBlock origin was released eight years after the Adblock Plus, but two are close in terms of popularity and number of users.

UBlock Origin is available as an extension for Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Microsoft Edge, and Safari Chromium. 

Adblock Plus is available as an extension for Android, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Safari, and Yandex browsers. Adblock Plus is available for more browsers, especially Internet Explorer, as some people use Windows XP.

However, uBlock Origin has come a long way in terms of use over the past three years. But since the Adblock plus is used on more platforms, it still holds a lot of popularity.

User Interface

The navigational comfort of the extension depends on how fast you understand the user interface. uBlock Origin has a very simple user-friendly design and clean user interface. Just a big ON/OFF button at the top, then a date block request, some statistics about the corresponding domain, and so on.

The Adblock Plus has the same enabled and disabled button options, and a way to view the performance statistics. Also, there is an option to share these statistics on Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

The user interface(UI) of these blockers is very simple and user-friendly, that’s why everyone can use it easily. However, if you want to make a difference, uBlock Origin is more enjoyable.


It’s very difficult to distinguish between the two platforms in terms of setting because the two platforms belong to companies. However, if users have to differentiate according to use, uBlock Origin is a little tidy.

There are 6 tabs in the settings section of Ublock Origin. These are general settings, my rules, whitelist, My filters, and third-party filters. All you have to do is check/ uncheck most of them.

Where Adblock Plus has four tabs, these are white list domain, your filter, add a filter, and general settings. It’s a bit more messy and complex than uBlock origin.

Function and Features

The actual comparison of Adblock Plus vs uBlock now comes to the most important aspect here. Adblock Plus itself has no functionality, Instead, add an external filter to tell you what to block.

Ublock Origin uses Adblock Plus filter syntax to block ads. They have enabled privacy and list subscription. So here uBlock Origin gets points and takes advantage of the Adblock Plus extension.

uBlock Origin has new functionality that helps people with color vision deficiency. It comes with a more dynamic URL filtering and interfaces enhancement with a new DOM inspector.

In Adblock Plus, in addition to blocking ads and some nice ads, you can disable tracking, malware domains, and social media buttons. These are simple features that uBlock Origin doesn’t have.

These help keep browsers and computers fast. However, some surveys and user reviews have shown that uBlock Origin eats fewer resources than Adblock Plus.

Ten extensions and benchmark tests prove that uBlock Origin is even more efficient. It will consume fewer resources than Adblock Plus. Looking at the features and functions it’s clear that uBlock is ahead.


Both ad blockers are totally free for use because they are open source. But you can donate if you want, there are options.

Which Platform Is Best?

Noticing all the features you can understand uBlock is better than Adblock Plus. But this doesn’t mean that Adblock Plus is not a good adblocker. Both are the best adblocker. You can try using two platforms, then use your best one.


Above I have described a lot about uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus. uBlock is ahead in most segments. But the Purpose of the two platforms is the same, they work the same way, except for some perfect things, you will not find any difference by using this.

At the moment if you are using one of these two blockers then I think there is no need to change. Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin are the same as the main work, but you can use uBlock Origin if you want some more extra features.

So which one to use will depend entirely on your needs. So read the above articles carefully and choose the one that suits your needs.

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