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Apple’s Mighty Mac Studio For Creative Professionals – More Powerful Than You Think

The spring Apple event this March brought a bunch of cool hardware updates. There were some boring upgrades as well. But the most impressive and exciting device was Apple’s mighty mac studio for creative professionals. This new device will make you forget Apple’s all previous kinds of flopped Mac Studio design.

This device looks like a little suitcase but it is best in every aspect. And the most surprising fact is it is more powerful than you think. You can say the new M1 Ultra chipset makes it faster than the fastest supercomputer that currently exists. So it’s a crazy device. Let’s check out its top-end features.

At first glance, it will look like Apple’s headless desktop. It’s a cube-shaped device. The height is 3.7 inches and all other sides are 8 inches. You can never imagine its power seeing the compact size of this device. It would easily fit under a display. Besides the compact size, it got all the necessary ports to go with every device.

The new Mac Studio has two USB C, two USB A, one microSD slot, one HDMI, and one 10GB ethernet port in this little body. We just missed the 3.5mm headphone port. Yes, there is a 3.5mm port as well. Now let’s talk about the most exciting part. That is the chipset. Inside this cover, most of the space is for keeping this monster cool.

Actually, where there is an M1 Ultra chipset, it needs extreme level cooling. This device is equipped with Apple’s best thermal design. So how powerful is it? It is 90% more powerful than Apple’s Mac Pro. The graphics card is 80% faster than the one in Mac Pro. 

The M1 Ultra is 2x power and larger chip than the M1 Max. Their pricing also proves that. So the Mac Studio with M1 Max starts at $1999. On the other hand, the Mac Studio M1 Ultra version costs $3999. So Apple’s Mighty Mac Studio for creative professionals isn’t going that cheap.

Tom Bedfard
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