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Avast Secure Browser Vs Chrome: Which Is Best?

What do you think about browsing? Do you have any again knowledge about chrome or any other browser? Browser vs chrome-like is corresponding similarly browser likewise Secure Browser Vs Chrome.

The 21st century is the era of technology and the internet. You can’t operate without the internet nowadays. You want to find a good restaurant near you, you need to browse it additionally.

There are many browsers in the market. But which browser is the best, you will get to know below identically.

Secure Browser Vs Chrome

Chrome is one of the used browsers worldwide. in the same way, It is set to default by many of the users. Hence, the hacker’s favorite point to attack.

There are hundreds of different browsers to release on the internet. But it isn’t easy to find a secure coupled with a browser out there.

How did you hear about Avast secure browser? where are its as well as features and tools? We shall discuss it down here.

How To Use Secure Browser

Moreover, Avast secure browser is the platform built on chromium.  gives you permission to the chrome browser account and all the features in it similarly.

It does not give you the notifications likewise that make the chrome browser hang. verifies that the avast browser is the fastest of all correspondingly.

How To Install Secure Browser

The Avast Secure Browser comes with features pre-installed in it. But for some of the additional features, you need to buy them if required.

You need to download the application, furthermore then click run and save the file on the desktop.

After finishing the setup, you can customize it.

    • You can make shortcuts to the desktop and even on the menu bar.
    • Select the Avast browser as the default browser.
    • You can set English as the default language.
    • You can import all the bookmarks, cookies, and settings.
    • Set the avast secure browser keeps opening on startup when turning on the computer.

You can download the browser in

    • Mac book
    • Windows
    • Most secure browser for Android

The browsers that are supported by avast to secure chrome are:

    • Chrome
    • Mozilla firefox
    • Opera
    • Microsoft Explorer


In addition, It is not rocket science to use an avast as a matter of fact secure browser; it is the same as chrome. It is quite similar to another chromium and platform but with a different experience identically.

  • All the features placed on the screen are similar to chrome initially.
  • The placement of the privacy icon is different additionally.
  • Even after opening up the settings, everything seems exact to the chrome browser.

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Default Feature Secure Browser Vs Chrome

There are several features, but some of them are included by default uniquely.


Are you tired of the ads popping every second on the browser? The avast secure coupled with browser includes the block feature. It means all the ads on the browser and supports the third party filters as well.

  • It passes when testing for the websites as it blocks again the ads altogether.
  • You can customize the ad blocking settings similarly.
  • You can use the cloud to reserve the settings, and it could be used on another computer not only but also.
  • Block ads that pop.

Hack Check:

Avast’s leaked emails database to check the email addresses you use stolen passwords.

  • It is a fantastic tool, as it will notify you when someone also logged into your email id.
  • You can get any of the leaked reports by typing the email address wise.

Security And Privacy 

The only section which is different from other chromium to the platform is security and privacy. You can check all of the features of security by opening it up.

The features are downloaded by default, and some of them you need to download too.

Characteristics are shown below:


You need to install the antivirus on your computer. Avast browser merges both antiviruses to software and VPN secure line as well.

Mode Of Banking

The method of banking opens up in the new window. It prevents your information from hackers. Avast is the best browser for online banking.

Secureline Vpn

Avast browser is the paid service, which can be given on a seven-day free trial. It can create an open connection to the internet.

Anti  Fingerprinting

It blocks the ads given by the networks to inspect the browser and find out the browser history comparatively.


In the same way, it prevents the web page from giving ads. It either blocks all the ads launching behind the page. It is a default feature.

Anti Phishing

Avast helps you to prevent from clicking the downloads saved in a phishing mail.

Anti Tracking

It blocks the tracking through any of the advertisement networks or any script, etc.

Stealth Mode

Avast secure browser vs chrome opens up a private window, where you don’t want any history

Security Features

When you open the privacy section, you will further see features that include:

HTTPS Encryption

It enforces HTTPS connections have with websites. Chrome does not show the site, which is not HTTPS encrypted.

Manages Password

It helps the system to remember your password and automatically log you in. You have to remember the password for the password manager.

Avast Browser Extension Guard

It will only block you when you click on any of the plugins.

To Clean Up The Privacy: It scans the system and then cleans up all the viruses found in the computer.

Guard Your Webcam: It would block your camera if it turned on without your confirmation.

Hack Check: It is the leading feature of avast secure vs. chrome because it will give you a report if your email address is reported or used by any third party.

Avast Secure Browser Vs Chrome

Most browsers are way behind from avast secure browser vs chrome, which makes it best of all.

    • It comprises of most wanted security features which other browsers lack.
    • It is best because of its anti fingerprinting and anti-phishing.
    • There is some reduction in performance because of extra security.
    • You can not uninstall the default avast browser extension.
    • It lacks a permit to Chrome ecosystem and chrome extensions.

However, Chrome is a good browser, but in terms of privacy and security, Avast a secure browser is on top similarly.

In addition, It relies on the person, what he demands? If you have any issues with tracking and hacking, this article will help you in deciding.

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