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Methods On How To Fix Invalid Partition Table Windows 10

There are different types of errors on the computer. Every bug varies from the other. Instead, each one of them has several ways to fix those bugs Partition Table Windows 10. 

How To Fix Invalid Partition Table Windows 10?

Did you ever face an invalid partition error popping up on your screen? You got worried about what to do?

It is the type of error that includes different methods to fix it. How To Fix Invalid Partition Table Windows 10. Have you ever heard about invalid partition table windows?

What Does Invalid Partition Table Mean?

To understand the meaning of an invalid partition table, you need to know the work of the windows partition table.

It is used as a table about saving properties and information of each of the portions. It helps in accessing the operating system.

Whenever the partition is crashed, the system will be unable to locate any of the sections. It is usually an occurrence of a black screen with no boot to PC. When the window has an error on the boot system, then this error will pop up.

It can also pop up while installing windows Os.

Reasons For The Invalid Partition Table Error

There are different reasons for windows invalid partition table error. You should find out which one is your problem.

Some of the mutual reasons for the black screen are below:

Master Boot Record: Master boot record is also known as MBR. All the information recorded on the hard drive is corrupted.

Bios Boot Sequence: When the booting windows sequence is not accurate, resulting in an error to boot the PC.

Active Partitions: When more than one partition is active on the disk, the computer will not be able to load. Therefore, only BOOTMGR and BCD are happening on the disk.

Bad Sectors: If some bad sectors exist on the partition table, it will be the invalid partition table.

Methods For Invalid Partition Repair

If you run your windows work smoothly, follow how to fix the invalid partition table windows 10.

Restore MBR With Easeus Partition Master:

Easeus partition master is a software used to manage the partitions in the disk. It also helps to create space and have a check and balance on the disk errors. How To Fix Invalid Partition Table Windows 10

How can you use Easeus partition master to rehabilitate the MBR to reboot the PC?

    • Firstly download the software Easeus partition master and run it on your computer.
    • Then click on the toolbar and select WinPE creator. You should further choose the option to invalid partition table USB boot.
    • Press proceed to complete the procedure.
    • Further, attach your USB with your PC.
    • Click del before restarting your computer. Booting it through USB and hence the software will work automatically.
    • Right-click on the damaged MBR and then click on rebuild MBR.
    • You need to select the type of MBR and press ok.
    • On the left corner of the window press on execute operation 1 to reboot your computer again.

Repair MBR With CMD:

The second method to repair the invalid partition table in windows 10 is to rebuild the CMD command method manually’s crashed MBR partition.

    • Insert the Windows installation disk to your PC.
    • From the disk, reboot your windows. Then select repair your computer.
    • Type each of the commands by entering the key.
    • Bootrec.exe/rebuildbcd
    • Bootrec.exe/fixmbr
    • Bootrec.exe/fixboot
    • Bootsect/nt60 SYS bootsect/nt6ALL
    • Hold to wait for the operation to finish. Press exit and reboot your computer.

Resetting Bios Boot Sequence:

Follow the steps down below to reset the bios boot sequence.

    • After restarting the computer; press the keys DEL, F11, F12 to enter BIOS.
    • Click on the advanced option and press the hard disk boot property.
    • See whether the BIOS is ready to boot from the exact disk. If not then reboot your PC to change the drive.
    • Save changes and restart it.

Inactive Partition With Disk Part

Firstly insert the windows installation disk to proceed with the process furthermore.

    • You need to reboot your PC from the disk and select repair your computer.
    • A window will pop, press troubleshoot, then advanced options, and last command and prompt.
    • Further, type diskpart and press the enter.
    • Write the order with the enter key.
    • lis vol
    • sel vol D
    • You can replace D with any other partition you want to set as inactive.
    • After selecting the partition, write inactive and press enter.
    • Finally, press exit to finish.

Check And Fix Bad Sectors

When there are bugs on the hard drive, 9the performance affects a lot. Same is the case with the bad sectors in the computer partition table.

You need some tools to detect bad sectors and fix them later.

    • Download Easeus partition master software in your computer and run it.
    • The disk you want to check, right-click on it and navigate the surface test.
    • The bad sectors will turn into red.
    • If the bad sectors marked are few then, I suggest you download bad sector repair partition windows 10 tool to fix them.
    • Instead, the bad sectors are many; then you should change the disk.

The above methods will help you get rid of the invalid partition table error as soon as possible. How To Fix Invalid Partition Table Windows 10

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